Monster Integration - Chapter 556 Mind Palace

Chapter 556 Mind Palace

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I heard a loud bang from my soul and that imaginary layer blast apart from my soul.

The next moment I saw myself in completly different place, this place is hard to describe as there is nothing as everything, in this place I could see every memory of my life with perfect clarity and no matter which memory I want to see, it will appear in front of my eyes.

Is this the deep subconsciousness Mind Palace? I thought. I remember one article I have read not too long that everything is connected to the soul and realm of mind is also present in a soul if one able to go deeper enough then able to see and member things that could have to see ever before.

This place is like the center of the soul and memories are only one part of Mind Palace if what I read is right then I can do many wonderful things here that are simply impossible outside and I am going take full advantage of that.

I summoned my Swirling Armor not on me but in front of me and next, I summoned out images I got from concentrating on the blood drop.

I only summoned the somewhat clear images while I felt out the blurry ones, these images are the things that given me inspiration about creating the Swirling Armor and now these images would again help patch the flaw in my design of the Swirling Armor.

There are twenty-seven images in from me, I magnified their clear parts to the limit of their clarity.

This place center of my soul and here I could do or imagine whatever I want to, I could even imagine Rachel here and she will appear in front of me.


After I magnified all the images, I started to look at them one by one if I got any inspiration I would instantly apply on the swirling armor but like earlier whatever I applied on it fail and armor would collapse.

Still, I did not feel sad and kept trying new things, the fire armor of the monster is really amazing. It had added thousands of different things and I kept trying ideas after another eventually I will succeed.


As Gasp came out my mouth when I saw the image, last when this image came to mind, I was barely able to see if for a second before it disappeared and I had felt very disappointed as this was the clearest image of all.

And I magnified, I was able to see the deeper level of monster armor and in the deeper layer, I saw Runes. In a deeper layer of the Armor is complex network ruines, there are thousands of runes there and they seemed to be a.s.sembled in the formation of some kind.

I am shocked seeing that, I had known that fire Armor of the monster is more complicated than it seemed and seeing formation I had lost my mind and wanted to use the runic formation in my Swirling Armor but I soon discarded that idea.

Even if I had a wide knowledge of Runes and could add a simple formation, I can not do that as I do not have mana or soul energy to power up the runes. Even to run the simple formation I will have to reach the Mashal stage which is the last sub-stage of Knight stage.

There are other ways life if I was able to strengthen my mana hundreds of times more or increase my soul power to a very high degree, only then I will be able to employ very simple runic formation.

So, there is no way I could use the Runes in my Swirling Armor, I will have to find some other way to perfect the design of my swirling Armor.

With that, I tried different sorts of methods many of them failed and some got successful but I did not the energy to employ them, so I could only try to find another method.

I magnified the another and saw I saw completly different design of monsters fire armor, seeing completly different design is not rare, I have already seen more of these at ten completly designs before, what is important to the design being compatible with my armor

In this image, I found the base of power points are connected by the network of the strings, these string would not only take extra energy from one power to other power points who needed it but also help in stabilizing the power points by sharing force that destabilizing the power points.

Their tens of thousands of such strings spread across thousands of the

I got very ecstatic when I saw this complicated network of the string and PowerPoints, this is what I am searching for till now.

I am very confident that this method will work, as not only it is flexible, it also has huge potential otherwise how it would have able to work on connecting tens of thousands of power points.

So without waiting, I started to use this string method on my Swirling Armor. I started to connect the base of every swirl with a tiny thread of the fire, be it a small swirl or big swirl, I started to connect it all.

The network of lines grew bigger and bigger as it started to connect all the swirls and amazing things, except for little shaking, the armor hadn't collapsed which as a big relief.


I thought that all will be well and this design will work but something happened, when I had connected the last line to the last swirl, the armor collapsed suddenly.

Thinking I would have made some mistake, I had tried again but every time I had failed. I was about to give when thinking it will not work when I once again look at the image and that when I noticed the problem.

I did everything right except for making the center, the image incomplete so I was not able to see that if the image had been completed, I would able to see the central PowerPoint where all the strings are connected.

I have to create a center swirl where all the strings could be connected. This central swirl had to be big and powerful than all the swirls, capable of withstanding the highest pressure.

To create where?

I thought there are only two places that are suitable to create a big swirl that is my chest or my back. After much thinking, I chose the chest part.

There are already two swirls on my chest, so I erased them and started to create a big swirl. as I started to create it, many times my armor collapsed due to imbalance between swirls.

It took more than fifty tries for me to find the perfect size of the Swirl which will balance with all the swirls in the Armor.

After seeing the armor is stable, I started to connect more and more swirls together with lines.

Yes! Yesss! Yes!

I shouted as all the swirls got connected and after that, I started to spin the swirls and as I spin them, the armor started to get more and more compact. I spin swirls faster without care as here in the realm of mind I do not need the soul energy, so if swirl to the limit, I will be able to see the limit of my new design.