Monster Integration - Chapter 548 Openly

Chapter 548 Openly

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Averting my eyes from the perfect a.s.s of Rachel, I took fast steps to match their speed and soon we reach the Training Room.

"Do you know the Body Cleaning Technique?" I asked Rachel, "Yes, Sophia taught me." Rachel Replied.

"She saw me performing every day and asked me to teach her, her progress is the same as me at the 72nd pose," said Sophia as she carefully looked at my face as wanting to see if I am angry about that.

Why would I be angry? Instead, I am quite happy as she did, she must have mentioned my name to Rachel many times when she taught Rachel the Technique.

"Here is the poses that above 72nd pose, you can look at them before you start," I said and projected me performing Body Cleansing Exercise on the projector in front of them.

Before coming to this ruin, I had sent a recording of my progress to all my friends and that time my progress was only 72nd pose, so I could only send that much but now I have not performed all the poses of the 1st move but also perform quite a few poses of 2nd move.

And I have all that recorded, I have a habit of recording myself while training, it helps me decide the course of action.

I had directly skip to the 72nd pose in the projector, seeing how unbearable it is for them to experience the medicinal heat which kept increasing over time.

It took them a few minuits for them to memorize complete poses of the first move before they started to perform the Body Cleansing Exercise.

They started performing the Body Cleansing Technique, I walked to the perfect corner from where I could see every movement made by Rachel and watch the movement of natural treasures that bestowed on her by G.o.d.

Her movement felt like an exotic dance to me especially now that the shorts she is wearing turn completly wet, highlighting every curve of her body in near transparency, watching her made my little brother stand in attention.

If not me having fine control over my body, I would found myself in quite an awkward condition if girls had look in my way.

It didnt even take five minuits for them to reach the 72nd pose, they seemed to have practiced the Body Cleansing Technique daily for them to reach the 72nd pose as their speed is little slower than me.

At the 72nd pose, both of their beet red bodies returned to normal but I know not for long as the medicinal energy is still being digested in their body and if stopped for even a few seconds, the redness will come back in full force.

After reaching 72nd pose, they started on 73rd and forward and their speed is not seemed to lessen much. The only change in speed occurred when they reached the 77th pose, from there they started to slow down.

While performing the Technique as if feeling my intense gaze on her a.s.s Rachel suddenly looked at me and caught me red-handed looking at her a.s.s, I thought she would glower at me but to my surprise, she just looked at me for a moment before she continued to practice.

I did not look at her for a while but without myself noticing I again started to look at her with the same intensity as before.

Soon they reached 80th pose and I took out a mask from my storage and cover my nose with it, seeing the speed they are performing, they will surely reach the 84th pose and I dont want to be caught off guard.

They kept performing and finally able to reach the 84th pose and started to go through the Minor Cleansing, I could see on their face how awful the smell but despite smelling the smell they did not stop.

Both of them are at the peak of Lieutenant Stage, so they have enough energy to perform the 1st move completly but having energy doesn't mean they are able to do it.

In the Body Cleansing Technique having energy is important but it is not the most important thing, the most important this is will and persistence, only those with powerful with will and persistence were able to reach very far in Body Cleaning Technique.

They did not stop at the 84th move, they continue to move forward but their speed had clearly slowed very much and it is obvious that they are reaching their end, they could perform a maximum of four to five poses before they collapse on the floor.


She again caught me looking at her and this time I was looking at her breast which is partially visible due to skin vet clothing that was covering her well-rounded b.r.e.a.s.t.s and the funny thing was she was not wearing the inner garment, so I getting quite a good view of her G.o.d-given a.s.sets.

I hope I get to see her like this every day till the day palace is opened, I thought as my eyes reverted back to Rachel.

No matter how much I tried to control my eyes and mind not to look at Rachel but they wouldn't listen to me as they would always revert back to Rachel.

I got attracted to Rachel the very first time I saw her, no matter how much I want to forget, this crush of mine never seems to go away, instead, it gets stronger and stronger.

Thud! Thud!

Finally, both of them collapsed one after another at the 90th pose of the body Cleaning exercise, they looked very tired but the smile could be seen on their faces as they collapsed tiredly.

I excitedly watched the heaving breast for Rachel as swell and contract a little as they as Rachel took the deep tired breath.


Suddenly Rachel craned her neck and our eyes met, like other times she did not look angry but unlike other times, she did not look away after taking a look at me, she kept looking at me with the single focus.

f.u.c.k! Why did I forget that she had eaten medicinal monster meat and could recover the ability to move just in a minuit, I cursed myself as I kept looking in the eyes of Rachel.

I am embarra.s.sed and wanted to look away from her eyes but every instinct of mine is screaming at me to not look away, they are telling me if I look away then there will be h.e.l.l to pay.

So, I and Rachel's eyes kept locked at each other, I did not even dare to blink as I kept looking at her while she is doing the same, we much take kept looking at each other for more than a minuit before Rachel finally break the contact by looking away and when she looked away, I saw a small curve formed on her lips, if it is an angry smile or something else I dont want to think about that.

I am already grateful that she didnt flip out on me immediately after seeing me openly ogling her.

"How am I able to recover so early?" Sophia asked weakly as she weakly stood up, "Its because of the medicinal energy, its not making the body stronger and increases healing power but it also helps in faster recovery after overexertion." I answered.