Monster Integration - Chapter 564 2nd Major Cleansing

Chapter 564 2nd Major Cleansing

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After the shock receded, a fear came and this time I felt a genuine fear, the miracle fruit energy is the one thing I have been counting on most to control the power of the potion, so I could have time to digest the potion.

But now that is not the option and I have no other option and that is the freaking the h.e.l.l out of me that I nearly stopped performing.

'Get in control, there is still hope!' I said to myself, even if Miracle Fruit is energy is not eating it now but it will be able to eat it later when the suppression increases and if I am able to reach 2nd Major Cleansing, then I will surely have a chance to live.

It is very easy to think about reaching the 2nd cleaning but it is very hard but seeing how my body is heating and the rate of its heating, I have no choice but to reach MajorCleansing otherwise I would really be burned to the cinders.

Soon the smoke started to come out of my body and that is not the worst thing, the worst thing is that the potion is also started affecting my soul.

I could feel it spreading and affecting my soul. It's a good thing that I have Soul Tempering Diamond and Secrete Method, due to which my soul is currently out of danger and getting stronger with the potion but I could feel more and more potions energy entering my soul which will be very hard to deal with.

To deal with it I would also have to circulate more suppressive energy, that will be absolute torture, I wish I had soul calming stone if I had that then I wouldn't have to bear such pain while circulating the suppressive energy within me.

The soul is not a problem, for now at least, the problem is the body only the burn had started to appear, I feel like I am in the very hot furnace as my body is literally baking.

While performing, I even started to question myself on whether I had made the right choice by drinking the potion.

I shook the thoughts of self-doubt and started to perform more earnestly, even if in the half-burned state, as long as I reached the major cleansing, I will be able to survive from it.

As I was performing, I was also keeping an eye on what was happening inside me and I noticed a peculiar thing which made me instantly happy.

I noticed that the potions energy particle which I used to as one ent.i.ty is in fact are two ent.i.ties. Both of them are red, but one had darker shade while others had a little lighter, if one did not look carefully, one would not notice the difference as there is only a slight difference between the shades.

As I circulated the Body Cleansing Technique at higher poses, I noticed some of this particle of different shade merge before breaking into the dust and this dust could be eaten by the Miracle Fruit Energy.

It only happens once and I was lucky enough to see the process, so if I am right then the higher I go in Body Cleansing Exercise, the more dust would be created and will be eaten by the Miracle Fruit Energy.

But it is not very easy as it seems like a basic precondition of all that is reaching the 2nd Major Cleansing and I had already felt like I had reached my limit at the 81st pose which I am performing.

Despite reaching my limit, I kept performing as I know stopping means death and I do not want that.


I screamed loudly and after that my painful screams started. Till now I had been bearing the pain with gritted teeth but it had now reached the limit which I can handle mutely.

My skin which had to be soft and glowing with vitality that even girls would be jealous of now starting to turn black, a layer of black burned flesh started to appear on it as I was powerless to stop.

Bodily pain is not the only pain I am feeling, I am also feeling the extreme pain in the soul. The potion had started to pa.s.s through my soul, to stop it from damaging my soul, I had to circulate the huge amount of suppressive energy which in itself is painful but now that pain of circulation had started to get drowned by the pain of potion.

The injury of the physical body could be healed but healing the injury of the soul is really difficult and that is why even if I had to bear the extreme torture to circulate a huge amount suppressive so I could save my soul from getting injured then I am ready.


I screamed and screamed that my throat had become dry, that there was barely any sound coming out of it,

My body had burned 1/4, not only externally but internally also. In this burned form, I had not only lost my hearing and voice but I am now unable to see through my eyes.

I could feel my burned flesh sticking into the floor, it is a horrible feeling but I have no time to care about as every minute my body is getting more and more burned.

The only thing that is giving me hope is that my progress, I had just now had reached 100jth pose, as long as I reached the 108th pose, I will have some chance to survive.

I am saying chance and not surety because I found the suppression does not seem to work on this potion energy particles, it only works when two energy collapse and turns into the dusk, only on the dust this suppression seems to work.

Till now, only less 1% of potion particles had turned into the dust is even making me think whether reaching the second cleansing will bore any effect or not as I clearly knew that 2nd cleansing is my absolute limit even I had will to continue, my body will not able to support me as it would have burned more than half and would not be in any condition to perform.

Many times while performing blind I had nearly fell, my flesh had turned very mushy it will stick to whatever I had stepped on, if not for me having a strong body and quite good fire resistance, I would be burned into cinders by now.

My body had burned about 40% and it will be able to handle a few more percents before It finally collapsed due to reaching its limit, I too had reached the 107th pose of the 2nd move of Body Cleaning Technique.

I have to reach the 108th in a few minutes otherwise I would not get a chance against it.


I screamed with barely any voice, my mouth is half-burned and I am also feeling very torturous pain in my soul.

I am frightened and also in extreme pain and know that I could lose consciousness any second due to my body and mind being reached at their limit.


I again gave last scream and moved my body will my strength as I know this my last chance, so I gave it my all.


I reached the 108th and I heard the loud band inside my body and when I looked at what was happening, I wasn't able to close my eyes for a while.