Monster Integration - Chapter 552 Drinking Potions

Chapter 552 Drinking Potions

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"It would have been very nice if Jim would have been here, some potions need basic alchemical skills," I said as I entered the abode with Rachel and Sophia.

Just as I said I felt all hairs on my body rise suddenly and found Rachel glaring at me very fearfully. "Dont you know I am from the alchemical organization didn't you that I may some alchemical skills." Rachel said in a very slow tone.

f.u.c.k! Rachel is angry, she is very angry. Seeing her getting very angry at me, I looked at Sophia for help, only to see she is looking at me gloatingly wanting to have fun at my expense.

That d.a.m.ned Jim! If not for him, I wouldn't have said such a thing.

"J...Jim had said that you three siblings despite born in the alchemical organization have knowledge of alchemy." I said explaining stutteringly, this was his exact words he said when I asked him about Rachel and her sister's alchemical skills.

I didnt hesitate to throw Jim under the bus as it was he that said these words to me.

"That little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, I will see him when I return!" Rachel said through gritted teeth before she turned to me, which again scared the h.e.l.l out of me and I promised myself that I will try my hardest to never anger Rachel again.

"Give me that potion formula and take out the herbs, I will show you my zero alchemical skills." Rachel said.

Without hesitation, I forwarded the formula to her and also started to take out the herbs medicines which I had already had separated when I got them.

Taking the herbs and medicine for me, she typed few b.u.t.tons on her holowatch next moment a big counter appeared from the ground.

She placed all herbs and medicines on the counter and started to read the formulae before she started to take out various alchemical instruments from her storage. I would have been surprised if I saw her taking out alchemical instruments earlier but now hearing what she said, I am surrounded anymore.

After she took out the instruments, she started to do real alchemy which is a really complicated process, a simple mistake could result in the waste of all ingredients.

Rachel started to make the potion with a singular process, her motions were flued and not the single error could be seen on them, Rachel must have quite an experience for her to be this fluid.

'That little s.h.i.+t!' I cursed Jim in my heart. If these were not the skills then what it is but when I compared her to Jim, she seemed lacking very much.

I have seen Jim make potions several times and when I compare to both of them, there is a clear difference to be seen in their skills could be seen, compared to Jim Rachel does seem novice but I am not an idiot enough to say that and bear wrath again.

Alchemy is a slow process, so after watching Rachel work for a while I walked away and let Rachel do her work in the piece.

While Rachel was making was busy making the potion, I was busy reading the book that I hadn't had a chance to read since yesterday while Sophia to my surprise opened a book and started to read.

Sophia reading a book quite surprise to me as her personality is impulsive and impatient, such rarely have time to read.

"Potion Is Ready!"

I was lost in the book when I suddenly heard Rachel's voice, I put down the book and walk toward the counter where I saw gree potion in the large beaker.

"So what is this potion?" Sophia asked as she looked at the bubbling potion. That is when it struck me that I had only provided Rachel formulae and herbs but did not provide her the name and type of the potion.

So, I fearfully looked at Rachel to see if she is angry with me or not and felt quite relieved when I saw there was no anger on her face.

"It is physical strengthing Potion!" I said I did not state the name of the potion as it is something weird in the universal language and I have a problem finding the right word for it in the common language.

"Micheal dont talk about you knowing the formulas of Strenthining Potions, people kill for such things." Said Rachel in a heavy voice, "Yes, dont talk to such things, my brother's friend was tortured for one strengthening formula." Sophia also said.

"Ok," I said and warned myself not to talk in public about such a thing.

"So, shall we drink this!" Sophia said as Rachel divided the potions into the six parts, "Yes, we can drink them." I said.

"Stop!" I said when Sophia about drink the potion bottle just beside the counter, "Let's go to the practice room, the potion digested better when performing body cleansing exercise right after drinking the potion." I said.

"Really?" asked Sophia, "Yes, I've experienced myself," I said as we walked toward the training room.


"Dont overexert yourself, we have other potions to drink today," I said before I chugged the potion and started performing Body Cleansing Technique.

I slowly started performing Body Cleansing Technique without care for advancing in it, my goal is to digest potion and there are other options also that I have to concoct and perform the body cleansing Technique for it.

Few second after drinking position, a blazing volcano-like an energy shot through every inch of my body which made me feel like I had not drunk the potion but lava.


Feeling such pain, I screamed loudly and I am not the only one, Sophia and Rachel had also screamed.

f.u.c.k! In the potion description there was nothing mentioned about this h.e.l.l-like pain, the potions I drank before had not even given me uncomfortable sensation but this one gave me h.e.l.l like torture.

Despite feeling torture like pain, not one of use stopped performing body cleansing exercise. They could see inside them how the potion merging perfectly inside them when they perform the Body Cleaning Technique.

The pain lasted for half an hour before it started to subsidize, it was a good thing we were performing the Body Cleansing Technique otherwise it would have taken the double-time for us to digest the potion and would have felt the h.e.l.l-like pain till it digested.

"G.o.d, this pain was greater than what we experienced on that test," said Sophia as she laid on the floor.

Drinking this position had tired us out both physically and mentally despite giving us strength. If I am not wrong then this potion has given physical boost comparable to fourteen to fifteen seals of supreme combat exercise which I think is very good.

"Which potion are we going to drink next?" Sophia asked while still laying on the floor. "Soul!" I said as making this potion very easy and should be finished in one hour's time.

Time pa.s.sed by and two hours later we drank the soul strengthening potion and three hours after that a Vitality strengthening potion which is helpful in increasing the body's healing power.