Monster Integration - Chapter 559 Rainbow Bridge

Chapter 559 Rainbow Bridge

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The Grand Palace is more majestic than its described in the doc.u.ments. I have seen its lifelike painting but nothing compares to the real thing that is floating in front of us.

It looked like it was made of while sacred marble as one would feel very peaceful looking at it.

I want to take a picture of it but I know it will not be used, it said that the palace releases some kind of single that makes it hard to shoot any videos or take any pictures of it.

Seeing the bridge appear soon, we took in the air and moved toward the palace. While we were going, other people were also going. I could see thousands and thousands of abodes disappearing every moment as their owners are moving toward the palace.

There were already half a million people waiting down below when we reached the near place and that is for the human side, the number of Grimm monsters have already reached over a million.

The people kept coming and soon the numbers of humans had reached one million and numbers of Grimm monsters had reached over million and people kept coming.

We waited for Bridge to come down like that is the only way to reach the Grand Palace, if tried to fly to then its his funeral, from what I have read anyone who does not use the bridge and reach the 100-meter range of the Palace will directly vaporize.

He will not leave anything behind, his body artifact cloths all will be vaporized with him.

"I wish, I could reach the third test," Sophia said softly, in all the nine palaces across the Ruin there are three tests one has to pa.s.s, after pa.s.sing every test, one will get the price and the price of every test is greater than before.

The first two tests are similar in all the palaces, they never changed but the third test is different it always changes, no one had the idea what test, it could be.

"You will be able to reach the third test as long as you give your all, you are surely able to reach it," I said. It is very very difficult but she can do it as long as she two tests and takes full advantage of their rewards then she may be able to reach the third test.

The reward of the first two tests helps in increasing the strength directly while the reward for the third test is a thing, it could a mystical artifact, or a potion that could directly rocket one's strength to an unimaginable degree or some other thing but that thing is always very very precious.

The test I am most looking forward to was the 2nd test. It had the thing that could increase my power to a very high degree but the use of that thing purely depends on me.

Time pa.s.sed by and nearly an hour pa.s.sed and all the people present the camp had arrived, be it humans and or Grimm monsters, they all arrived and now waiting for the bridge to come down.


We were waiting for the bridge when we heard the soft but resounding Buzz and next moment as rainbow color bridge started to come down from all sides of the Palace, the bridge may seem slow but it had come down within a second.


As the bridge touched the ground, another buzz was heard and four giant had appeared on four sides of the Palace, these could be from any part of the bridge.

The hourgla.s.s represents the time which one has to climb the Bridge which is about three hours.

Millions of people ran toward the bridge as it appeared, thousands of people became the victim of the stampede, it was quite a scene to watch.

We have come behind when we saw the bridge coming down as have known this will happen, as for climbing the Bridge we are not that worried as to climb the bridge one needs to have the strength of Medium Three Star Elite, so even if we started to climb at last hour, it will take maximum half an hour to climb the bridge fully.

"Let's go, we have waited enough!" said Rachel half an hour later after the bridge had appeared.

Nearly all the people had started to climb the bridge, there are only a few that still hadn't started to climb or leisurely walking toward the bridge.


We all took the step on the bridge together and next moment we felt the pressure came down upon us, this pressure is nothing to us but to a normal One Star Elite, it is like a mountain.

"It would have been really difficult for us to take a few steps if we had to climb these steps on the first day," Sophia said as we climbed the step.

Both Rachel and I nodded to that when we first entered this real three of us strength was around the One Star Elite but now nearly two later our stretch had increased, so much that reach probably above Four Star Elite or very near a Five Star Elite, I can say that for sure.

This is the very fast speed of progress and very few people in this Ruin are able to match us in the progress but this is just the starting if we are able to perform best in the tests then we may even be able to gain the strength of One or Two-Star more which will be really amazing.

I couldn't help but get excited when I thought about the tests but soon calmed down because these tests are really tricky, even the strongest of all could be ousted in the tests.

One not only needs strength but one also needs to have wits and a cautious mind, if one won't clear the test with strength then his goner, in front of these tests even the strongest person not sure whether he could clear tests or not.

On the first hundreds or so steps we saw no one sitting or huffing for breath but as a hundred steps pa.s.sed and pressure reached high that only Two Star Elite could walk, then we started to see people sitting on the stairs of the rainbow bridge while many people could be walking with their all.

"These scenes are eerily similar to the Awakening Ground," I said as I looked around.

"Yes, it is very similar to the Awakening Ground, the only difference between them is that to climb the mountain in the awakening ground we had to give our all, use a bit of energy we have while here climbing this bridge we are not even breaking the sweat." Rachel said.

I couldn't agree with her more, I still remember how much pain I had and to experience to circulate supreme combat exercise, so it would provide enough to fight off the suppression I was feeling.

We had reached the last stage of the and now there are people everywhere, be it Grimm monster or humans are tiredly walking or sitting on the stairs, some even fallen unconscious due to the suppression.

We kept climbing relaxedly and twenty minutes later we reached the Grand Plaza that is in front of the majestic palace.