Monster Integration - Chapter 566 Lieutenant Stage

Chapter 566 Lieutenant Stage

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The man kept killing one beast after another, it's like he became the Grim reaper that will keep killing whoever came in its way, the only Beast who is able to fend off his moves is the leader of the Beast.

The leader of the Beast seemed to have equal strength as the man and able to fight with him on the equal ground but the problem is that the Beast leader is too big and not very agile, or I might say it is not agile and fast enough to stop the man from killing the beasts of its horde.

While I watched the battle, I mostly focused on the man, watching the moves he used and the charm that came with it. It is a thing that will help me gain a higher strength.

The more I observe the moves of the man, the surer I became that the mystical charm present in his attacks is similar power like rule power and occult energy that one needed to comprehend.

I do not think at my current level I could comprehend the mysteries of the charm but I am confident that if I kept looking, I will learn something and I am already learning something from him.

Watching the man using the simple moves to cut the beasts that are tall as the mountains, I have come to learn that it is simple moves that are the best, one does not need to get into complicated moves to make the attacks more powerful.

I know there may be many complexities involved in such simple moves that I wasn't able to see with my current stage.

The Battle raged and more and more beasts fell to the man's sword, the leader of the beasts tried to stop the man but no matter what it did, it wasn't able to obstruct the man from killing its minion.

In the short battle, a single man had already finished half of the horde which made the leader of the beast very angry but it controlled itself and did give it to its rage, it kept attacking the man hoping to land one of its attacks on the man but not single to its attack was able to hard the man.

Finally, in resignation, it let out roar full of indignation, hearing the roar from their leader all the monsters started to run away including the leader of the beast who is at the rear, covering its minions escape.

The man again shook his head seeing the beasts escape and said something softly and next second, the fiery blue runes on his body lightened up even more brightly.

As the brightness of the runes reaches its peak, the man swung its sword and a very long thin blue line released from his sword and went toward the running Beasts.

Seeing the thin blue line coming, an absolute horror appeared on the faces of the running beasts and the leader who was covering the exit of its minions suddenly let out a huge roar and flap its with all its force and stared run away.

It completely forgot the minions which exit which it tried to cover and ran for its life but it seemed to be no use.

The thin string whose speed was slow but suddenly became fast and started cutting all the beast that came in its way, when it finished killing all the beast that string moved toward the Beast leader that is running with all its might.

The monster flapped its wings and even said something roaringly to the man but he just shook his head, seeing the reply from the monster became angry and blood-red glow started to envelop it and its speed started to increase immensely and just a few seconds, it increased tenfold.

But the increase in speed seemed to have no effect on the blue of string as it followed the beasts and reached its body and before it could let out another roar, that string lit represent before it cut through the beast before disappearing fully.

The man moved and the next moment he appeared where the best cut into two before he started collecting its corps and the corps of other beasts that he had killed.

As he had just finished collecting the last corp of the beast, I found this world-shaking and then everything turned black.

When I light dawned in front of my eyes again, I found myself still performing Body Cleansing Technique while feeling intense pain from circulating the suppressive energy.

I became very happy seeing that as I might have made some immense progress while my mind was busy watching the memory but when I looked into myself, I found there is barely any change and seeing the progress miracle fruit energy had made, I concurred that barely five-second had pa.s.sed since I sucked into that memory which made me quite disappointed.

I tried to concentrate one more time but found I had spent quite a bit of energy that now I couldn't even find that cl.u.s.ter special potion particles which had the runic formation drawn.

I tried to find them again and again but I was unsuccessful. Seeing there is no result of my search I could only sigh in defeat and concentrate on my current predicament.

Currently, I am no bodily danger and as for the soul, the potion particles had also seemed to be reaching their limit soon, seeing how their advancement had slowed down, seeing I am both happy and sad.

Happy because soon I won't have to circulate this torturous suppressive energy anymore and sad because once the potion energy finished my soul power won't be able to progress much and I will not be able to reach the 2nd Accomplishment which I had hoped for.

There is some good news as well, the energy of the Miracle Fruit about reaches big enough to help me level up to the Lieutenant stage.

I kept performing the Body Cleansing Technique as I haven't finished performing the 108th move and still going Major Cleaning, each second the energies that are hiding deeper into my body would come out and melt before fusing with me again.

As I was reaching the end of the 108th move, I found the potion energy that had to spread into my soul had stopped which made me instantly stop the circulation of the Secret technique as it was being too torturous for me.


After I stopped circulating the Secret Method I felt quite free as if a big load had come off from my back and when I checked the strength of my soul, I couldn't help but gasp as it quite substantial and if I had able to reach the 2nd accomplishment, it would have been comparable to the progress of my body.


I fell on the ground with a thud as soon as I reached the end of the 108th pose, I had been completely squeezed, if not for performing the whole 1o8th pose I would have fallen into the ground.

Lying on the ground, I saw miracle fruit energy which had grown quite big breaking all the barriers it came across to level up with crus.h.i.+ng speed.