Monster Integration - Chapter 565 Battle Charm

Chapter 565 Battle Charm

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When I looked inside me, I found the Potion energies are merging with each and turning into the dust and that dust, in turn, turning into the liquid and this happening at very fast.

Before reaching the Major Cleansing there was barely 1% of potion energy had turned into the tusk but now nearly all of merging and turning into the dust.

I could feel that 2nd Major Cleansing is twice as strong as the 1st Major cleansing as it draws out energies that are much deeper than before.

Inside me, I could see all types of energies, energies from potions that I had drunk before, the medicinal energies and I even spotted a very tiny amount of miracle fruit energies toward which Energy of Miracle fruit ran like a hound.

More and more energies started to come out of my body and melt before they fuse into my body, which seemed to heal my body rapidly. The healing speed is so fast that it took me just thirty seconds to fully heal after I reached major cleansing.

When my eyes healed and I was able to see, I found myself completely covered in the thick burned skin, I can see blotches of my flesh skin on the floor and shudder when I thought about moments when I left the botches.

While physically I am doing fine, on a soul level I am still feeling torture. I am circulating an immense amount of suppressive energy and that suppressive energy helps my soul from getting injured.

Though I am feeling immense torture, the benefits I am getting through it also immense, I could feel my soul getting stronger at the visible rate and there is another change happening which I am not sure whether it is illusionary of real.

I hope that the amount of suppressive energy I am circulating would be enough for me to reach the 2nd Accomplishment, Whether I will succeed in reaching it or not only time will tell.

In my body, all the potion energy had turned into the dust before it melted and started fusing with my body, the strength of my body is rising even faster than my soul, I could literally feel myself getting stronger and most amazing thing is that energy of Miracle fruit is growing at a visible rate, if it kept growing at this rate, I am confident that the energy will grow big enough to make me level up.

I kept performing while tracking the changes in my body, I am especially tracking the red potion energized.

Earlier I had thought that all energies of the potion had turned into dust but I was very wrong, there is 1% of the energies that I had not turned into the dust and when I carefully observed them, I found they also had a different shade of red than the two red shades.

The more I observed these energy particles, the more mysteries they seemed. Thinking of uncovering their secret, I concentrate all my power onto these particles to see their mysteries.


I concentrated my mind power to the limit on the single-particle and what I saw made me shocked out of my mind.

On that small energy particle, I saw runes. Though the runes seem very blurry to me due to my not having enough soul energy, I am still sure they are runes and these runes are in special formation.

These particles are extremely small, it is impossible to see them with eyes but despite being such micro size, they have runic formation carved on them.

As I was concentrating my mind to see the runes clearly when I felt that particle s.h.i.+ne and before I knew it, I found myself getting sucked into that small particle.


When the light appeared in front of my eyes, I found a completely different scene in front of me which shocked me to my core.

I saw a man holding a spear standing in s.p.a.ce and in him are a horde of beasts, the smallest beast there is big as a city while the biggest is beyond measurement. The beast is very different from any monsters I have seen but they bore many similarities to the Beasts of the Myth.

The man with the sword seemed smaller than the speck dust in front of the beast horde but despite that with him started front, no beast dared to take a step forward.

Suddenly the man said something which I wasn't able to hear for some reason, hearing man voice the leader of the bests got angry and roared several times, hearing beasts roar, a man said something with an expression of disappointment flashed across the face.

He again said something and the result he got was the same but this the roars were more serious and beast horde attacked right after.

Seeing horde attacking, the man shook his head in disappointment again before his expression became resolute.

Soon fiery blue runes appeared on his body and he shot toward the beast horde like a rocket. It is a disappointment that I can't seem to hear or feel the aura of the scene in front of me for some reason.

The man went toward the beast and suddenly his speed increased again and he reached near the beast instant and what happened next will be forever etched in my mind.

The man reached near the beasts and swung its sword and next moment, the beast which was more than a hundred kilometers long split into two and that was just a starting of men slaughtering.

He moved into the center of the horde and started to swing his sword, every swing of his would split the beasts into two, the bests who looked crazy powerful tried to attack him but all of them were missed.

The man would dodge any attack that came at him.

I was first confused about how one hit is able to kill the beasts that tens of kilometers long when I noticed an extremely faint blue line coming out of his sword, which seemed to cut apart any monster that came in its way.

If I am not wrong then that bleu line is a fire that is concentrated to the extreme degree. I know it is not as simple as it seems, there must be other unseeable factors involved in it like the runes that are flas.h.i.+ng across the body to the man.

As I watched the fight, I noticed another thing and that is the combat style of the is very simple, there is no more complicated or anything, they are just simple moves that are able to bring out utter destruction.

As I watched, I started to notice they may be simple but there is complexity in them and they have certain types of charm infused with them.

As if enlightened, I forget everything and started to focus on the combat style of the man, especially the charm.

I was thinking of making certain changes in my combat style as I felt like my current combat style had reached its limit but no matter how much I tried, I wasn't able to come with something that is useful but now seeing the man's combat style and otherworldly charm that is present in his every movement.

If I am able to learn even a fraction of it, my power will sour. The boost will be able to give me will be tens or even a hundred times greater than it.