Monster Integration - Chapter 567 Complete Swirling Armor

Chapter 567 Complete Swirling Armor

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The Raging momentum of the miracle fruit energy had stopped and the reason is my refinement Engine. Last time also when I had leveled up to the Master stage something like this happened, I had to tear apart the barrier to level up and this time I am also going to do the same.

Using all my power, I crashed across the blockade, I thought the barrier would crash seeing how much force I had put in but aside from little shaking nothing had happened to it.

It surprised me little but I soon calmed myself and started to build the force to crash against the blockade again.

I kept building sufficient force and when I wasn't able to control it anymore, I made it crash on the Blockade.


Just a crack? I asked myself when I saw the result which again surprised me as the blockade of this time more powerful than last time if it had the same as the last time then the miracle fruit energy itself would have been enough to break through the barrier.

I did not give up and started building more and more force every time but most of the time I would only form a crack on the blockade and that crack would disappear within the second.

I have to crack the barrier and for that, I continue attacking against the barrier, so I could acc.u.mulate more and more force before it mixes it with previous force to make it stronger.

Crack Crack Crack… Bang!

This strategy seems to work as every time the cracks would wider than before as soon I started to form the bigger and bigger spiderweb on the barrier before I had acc.u.mulated enough force that, it was able to tune the blockade into the dust as it crashed against it.

The energy miracle fruit separated into two and spread into me and Ashlyn to make us level up.

While Miracle energy was leveling me, there is a big change happening to my Refinement Engine as well.

The Gla.s.s vessels that had formed last time started to swell, they are swelling a balloon, I could clearly see the three spots over my refinement engine where they are swelling.

They seemed like small circular domes on my Refinement Engine. I have read a lot of the refinement engine but I had never read about such freaky stuff happening to the Refinement Engine.

It is common for change to occur in the refinement engine when one level up every time and there is a big change when leveling up to the Lieutenant stage but I have never heard something like this happening.

All my friends had leveled up to the lieutenant stage but no one mentioned something freaky like this happening.


As I watched three small gla.s.slike done forming on my refinement Engine, my gaze attracted to another thing that is happening just beside the Refinement Engine.

A few seconds ago something faintly started s.h.i.+ning beside the Refining Engine. First, it was very faint but as time pa.s.sed, the s.h.i.+ne started to grow brighter and brighter for some time before it all disappeared and on its place was a white crystalline drop.

The Totem Seed.

This white crystalline dot is the Totem Seed, only with the help of it, I will be able to craft the totem artifact. If I had all the Totem materials with me, I would have made my totem here and now.

When I finally looked away from the totem seed, I had found all the movement on my Refinement Engine had stopped.

There is an obvious change that could be seen on it, not only it becomes quite bigger, there is also three small Gla.s.s like domes that could be seen on it.

They are transparent and seem to be made to store something but when I scanned them with my sense, I got no reaction from them. I would have started my refinement engine if not for me being in the middle of the level up.

The level up is nearly finished and I could feel the enhancement it had given me and it is bigger than what I had received after I had leveled up each time.

Time pa.s.sed as I kept tracking the changes that level up making in my body and like that few more minutes pa.s.sed and level up finally finished and a few seconds later, the thing started happening which I was waiting for.

Ashlyn again started to suck off the energy from the Blood drop and that in turn started to make my fire ability stronger.

I did not waste any time and started to comprehend from the Blood drop, I know how important these images that it gives me and I wanted to get as much as possible as some of the images I might see may be able to perfect the design of Swirling Armor again.

This time the process lasted for quite long as I had feared that I would lose time but hearing no warning which sounded half an hour before the time was over, I felt quite relieved.

Time pa.s.sed by and I kept comprehending and only stopped when Ashlyn had stopped sucking the energy from the blood drop. This Ashlyn had sucked more energy than any other time, I wonder how powerful my ability has become.


The first thing I did after getting up, to pick my storage and took out the heaviest essence perfume from it before spreading it on me and my body.

After that I took a few wet towels and started to wipe my body with them, with major cleansing there is a lot of filth acc.u.mulated on my body, if I am not in the constraints of the time, I would have definitely taken the bath.

I cleaned my whole body with the Towels and spread the different perfume over my body before I started to wear my clothes.


After wearing clothes when I looked at the time, I was surprised to find that only three hours had pa.s.sed, I had thought that at least four hours would have pa.s.sed but to my surprise, only little more than three hours had pa.s.sed.

That means I have nearly two hours till the next test starts. I have very much liked to take a sleep of one hour, I would have even taken that if I had not leveled up but now I had leveled up, I have no time.

With me reaching Lieutenant Stage, I now have enough power to construct the complete Swirling but before rus.h.i.+ng into, I have to check my body and see how much enhancement I have received from the Potion.

I already have a good idea but I still double-checked it. Earlier my power was close to or at Five Star Elite but now it is near Seven Star Elite, I am very sure of it.

This Potion had not only increased my Soul but it had also increased my Strength and Vitality.

To put it roughly, I had strength and Vitality enhancement comparable to seven Amethyst Seals and soul power equal to five Amethyst Seal, it would have been close to seven Amethyst Seals if I had reached the 2nd Accomplishment.

This quite huge progress and some might say impossible, people take months and even years to make such progress and I made it in the few hours if others were to know it, they would be shocked.

This is far greater than getting the strength of 1 Ruby seal in one attribute that is normally given by the High-Grade Potion, which made one attribute too strong compared to other attributes while the enhancement I had received in three attributes in near equal value, which made my power very balanced.

After checking my strength, I moved toward the real topic and that is Swirling Armor and I couldn't help but get excited when I think about how I am going to wear complete Swirling Armor for the first time.