Monster Integration - Chapter 562 Harvest Realm III

Chapter 562 Harvest Realm III

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I shot through the air with the power of my mini blast and then I started to fly away, the map will show my earlier location for half an hour and I would far away in a minuit when people reached that place for me.

Its all happened because of that dammed ratman if not for it being too weak to defend for my attack, I would have not been in this predicament.

When I had sensed its battle power, I had thought it will be able to defend against my attack but I had underestimated the power of new swirling armor too much and killed it with the single strike.

I not will have to change the places every half an hour and also I should hide carefully as people will going to know what's my score is as long as they looked above my head


I have run for five minuits with the power of mini blast before landing near a very large tree, this tree enough to hide me for half an hour before I have to start running again.

I hope that one notices me otherwise once the chase started, it will be very difficult for me to get away, I thought as I sat on the good hiding spot.

I stayed hidden for 24 minuits and only moved away minuit before my location about to be refreshed and five minuits later, I landed on another spot.

This way, hours pa.s.sed and till now there is no big chase, some people had tried to follow me but I've left them in the dust.

Twenty-one hour had been pa.s.sed since the test had started and now only three hours remain till the test end. My ranking is sliding but I am not worried because the score above 600 points is enough for me to stay in Top 1000.

I could feel the tension in the air at the time of tests ending got near, everywhere I look, I could or hear people chasing someone in the top 1000. Till now I had been quite lucky that those who tried to follow me left in the dust.


Seeing there is only one minuit till my location is refreshed, I activated mini blast and shoot into the sky, while running on the sky I moved my gaze away to find the perfect spot for me.

"My luck is quite good! I was about to start searching and you appared!" I heard from the left side of me, only to see a snakeman coming toward me at a very fast speed.

f.u.c.k! I cursed when I looked at the Snakeman that is coming toward me, this snakemen has only 12 points and it looks quite younger than other Grimm Monsters and that what made me curse despite me sensing its battle power.

This Youngness is proof that this Grimm monster is Special Grimm Monster, not only they are younger than the normal Grimm monster but if one could concentrate enough, one could sense elemental energy around them.

If I am not wrong then this Grimm monster is Water Elemental.


Seeing it is coming toward me, I did not waste any time and activated Mini again to run away.

"You b.a.s.t.a.r.d wait!" It shouted and started to follow me.

I am quite surprised by its speed and heaved a sigh of relief that I had fixed the flaw in my swirling armor that had not only made it more combat but also made me quite powerful otherwise with my old Swirling Armor, even if I had activated the Occult Method, I wouldn't have been eventually caught by it.

But now my speed had increased immensely that to get away from this monster from the Mid zone that I wouldn't even have to activate the Occult Method, h.e.l.l I am not even using my full power of the mini blast.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d you wouldn't stop, would you!" I heard from behind and when I looked, it is sensing water arrows at me.

Sup Sup...

The distance between is quite great, so I only had to move a little bit to dodge the arrows it sent.

Time pa.s.sed and more and more people started to follow me, these were the powerhouses that were biding their time and now only a few hours remaining they started to come out to hunt me.

Now only two hours remain till the test and more than a hundred people are following me, in the hundred there are twelve powerhouses that have similar or greater strength than me.

Despite that so many people following me and kept attacking me every second, I remain nearly uninjured, there is a reason for that is everybody hunting everybody.

The hundred-some people following me have maintained a strict distance between each of them as it happened many times that their neighbor attacked them for their points.

The ones who killed most were the 12 people that are following me, they would anyone that had a chance against, if not for them killing near hundreds there would have been near three hundred people following me.

Bang Bang Bang….

Now only an hour had remained and people behind me had turned more than six hundred and they are crazily attacking me, I am using the full power of my swirling armor to run away and also eating the speck of ominous plants core every minuit.

Only because of it I was able to keep running otherwise bearing so many attacks, I would have surely died but it is getting harder for me as every minute new people will add up.

Every few minuits I would see someone myself like me who is running from the ground of hundreds and thousands, few of them I even saw getting killed by the attack of the Crowds.


I screamed again as in the last hour, the crowd behind me swelling at a visible rate, ten minuits ago there were six hundred something people following me but now there are above thousands and every second their number is swelling.

And these people who are following like crazy are very strong, more than fifty of them have the strength equal to more than me.

Seeing how every second I am getting injured, I decided to use my final move which is an occult method. The Occult method is the only thing that could compare to my swirling armor and when I use both them together, they gave me astonis.h.i.+ng power.


I shot out at blurring speed as my speed instantly doubled that I had nearly left 99% behind.

This crazy speed was my confidence after I had made this perfect swirling Armor in my Mind Palace, I know that there very few people who are able to catch me and these very few people are monsters from the mid zone.

The stronger monsters would have collected all points by now are busy running away from the crowd.

Currently, there are barely twenty people and chasing me and one by they also leaving seeing my speed is too great for them to catch up to them. They are strong but they are not idiot, they knew with my strongest speed it would be very hard for them to catch me.


I suddenly heard and when I looked at holowatch, I found the twenty-hour had finally pa.s.sed, seeing that I finally let go and next moment I found myself disappearing from this beautiful realm.