Monster Integration - Chapter 547 Hea

Chapter 547 Hea

"Well, I should get going," I said and stood up to leave, It has been half an hour since I have come to Rachels abode and now it is time to leave which I really dont want to do.

I have not only met Sophia but I also got to talk a few words with Rachel, I am more than satisfied with that.

"You dont have to go you can stay here, there is more than enough room for you to stay here." Rachel said, her voice felt like G.o.d has shown his grace on me.

"Stay Micheal, only you a strong man could save us two defenseless girls if the Grimm monsters attack us," Sophia added with the mock scared face.

Black lines appeared on my forehead hearing that! Would she even need my help defeating anyone? Unless those monsters from the Midzone attacked, I dont think anyone could pose the threat to these two.

"Ok!" I said accepting their earnest invitation, to others I may look normal but I am wild with excitement inside me as the next six days I am going to spend with Rachel.

"We were about to out to eat but now that you have come, why dont you cook for us, Micheal?" Sophia asked with an innocent face. So this why she asked me to stay so that I could cook for them.

"Ok but I have to freshen up!" I said, "Could you show me my room?" I asked. "You can take a second one on right," she said.

I said thanks and walked toward the room, the room is quite big. There is enough open s.p.a.ce there that I could perform the Body Cleaning Exercise freely.

Chew chew…

Ashlyn came out me as I walking toward the bathroom to freshen up and started to look around curiously.

Fifteen minuits later, I get out of my room wearing fresh clothes on the showered body. Usually, I dont shower as I have to shower again after I finish performing Body Cleaning Technique but today is different.

"What happened to Ashlyn?" asked Sophia as she saw Ashlyn on my shoulder, Rachel also looked little surprise seeing her changed look, she has not seen Ashlyn many times but she has a clear impression of Ashlyn.

"She mutated," I said simply without explaining how she mutated, Sophia started to look Ashlyn closely but she did not touch her as she clearly knew Ashlyn didnt like to be touched.

"G.o.d, I wish Jojo would also mutate and get something cool like that crystal tear Ashlyn have on her forehead," Sophia said she looked her monster in corner of the room.

Hearing its name, Sophia's monster looked toward Ashlyn and about came to her but when it saw Ashlyn on my shoulder, it stopped on its track and went back to playing with Rachel's monster.

"You are cooking right?" Sofia asked, I just look at her without giving her, "I just wanted you to know that kitchen is that way." Sophia said after feeling my gaze.

"Thanks!" I said with a smile and walked toward the Kitchen, I was about to ask where the kitchen is but Sophia had answered me before I could even ask.

"Do you need any help?" Rachel asked, "No, I am alone is fine." I said and walked into the kitchen.

Normally I would have asked for help as I have to cook six people worth of food but for today's dinner I want to maintain some surprise, so even if I have to work a little more cooking dinner, It is fine by me.

After entering the kitchen, I take out things without waiting and started cooking.

I am very careful cooking as I am using the medicinal monsters meat for cooking, I want it to be tasty but I also want till they are satisfied without feeling repercussion.

Its good thing they are powerful and able to digest even high-level medicinal monsters food if I put up in limited quality.

I started to cook and it took me a little more than one and a half hour to completly make it, this is the fastest I was able to make such an elaborate meal.

"You must have made something delicious for you to take so long!" said Sophia as she took the seat on the table, I place all things on the table and we started to eat.

"Emm what is it? Its so delicious.""Yes, very delicious!" both of them said in unison.

The most delicious dish of all is a dish I made using the meat of Siver Fang Hog, though the dish was not completly made of Silver Fang Hog, I've added some other meat, a dish made of complete meat of Silver fang Hog would have been quite overpowering that they might have popped up like a balloon.

So in the dish, I have only used one forth Silver Fang Meat while the rest of meat is of some other medicinal monster.

In the dinner, I have used many rare and precious herbs, I even used one that is present in the top ten of the top three lists.

I am usually not such spendthrift but I want to be one today and I have many of such herbs, so using few won't make me lose anything.

"Gaah, I never been so full," Sophia said as she finally put her cutlery down.

Sophia did eat too much, even I got surprised by her appet.i.te. It was a good thing that I have not used the meat of Silver Fang Hog fully otherwise I would have made Sophia explode.

Now she won't explode but she will feel very uncomfortable heat rising through her in a few seconds and she will do due to something very strenuous to get rid of that feeling.

It is not only Sophia but Rachel had also eaten quite a bit, she may not have eaten as much as Sophia but she ate quite a bit and she will also have to do something very strenuous to get rid of this heat, thought while laughing very evilly inside me.

"Micheal, what is this heat I am feeling?" Sophia said suddenly, I laugh madly inside me.

"This is the medicinal energy I have warned you about when you were stuffing your stomach with the meat."

"Your body is digesting the medicinal monster meat and producing the medicinal energy and this medicinal energy is little above what you can handle." I started with a serious face while casting a side glance at Rachel.


When I see her skin also getting red, I couldnt help but laugh madly inside me thinking my evil plan going to be successful.

"So what do we have to do to get rid of this medicinal energy!" Rachel asked, her face has also become puffy red like Sophia but unlike Sophia this puffy red had made her look very cute.

"You have to digest that medicinal energy and the only way to do that is to do very strenuous exercise, I perform Body Cleansing Technique to digest that medicinal energy," I said.

"What are we waiting here then, let go to the training room!" said Sophia in loud voice and nearly rang toward the training room with Rachel.

I followed behind them while checking the G.o.d-given a.s.sets of Rachel from behind, I can't get enough of it no matter how many times I looked at them.