Monster Integration - Chapter 555 1st Accomplishmen

Chapter 555 1st Accomplishmen

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"I have told all the things about it, now could you give me any suggestion on perfecting its design?" I asked.

Currently, I have summoned my Swirling Armor and told them about all its secrete so they could help in improving its design. I have tried to perfect its design for the past six days but no improvements, so I have decided to ask for their suggestions.

This Swirling Armor is one of the things I am most proud of and I would not share its secrets even with Rachel if today had not been the last day..

Tomorrow the Grand Palace would open and I know my current strength is not enough to challenge those monsters from the Midzone. So, I want to increse my strength as much as possible and this Swirling Armor is one of the things that could provide me the I will need, to get that I just have fix the flaw in its design.


Both said in unison as they looked at the armor, Sophia had seen the Swirling Armor before but that it had only covered my hands and feet but now it is covering my hands, feet, shoulder, and chest, it is just incomplete in the stomach and waist part, as long as I leveled up to the Sergeant Stage, I will be able to form the complete armor without any gap.

"This Fire Armor of yours is the work of Art, it had such an exquisite and powerful design, its no wonder you are able to increse your strenth by so much when you summon this Armor," Sophia complemented.

She had seen me using this Armor and have an idea about the strength it could give me.

"This armor has a lot of demands, not only it requires quite a lot of soul energy but it also requires fine control over one's ability to perfectly control the hundreds of swirls it has, a slight mistake could make the whole armor collapse." Rachel as she carefully observed the armor on me and when she looks up, I found she is giving a look that unconsciously made my little brother a little hard.

Seeing my ragged breath, Rachel smiled teasingly as me before she turns to Sophia to discuss the armor with her.

"It would be really hard to thing correct improvement unless I see its power with my own eyes," Sophia said and she took out an exquisite green saber from her storage.

"Why dont we fight? it will be easy for me to get the correct idea about your armor in the fight." Sophia said.

"Ok," I said and took out my red sword. If she wanted a fight then I will give her a fight.

As I said ok, Rachel swung her saber at me, due to her being having a wind elemental power her speed is very fast, she had arrived before me in a moment and attacked.

Clang! Thud!

Our weapons clashed and she had to take a step back to manage the force that I sent to her body, she looked quite surprised by that but she recovered quickly and attacked me again.


Thud thud!

Seeing she is using more strength in the attack, I also did the same so when our weapons clashed, she had to take two more steps back to dissolve the blow.

Clang Clang Clang…..

Our weapons kept clas.h.i.+ng and each result of the clash would be either be standoff or her taking a step back which seemed to make her angry and she started to increse the strength of her attack at every swing of her saber.

At last, she even activated the Occult method and I had no choice but activate my occult method to deal with it.

Rachel is very powerful but I am a little stronger her. it will be very difficult for me to defeat her, I would have to keep fighting for hours before I could get a chance to defeat her.

Fighting her I noticed that there is a very strange energy present in her attacks, this strange energy is neither from the Rule power, mana or occult method. It is very minuit if not for higher senses braced to me by killing, I wouldn't have able to sense this strange energy.

"All right we can stop now, I got a pretty good idea how strong your fire Armor is." Rachel said after half an hour of the fight.

Rachel is clearly shocked by my strength, he tried to hide it but she was not able to hide her shock from my eyes. She probably thought that I would have equal or little lower strenth than her but this fight has told her clearly that I am stronger than her.

"I got an idea!" said Sophia suddenly and tried to tell her idea and when I listen to it, I couldnt help but ma.s.sage my temple but I still tried but as I expected it had failed.

We tried the ideas till the evening but no result came out, I had thought that they would be able to provide me some clue but they were also as helpless as me.

After coming back to the Abode, I cooked the most elaborate meal I could and use the most expensive herbs and spices making it. It also helped that I found some monsters that are the same level of deliciousness as the Silver Fang Hog in the storage of the Grimm monsters.

Tonight is last night I have with Rachel, it will hard to tell if we are are able to in the same place in Palace but chances of happening are very low.

"Today, I will go through the Major Cleansing no matter what!" Sophia said as we enter the training, their progress had been stopped for a few days as they have been stuck in the 107th pose of Body Cleansing Technique.

I am also having a problem is advancing in the Secrete Method and the worst thing about it is that I dont know when I could reach it as all I could do circulate as much as suppressive energy as possible and reach the 1st Accomplishment.

"Let's start!" I said as I and Sophia placed Soul Tempering Diamond and Soul Tempering Diamond in the center of energy Isolation formation.

As I have said everyone started performing, I, as usual, started practicing four methods together but now I am mostly focusing on the Secrete Method as there is still time before I could go through the second Major Cleasnising.

I started to circulate the suppressive energy at the limit of my soul with feeling heavy pain which nothing compare to the torturous pain, so I could circulate the energy without fear of getting tortured.

Time pa.s.sed by as I kept circulating suppressive energy but no result came, Sophia and Rachel had also reached the 107th move ten some minuits ago but they are unable to reach the 108th pose.

They are trying very hard though and if they kept trying such for a while, then they may able to reach the 108th pose and go to Major Cleansing.

I was just thinking that when I heard cracking like the sound from my soul, it felt some imaginary layer impurity covered my soul fully and now that layer cracking, seeing I started to circulate the more and more suppressive energy despite feeling the strain from my soul.

I am very close to reaching the first accomplishment, as long fully blast apart this imaginary layer of impurity covering my soul, I will reach the 1st accomplishments and its benefits will unimaginable.