Monster Integration - Chapter 560 Harvest Realm I

Chapter 560 Harvest Realm I

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"It is really beautiful." Rachel said as we walk closer to the Palace, we can only reach 1oo meter from the Palace, to enter inside we will have to wait for a while.

Currently, barely an hour has pa.s.sed. There are still two hours before the rainbow bridge disappears and the palace gate opens. So to pa.s.s the time, we started to walk around the palace admiring its beauty.

As we were walking, I felt Rachel hand touching mine and I grabbed it. We had slept together in a safe bed, so the holding hand will not be any problem.

As I clasped my hand around Rachel's hand, Rachel also clasped her hand in mine. It felt quite nice to hold her hand in public. I wish I could call her my girlfriend but Rachel had strictly forbidden me from doing that, she said that I could only call her my girlfriend when I have her to at least one date. So I will have to wait for at least a month before I could call her my girlfriend.

Sophia also saw us holding hands but didn't tease as she knew quite well this is the last time we will spend time together before we could meet again a month later.

Time pa.s.sed by and more and more people kept coming and soon the number crossed the hundred thousand but that was just the start. The average strength of people here Three Star Elite and there are also some people here who would break their own limit, so the number of people that will be entered the plaza would be more than million.


The top-end got empty of the sand and the bridge disappeared, as for those who were on the bridge will be transported outside.

"Welcome To Hyacinth Palace, Those OF Who Were Able To Clear The Preliminaries Can Enter The Palace Gate For The First Test!"

As voice sounded suddenly rang out right after the rainbow bridge disappeared, others needed their translators to understand what it said but I understood it as it was the common language.

"Let's Go!" Sophia said and we walked toward the giant door of the Palace which had now turned into the Portal. It is a good thing that the portal is huge otherwise there would have been a stampede.

"Call me as soon as you reach the Outpost!" I said to Rachel as we reached near the gate. "Good Luck!" Rachel said as she gave me a peck on lips before three of us took the steps inside the gate.

The next moment I found myself on the top of the hill and before me is the most picturesque scenery I have ever seen, there are beautiful hills, waterfalls, and lakes everywhere.

" Collect As Many As Point You Can B…."

We have a special name for this Test and that is the Harvest realm as here one has to kill to get the points.

What I am seeing in front of me is not real, it is an illusionary realm but everything I do and feel is similar to reality.

In this everything is a.s.signed a single point, and when one kills that person the person, will get that person point.

This is a ruthless test, of the more than a million that entered here will only ten thousand be able to move forward and even among the ten thousand, there will be a distinction.

The price of this test is a Potion Of Enhancement and what Grade of Potion one would receive depending on their score. Top 1000 will be able to get the Peak Grade Position, Top 3000 will get High-Grade Potion, Top 5000 will get Medium Grade Potion, Top 10000 will get the Low-Grade Potion and as for those who got the score above Top 10000 they will be sent out.

Even the lowest Grade potion could grant one strength of the comparable to the 3 Amethyst seal.

The craziest part about this test is that everyone able to see your score as it is literally floating above one head like mine which has numeric 1 above my head and what's even worse is that, those who got the score in Top 1000 thousand have their location shown on the sky, there some dots have started to appear on huge that is imprinted in the sky.

Though the location would be exact of the general area, it is still enough for thousands of people to hound you, the saving grace that location will be fixed for half an hour, so if one is fast enough one will be able to run from the crowd of thousands that will be tracking him like a hound.

So, here points will be everything and seeing how there is no death in the test, the people will be absolutely ruthless they do everything kill you and with the only focus of getting into the top ten thousand.

The test will last for a day, people will have to collect all the points they need in a day. One may think day's time is very too little for more than a million people who will be partic.i.p.ating in the test but is more than enough, seeing how small this illusionary realm is.

My Plan, of course, is to get into the Top 1000, only then I will be able to get High-Grade Potion which gave is comparable to 1 Ruby Seal, a Ruby seal is made of a fusion of normal 10 amethyst seals or 100 normal seals, the power it gave is super amazing.

The high-grade potion is my target and for that, I will have to reach the top 1000, it will be quite difficult as not I will need to use my strength to get there I will also need to use my brain.

Currently, my rank is above ten thousand only when I enter the ten thousand, only I will be able to see my rank in the back of my hand.


"Thank You for the point!" I said to the girl, while I stand here one human girl tried to sneak attack on me, I had already sensed her a minute ago and was waiting for her attack.

There will be danger every step with more than a million people ready to kill each other, so I will have to be alert at every moment.

This realm is fake but everything else is like reality, which means I stay under the same limit I was outside. I can not increase my strength at will or I can not materialize a thing that is not on or in my storage.

So, here I will have the strength that I have in outside and will have to fight with same strength unless of course my rule power advance that is the only way I could increase my strength in this world as I could not any other method, my soul type secrete method for some reason despite it being soul type.

I materialized the mask above my face and summoned my swirling Armor on the body before I started to go down on the hill. My on target to kill, kill whatever that gives me point.

Be it a monster, human or the Grimm monster, I will kill it to get the points and just that moment, I heard a Rustle and saw Grimm Monster coming out, its eyes lit up as saw me and so was mine when I saw it.