Monster Integration - Chapter 563 POTION

Chapter 563 POTION

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When I came to myself, I had found myself in a marbled hall alone. In front of me are thousands of potion bottles that could be floating in a circle. All the bottles looked the same but as long as I picked them, they will revert to their original color.

"Congratulations On Getting In The Top 1000, You have Gained the Right To Choose One Tier 1 Potion." A Robotic voice rang across my ears.

I am not surprised by hearing the Robotic voice as I have read about this in the doc.u.ments.

Without hesitation, I walked toward the floating potion bottles in a very ecstatic look, no matter which potion I pick be it either Strength type, Soul Type or Vitality Type my strenth going to sour.

Each of these potions capable of giving me the power equal to 1 Ruby seal, though it will be in one domain, instead of three that Ruby seal give, it will still enough to raise my strength exponentially.


I picked one bottle without much thought as they all looked the same, as I picked the bottle, the other thousands of bottles disappeared automatically and the bottle I picked became transparent.

In the transparent bottle, there is a thick s.h.i.+ny red liquid from which smoke could be coming from it.

'This Potion Is Made From The Very Diluted Blood of the Fire Beast Which Has Very Very Faint Bloodline Of Cherufe, With Your Physique and Soul, Your Chances Of Digesting it are 25% Maximum."

"If You Like You Can You Can Return This Potion And Get A Chance To Choose Any Tier 2 Potion."

I head a voice say again, I was both shocked and surprised. Surprise because, among the numerous record in the doc.u.ment, I have never any mention of the Palace offering the return of the Potion.

And because I have heard the word Cherufe, it had completly blown my mind. I have read about and most people who have fire abilities also know about it.

Cherufe is one the Mythical being of the Fire Domain, it is said very powerful that simple punch from it is able to tear apart the worlds. Even if the voice said that it is a potion made from very diluted blood of that Mythical Being that had the very very faint bloodline of the Cherufe, I am still shocked.

I used to think these beings were mythical as their name suggests, they do not exist in reality but now it may not be true, they may exist but not in our world.

Now, the question is should I return it and get the chance to choose High-Grade (Tier 2) potion, which will be a grade lower than the one I am holding. Though the enhancements will be lesser than the Peak Grade Potion (Tier 1), my life would at least be very safe.

I moved my hand toward the strand which had appeared when I was thinking and about to place the Potion on it for return when I suddenly.

"Thank You for the offer but I wished to take my chances with the Potion," I said.

"You Have Six Hours To Digest The Potion." I heard the voice say, I am a little surprised seeing it replies in a human way but not much as the doc.u.ments clearly mentioned that the AI that Grand Palaces has is very advanced.

I may have rejected the offer but I have no idea about how I am going to survive after drinking this potion, the reason I had rejected the Palaces offer because I felt from the bottom of my heart that not drinking this potion would huge waste of the opportunity.

I have always trusted my heart, though trusting it sometimes leads to very dangerous condition but the rewards I get is also equally good as the result.

So, seeing there is no good method, I can do this the old way. The simple way I use for digesting the things that could not be easily digested.

I started to take off my artifacts and even clothes I was wearing below it, I dont want anything that could hinder my movements even for a bit, I know very well that even a moment could cost me my life.

After stripping to my underwear, I activated the few runes on the small bottle which I am wearing at the bracelet, I increased the suppressive energy to the highest I could bear.


Finally, after making all the preparations, I opened the and gulp it down and started performing Body Cleansing Exercise, not only Body Cleansing Exercise, I also started practicing the other three methods as well.

I want to give my best and performing four exercises together is my best.


I started practicing four methods together but to my surprise, the torturing sensation that I was waiting did not come, this potion felt like water as I did not feel anything from it.

It was neither hot, neither cold, the only thing that made it different from the water is that it was very thick and red.

Seeing no result, I looked inside me where I found it is spreading into every inch of my body as a normal potion does which scared the h.e.l.l out me.

This is an abnormal potion and the more it started to act like a normal potion, the more terror I started to feel within. Seeing its behavior I felt very soon, a very dangerous thing going to happen and if I wasn't ready by then, then I would simply disappear before I would have a chance to fight back.

So, I increased my speed to the limit, I performed at the speed I've never performed before as I could literally sense the death from the red potion that is spreading through my body.

I have never sensed such a heavy feeling of death from anything, even when I force-fed the monster core, the feeling of death I had felt were lesser than it. So, I performed as my life depended on it.

I am very lucky that I had come across the four methods that I am circulating, some of them may be common but they are equally special and each one of them had saved my life at least once.

If I had not had them, I would have surely lost my life.


I was just thinking about the methods and how they had saved me when I felt the temperature of my body rising, first it slow and barely noticeable but as time pa.s.sed, the temperature kept rising and I started to notice.

Due to my having a fire type ability, I had quite a bit of fire resistance and ever since Ashlyn drank that drop of Blood which made my ability advance after every level up.

So my fire resistance has become quite good and because of it, I was able to bear very hot temperatures. As the temperature of my body increasing my body was able to resist it but now the temperature is increased above my limit.

I started to sweat and got worried about this increasing temperature when I reached the 35th pose of 2nd move in Body Cleaning Exercise and Miracle fruit Energy came out.


Seeing it coming out, I instantly became happy as now it will able to eat some energies and able to lessen the load on me, that's what I thought when I received my biggest shock.

Miracle fruit Energy which until now dared to eat all the energies, leaving none is now staying away from bright lava-like energy, not daring to move to closer to it.

Seeing such behavior of Miracle Fruit energy, I felt an absolute shock within me.