Monster Integration - Chapter 558 Grand Palace

Chapter 558 Grand Palace

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"What you said earlier was fake, you said to motivate us right?" Rachel asked as she came closer to me.

To her question, I just shook my head to say no, she stayed silent for a second and looked at me intently.

"You are a genius," Rachel said suddenly and before I could register her compliment I found her lips on me, kissing me pa.s.sionately and who I am refuse a kiss from a beautiful girl.

"Get a room!" we heard Sophia say but we were too lost in the kiss to listen to what she said, our tongues kept dancing with each other while fireworks started to light up in our hearts.

While kissing I felt my little brother rise but I swiftly controlled it, despite controlling early I know Rachel felt it as I felt shudder running through her body.

We kissed for quite a while before letting go of each other and walking toward respected rooms, the thick perfume may have the drowning foul smell, it still exists along with the filth that came out of us during the cleansing.

Half an hour later, I finished with showing and now sitting on the side of the bed, looking in a certain direction.

It will be our last night in this ruin, so I want to spend some time with Rachel as in the morning the Grand Palace will appear out of that huge blue beam.

Soon the door formed and Rachel walked out wearing her usual shorts. She wanted to sit beside me but I pulled her a little, so she could sit on my lap.

"Michel!" she said and about to say something but I stopped her with the kiss, I want to kiss her as much as I can as today will be the last day I will be able to do that as it will take a month at least before we could meet after entering the palace.

"I have something for you," I said and took a palm-size exquisite red box, gave it to her.

"What is it?" said as she took the box from me, "don't open it," I said when she about to open the box. Hearing that she arched her elegant brow at me, "Open it on your birthday." I said.

Six days later is Rachel's birthday, I would have really loved it if I was with her that day but I can not as we will thousands of miles apart in our respectable outpost.

"You know my birthday is on 21th!" Rachel asked in surprise, she had not told me and she hadn't shared it on social media either, so it's really surprising to her for me to know her birthday.

"Jim mentioned it once," I replied with a smile, Jim had mentioned just two days before the opening of this Ruin, he said they were planning a huge party for her after they returned from the ruin.

"Thank You," she said while giving me a peck on the lips.

After we stayed silent for a while before we started to talk, we talked about many but most of these things were mundane but they held great meaning in my life while in talking, Rachel again asked me the question of practicing three methods at once.

This time instead of answering in one word, I explained her in the detail and by the time I finished, I found her mouth wide open in which I kissed without wasting any time.

"Would you stay with me for the night?" I asked but soon regretted it, our relations.h.i.+p is new, it hadn't reached a point where we could sleep in each other's room. Seeing the question is not appropriate, I opened my mouth to apologize when her answer shocked me.

"Ok!" she said and this she kissed my shocked mouth.

We talked for a while before we laid next to each other to sleep. I wanted to stay awake and talk with her the whole night but I didn't because this is likely the most sleep I will get in the next three days.

I closed my eyes and fell asleep a few minutes later and when I woke up the next morning, I found myself in completely different positions that I slept in.

Last night we had slept on the same bed but there was quite a distance between us, it will suffice to say we weren't even touching each other when we slept but now we are jumbled in.

Our hands and legs are entwined, I could feel the breath of Rachel on me and could kiss her if I want to. I was just staring at Rachel's peaceful face when I saw her lashes fluttering.

"Good Morning!" Rachel said sleepily as she found me looking at her, "Good morning!" I replied. We stayed in an intimate position before Rachel moved her face for the kiss.

We kissed, first the kiss was gentle before it slowly turned pa.s.sionate as Rachel came above me. This kiss was filled with pa.s.sion, desperation, and longing. Today we will enter the Palace and could only be able to meet later after a month.

When we broke the kiss, I found Rachel quite red, I first thought because of the kiss but soon realized there is another reason and that is my morning wood. Earlier her legs were quite away from my little brother now she is top of it.

"Sorry!" I said looking at her bright as tomato face, "It's natural." said got off me, "I'll go to my room to freshen up!" Rachel said and left but not before she gave me a quick peck on lips.


I took a long look as I saw her leave before I went to the bathroom to freshen up and bathe. fifteen minutes later I came out and packed everything and wore my artifacts before I walked toward the training room.

We woke up quite early, so there is still an hour before dawn, so I decided to go to the training room and do what I wast able to do last night.

Standing on the center of the training room, my fire ability started to cover my body unlike before when I first covered my body fully in the fire before swirls started to form on my body, this, as the fire covered my body swirls also started appearing on it and so is small strings that connected to the base of the swirls.

Soon the swirling armor covered my body and seeing it forming fully, I started to spin the swirls to make it compact.


I spin and spin the swirls till I reached my limit and the compactness I got was 0.8 inches which is greater than I imagined, I had thought it would be 0.9 inches but is 0.8 inches.

0.1 inch could make a lot of difference in power currently, I could feel the intense power in the armor. This new design not only corrected the flaw but also made it more powerful.

Currently, even if I could not beat those monsters from the mid-zone but now I have enough power to run away from them without losing my life, this is the a.s.surance my new Swirling Armor gave me.

"This new design is quite good on you and if you are able to feel that empty part in the stomach and waist, you will instantly turn very handsome." I heard Rachel say as she entered the training room with Sophia.

This Silver Swirling Armor does look very good and when I will reach the lieutenant stage and complete the Armor, this Armor will become and quite an eye candy which in turn will make my average appearance turn handsome.

Both of them are fully ready, wearing all their artifact and weapons on the waist. This is my first time seeing Rachel fully armored and she looked very valiant in her full armored self.

"After we return to the outpost, you are going to help me design such Armor for me," Sophia stated, hearing that I know I will have to help her or she will hound her till I help me.

"You will help me to Micheal." said Rachel also, 'of course my dear, how can I refuse you.' I wanted to say that but I didn't.

"Let's eat quickly, the Blue Layer on the palace will disappear soon," Sophia said, I nodded and went toward the kitchen to eat.

After finis.h.i.+ng our meal, we went out and Rachel just deactivated her abode and about putting her into storage when we bright blue layer that was covering the Grand Palace disappeared suddenly.


Three of us said in unison when the full view of the Grand Palace appeared in front of us as it is more Majestic than what described in doc.u.ments.