Monster Integration - Chapter 557 Huge Improvements

Chapter 557 Huge Improvements

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0.1 inches this is the limit of what it can get and that is in its current form when I will fully ably cover my body fire, it will become even more compact by then.

My armor can reach 0.1 inches at least but that doesn't mean I will be able to make it that much with my current ability. To make my armor this compact I will need s.h.i.+t loud of soul energy and even finer control over my ability.

Currently, my Swirling Armor has a compactness of 1.1 inches and now I have resolved the design issue, I will be able to make it more compact after I return.

Now the design issue is resolved, I should now work on solving the issues that current Swirling Armor has.

The armor is a little more complicated than before which in turn had increased its summoning time. I now had to find the correct method of summoning which would make its time of summoning equal or less than before.

Time pa.s.sed and I kept trying different ways of summoning the armor, some were bad some were good. I chose one good method and started to work on improving it. This method of summoning is a little different than before if I master it properly then I may be able to bring down the time of summoning armor less than before.

Not only did I work on cutting the time of Armor summoning but I also carried out a few trials on complete fire armor which I will have when I reach the Lieutenant stage.

I am doing this because I don't want to be caught off guard after reaching the Lieutenant stage, so it is much better if I prepared for it before. If I luckily was able to level to the Lieutenant stage in the Grand Palace then it would be a huge help.

So while most of the time I would focus on cutting time of Armor summoning, I would also try creating complete Swirling Armor from time to time.


I was working on my armor when the mind palace shook a little and I knew my time was over.

This opportunity was nothing less than a big chance, I was able to correct the flawed design of my Swirling Armor and also able to get much inspiration from the Images that are going help me very much in the future.


As I came back myself I had found myself in extreme physical weakness that I directly fell on the ground. Mentally I am absolutely fine, I never felt so clear-headed in my entire life but physically feeling extremely tired and smelled familiar foul smell around me.


When I checked my condition, I gasped in shock. I am shocked like never before, it took me a while to come back to myself and thoroughly checked my condition which again made me shocked and ecstatic.

From what I am understanding when I reached 1st Accomplishment I had entered Mind Palace but my body continues performing the four methods unconsciously.

It is said we are the ones that hold ourselves back and I couldn't agree more seeing the condition of my body.

When I entered the mind palace my semi-conscious body kept doing what I am doing, so my body kept performing poses of Body Cleansing Technique, I kept circulating Supreme Combat Exercise and Secrete and also kept refining mana.

My mind was absent when I was doing that means I had not felt any pain, tiredness or other things that hold me back, I kept performing by unearthing every bit of energy in my body.

So, in the semi-conscious state, I had created three seals of Supreme Combat Exercise and just two circulations away from creating the fourth seal, I have also purified quite a mana and circulated a large amount of suppressive energy through my soul.

As for which pose I have reached in the Body Cleansing Technique, I don't know as to when I came back to myself, I felt extreme tiredness and fell on the ground with the thud before I could tell what pose I was performing.

So I will now when I will check the footage of the practice, for which I have to wait till I got some energy to move as currently I am completely drained.

Time pa.s.sed by and soon five minutes pa.s.sed and I got enough energy to sit. When somehow able to sit, I saw both Rachel and Sophia still performing the Body Cleansing Technique and still stuck at the 107th pose which made me a little disappointed.

I looked at them for a while before I opened my watch to check the footage of my practice.

Rachel has shared some authority of this abode with me, so as long as I connect I will be able to see the footage of my practice.

"Hahahaha… 87th, f.u.c.king 87, Hahahahah…"

As I saw the footage, I started to laugh madly with joy, I must have laughed for a few minutes before I stopped due to tiredness.

I am ecstatic because I had reached 87th pose when I had reached the 1st accomplishment, I was performing 56th pose and that would have been my limit for today but due to me being in a semiconscious state, I broke that limit.

31 poses mean three minor cleanings, it is a new record for me and I performed these 31 poses in only six minutes. It had been minutes while I felt like I had spent six hours in mind palace

"You guys must be wondering why I laughed like a mad earlier right?" I asked but off-course except for the little expression of their tired faces.

" Normally I wouldn't tell anyone this as it involves my secret but I already told you many of my secrets to you guys, so telling this one won't hurt too much!" I said,

"As you might not but when I practice, I practice four methods together so earlier when I reach the 1st…"

I started to tell what happened earlier and even told them about my trip to the mind palace. At first, they were annoyed when I started talking but soon surprise appeared on their faces which again changed into utter shock.

Due to the shock, they even stopped performing the Body Cleansing for a second and about falling down, its good thing they did not otherwise they would have lost the chance to reach the major cleansing today.

After hearing what I said, these two who nearly depleted all their energy started to perform with newfound vigor, trying over and over to reach the 108th poses despite failing many times.


They tried and tried, they focused all their energy and finally, they were able to reach the 108th move and at that exact moment, I activated perfume to deal with the extremely foul smell that came after it.

It was Rachel who reached the 108th pose two seconds before Sophia did and now they are performing till the last to get the full benefits of the Major cleaning.

While they were performing, I kept tracking their battle power which is increasing every second. I was so busy tracking their battle power that I forgot to look at Rachel's a.s.sets which I usually enjoy very much.

Those undigested potion particles and some other energies that present in bodies must have been coming out and meeting before completely fusing with their body, thus making them stronger every second.

Thud thud!

They kept performing and their body kept fusing with melted energy, it kept happening for a few minutes till both of them fully performed the 108th pose and fell down on the floor.