Monster Integration - Chapter 553 Confessions

Chapter 553 Confessions

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After drinking three potions, I finally came to my room some time ago. I did not sleep as I want as my mind still thinking about the kiss that Rachel given me in the morning.

'Should I go to her room?' I asked myself but shaking my head thinking that would be stepping out of my bounds before again started thinking of going to her room.

An hour pa.s.sed and I couldnt decide whether I should go to her room and ask her about why she kissed me in the morning and what's its meaning.

I was in my busy in my thoughts when I noticed the movement happening corner of my eyes. When I looked, I saw a door forming in the few seconds, Rachel came out and she looked very furious for some reason and seeing her I just wanted to go and hide somewhere.

"Michel Zaar, You are the biggest coward I've ever seen!" Rachel shouted and she came really close to me which made me like she is a big bad lion and I am a small lamb which she could eat in a single bit.

"What did I do?" I asked immediately as I could see what cowardly thing I did, I even loot straight at her when she caught me red-handed.

"What did you do? What did you do? Let me did you what did you!" Rachel said through the gritted teeth as she forcefully stapped her sharp finger at my chest, I wanted back away but I didnt, I have a feeling that taking a step back wouldn't be a right choice. So, I bear the pain of her stabbing finger.

"For months I've been giving hints but you are like an idiot your never noticed, I even kissed you in the morning, do you know much courage it took for me to that."

"I thought after the kiss you will understand."

"I thought he will come to my room but no like an idiot you didnt," Rached said loudly before she started to leave.

Hearing that I felt like my heart stuck by lightning but at the same time I felt like I have reached cloud nine but this is not the time to think about that. Rachel is leaving and I knew I let her leave without saying anything, I will lose my chance for forever.

"Rachel wait!" I said and pulled her hand to stop her, "I didnt know you like me, instead I thought the opposite. If I knew you liked me I would have asked you out ages ago!" I said and she was about a reply but I put my finger on her lips.

"I wanted to come to your room but I was really confused, you were giving so much of those d.a.m.ned mixed singles," I said and only then I took out my finger off her lips.

Hearing my words she stayed silent but anger on her face subsidize a little by little, seeing that I felt relieved.

"You really didnt know I like you?" Rachel asked softly, tears could be seen welling her in her and she is not the only one.

"Like I said if I knew you like, I would have asked you out that exact moment no matter where you were," I said.

We both stayed silent for a while before we started talking and this time we talked about our feelings, it was long and slow talk and her nail attack many times in the chest but I bore it.

Before I knew it, the two hours pa.s.sed but in these two hours, we did nothing but talk.

"You still owe me a date." Rachel said finally, "When we returned from this Ruin, I will give you the best date of your life." I said as I gently hug her and she let me.

"You better," said Rachel muzzled her head in my chest, we stayed life that few minuits before letting go.

While letting go of the hug, our lips automatically came close and we started to kiss. This kiss, unlike the one we had in the morning which was full of pa.s.sion, this kiss is gentle but no less amazing than the one in the morning.

We kissed for quite a while before finally letting go, "Good night Michael." said Rachel as stood.

"Good night Rachel," I said as I watched her leave through the door while I am a little sad, I am also happy.

Rachel is the only girl I liked from the bottom of the heart from the first time I saw her.

I still remeber her extremly worried face when I first time saw her, her sister Sarah was stung by the dangerous bee monster that was burning her vitality. She got quite angry when I had followed them to the abode and she got even angrier when I offered honeycomb of Daffodil honey.

But sometime later she apologized about her behavior as her sister's condition stabilized by the daffodils honey I gave her.

After that, we met many times and now that remeber those memories, I found Rachel did give me some cues about liking me but these cues were very missable and some of these could easily be misinterpreted into the opposite meaning and probably that is why I had an impression that Rachel didnt like me or didn't like me enough to accept the date.

But now that I had finally got her, I will never be letting her go.

Time pa.s.sed by and every day we would drink the potion and get stronger and seeing we have enough material, we have drunk similar potions again despite knowing it will quite wasteful and the boost it will give diminished quite a bit, we still drink the potions as we will need every bit of strength in the Grand Palace.

So, we did not much care about the very precious herbs and medicines we are drinking them up like water, we had the only goal in the mind and that is getting stronger.

To others, it may be wasteful but I dont think drinking extra potions will be that waste as they had merged into our bodies, as long as Sophia and Rachel reach the Major cleansing, this digested potion particles will come out body and fuse, so if we reach the Major cleansing we will still able to get 60% to 70% from second potions that we have drunk.

As for the relations.h.i.+p between me and Rachel also going very well, first, we decided to keep a secret but we weren't able to keep our hands off each other and when Sophia caught us kissing, we simply forgot about keeping it a secret and started to enjoy each other company whenever possible.

I had many times wished for Sophia to disappear as whenever we in any intimate moment, she would always appear to disturb us.

The only time we had for ourselves was the knight after training, that was the only time we got for ourselves where there is no Sofia to disturb us.

In such a blissful way, the days had pa.s.sed and now only two final days had remained for Grand Palaced to be opened.