Monster Integration - Chapter 554 Openening The Storages

Chapter 554 Openening The Storages

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"Get a room!" I heard a familiar voice, hearing that voice we both broke the kiss and laugh.

Rachel wanted to get off from my lap but I didnt let her after several tried to get off from my lap, she finally stopped and meld against my chest.

The last five days had pa.s.sed like a blur and now only two days had remained till the Grand Palace opened.

We had finished our morning training of the Body Cleansing Technique a few minuits ago and made quite a progress but not as much as we like especially Sophia and Rachel.

Their progress had been very fast but since yesterday they have stuck in the 107th pose, they are just one pose away from Major Cleansing, it will not only cleans their body but will also increse their power quite a much as it will fuse all potion particles they have hiding in their body.

So it is very important for them to reach the Major Cleansing, so their strength could increse for the Grand Palace, they will as much as strength they can get to deal with the monster from the Warzone.

It is not only them that are stuck, but I am also too stuck in the secrete method, I had thought that it would take me at most two days to reach the 1st accomplishment but more than two days had pa.s.sed and there is no sign of me reaching 1st accomplishment.

The secrete method is different from other methods, there is only one circulation so, I don't have an idea about one's progress and only able to know about it when one reaches there.

So I just have to practise will my all and hope that I will be able to reach it as soon as possible.

"Sophia, would you do me a favor?" I said asked, today is the last day and I have to buy lots of things but most of my sellable stuff was used in buying potion material, so I want her opening the storage bands of the Grimm monsters that I have killed.

"What do you need?" she asked, Rachel also became curios me asking Sophias help instead of her.

"Just opened a few storages of Grimm monsters," I said, just as she heard that her face changed instantly.

If I am not wrong then the reward both of the sisters received through that treasure map chance is Mana Trans.m.u.tation Crystals. The Mana Trans.m.u.tation Crystals they have received are of very high grade.

Their grade is comparable to the or above the Grade of Blood Drop that I have received. It not only makes their mana lethal but it also made make their bodies stronger and if I am not wrong, there is. .h.i.t of Rule energy present in the Mana Trans.m.u.taion Crystal they have received.

And because of that Sophia and her sister's power advances daily and when she will reach the peak stages of Knight stage, their speed improvement will increse many times more.

And Sophia is not only got something that increases her power daily but Rachel also has something because she is also improving at the same speed as Sophia and she does not have the special Mana Trans.m.u.tation Crystals, I have sensed her mana and know she is still using that Lowest Grade Mana Trans.m.u.tation Crytal that organizations gave to their super-elite.

"You Know?" Sophia asked, to which I just smiled.

"When do you want me to open them?" Sophia asked, "Now would be fine." I said. The sooner I collect stuff, I sooner I will able to exchange it for the stuff I need from the Market which now had to grow big as a city.

"Ok!" said Sophia, and soon we get out of the abode and started to fly toward the empty s.p.a.ce in the camp.

The camp now turned into a full-fledged city, millions and millions of abodes could be seen on the neatline with people could be seen coming in and out of them. This my first time seeing camp of this scale, h.e.l.l I have never seen camp that is one-tenth of the size of this camp.

"This should do!" I said as I found the empty stretch of large land that is surrounded by the tall and thick trees.

Thud Thud Thud…

"Give me the storage you want me to open!" Sophia said, I directly hand handed her the storage pouch where I store all the storage equipment.

"Did you kill only around eighty Grimm monster, I'll let you know that both have killed more than five hundred," Sophia said Gloatingly.

"No, these were from Three Star Elite or above Grimm race monster," I said with the smile.

Sophia's mouth opened wanting to say something but she closed without saying anything, seeing her behavior Rachel laughed but she stopped as soon as she received a glare from Sophia.

"We will see if you are telling the truth or not," said Sophia and unloaded the first storage.


A s.h.i.+t load of stuff suddenly appeared in front of us as Sophia activated all release function of the Storage.

There are a lot of stuff there, herbs and medicine, metals, monsters, human bodes, and other stuff, of all the stuff most s.p.a.ce taken by the monster parts that were carefully packed.

"Lets sort and like I said earlier, you guys can freely take anything that you liked," I said and started putting different stuff in the different storages, what I have to keep for myself and what I have sell and some other categories.

Our speed is quite fast, within twenty minuits we have finished sorting out all the stuff and Sophia released the next storage and we stared to sorting storing again.

As more and more storages opened, we have come across many interesting and rare stuff but nothing could compare to the Soul Tempering Diamond I have.

Soul Tempering Diamond is one of Rarest treasure amongst the Knight stage, it is not very easy to find such treasure even in the storage of a powerful Grimm race monster.

"Micheal, I am taking this metal," said Sophia, I looked at the metal and nodded, it was one of rare metal but I have no need for it as it is not required for the Totem Artifact I am crafting.

Sofia and Rachel now and then ask for some stuff they liked and I would let them have it as the stuff they are have asked either is not required by me or not that rare and even if the stuff was rare I let them have it as one is my very friendly and other will be my girlfriend.

Time pa.s.sed by and it took us nearly a day to sort of out this stuff and we are lucky enough to get the two things that were on the same level of Soul Calming Crystals, which made me really ecstatic.

The first thing was shared between three of us as it was a large quant.i.ty and the second thing I took fo myself as that thing is very useful for my sister.

After sorting all the stuff, we directly went to the market. Both them had something to buy and I had a s.h.i.+t load of stuff sell, buy and exchange.