Monster Integration - Chapter 549 Kiss

Chapter 549 Kiss

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"I have heard quite a lot about the medicinal monsters meat but it is the first time experiencing its effects, its no wonder they are selling its meat at a sky-high rate," Sophia said as she sat near me after she sat beside me.

Rachel had also come to from the shower a few minuit but she sat silently without talking and I've haven't had guts to start the conversation, so I was relieved when Sofia came out of the shower and started the conversion.

"The medicinal energy that medicinal monsters give is really amazing, its many uses especially when it merged with your body as Major Cleansing," I said and I became little lost remembering scenes of energy being melted in the in major cleaning.

"How is the Major Cleansing of Body Cleasing Technique, is it as wonderful as people say?" Rachel asked. I got quite surprised seeing her asking question, I thought she is very angry at me seeing how shamelessly I was ogling her.

Since it is a question from Rachel, I started explaining how the Major Cleaning feels like, in my excitement, I even told her how I trained in Body Cleansing Technique and how my way is the best way to practice body cleaning is.

"That's it! from tomorrow you are going to practice with us, I want that smooth vibrant skin like yours and with you practicing with us we will make more progress than normal," Sophia said.

Soft and Vibrant skin? I had inkling Sofia may say something in the back of my mind when I am explaining to them but I did not expect she will not inspire by the benefits of the getting stronger instead of the smooth and Vibrant skin it gives.

"You dont have a problem with training with us, do you?" Sophia asked looking my little conflicted face, I was thinking of rejecting as I preferred to train alone but when I saw little hopeful emotion is Rachel's eyes, I gave up rejecting Sophia's offer.

Some of my secrete will be revealed but so be it, I thought and put up a bright smile on my face and said: "Of course, I will be delighted practice with you guys."

We talked for a few more minuits before we went to our separate room as it became quite late.

In my room, I laid on the bed while thinking about the thing I will have to do. I have a total of six days from tomorrow as Pace will open in the eight-day of its sending signal.

Tomorrow I will train with the girls while revealing the secrete of the Soul Tempering Diamond, though I will not tell the secrete just lie that I had only obtained only one tiny part through the chance.

And after that, I will go the market in search of herbs I need to make the potion and seeing the scale of the market, I am very sure that I will be able to get all the materials I need to make the potions.

After deciding everything I Practiced four methods together slept right after taking a shower.

I woke up in the early morning and walked out of my room after freshening up. Seeing no one in the main hall, I walked into the kitchen and started to make the meal that we all eat before we start to practice.

I was busy cooking when I heard the footsteps behind me, only to see Rachel is coming toward me and there is anger could be seen in her eyes.

The anger is very apparent in her eyes, last night I thought she didn't take it at heart but it looked like she had stuffed that anger deep in her heard and now seeing me alone, that is going to burst out.

"Ra...Rachel I d" I had started to explain when Rachel did the most opposite thing which I thought was possible.

She came extremly close to me and before I know it what is happening, she kissed me on lips directly. I was so shocked by this change that I wasn't able to respond to her kiss at all, all I was thinking if it was a dream or not but soon I decided to forgo that question and started to respond to the kiss with the same pa.s.sion as Rachel.

Who cares if it is a dream or not, all I care about me kissing Rachel even if it is the dream I wouldn't mind.

First, the kiss was slow but as time pa.s.sed it got more and more pa.s.sion that not our lips were touching each other but also our hands and thinking it may be a dream, I take my hands to her a.s.s and squeezed it gently.

I wanted to do that since the first time I saw them when entering this abode but I couldnt but now I got a chance, even if this chance is in the dream I am more than happy to cash on it.

Her a.s.s is way better than I had imagined, it soft but firm. I wanted it to compare it with something but I couldnt as I found there is nothing I could compare it to.

"Micheal are you cooking something delicious, I can't wait to taste it." We were lost in kissing when suddenly a voice rang out in our ears and it coming closer.

We instantly separated at the same time and stood in different corners of the kitchen and second later Sophia came in with wearing her usual training cloths.

"Its smell delicious. What is it?" said Sophia as she came near the stow and looked at the dish that is cooking on it completly obvious to the little awkward position of Rachel and me.

I straightened myself and look at Rachel whose expression had turned back to her usual quasi poker face one but I could see the clear joy in her eyes.

I wanted to ask her what is just happened but seeing Sophia is present, I refrained from doing it.

Whatever happened I like it very much and when I get alone time with her, I would definitely going to ask her, I thought while being extremly giddy.

"Emm, its really tasty!" Sophia said suddenly and when I look at her, I found she is tasting the food from the pot which is still on the stove from the spoon which she takes out from G.o.d knows where.

"Sophia, stop doing that, it isn't ready yet." I admonished Sophia as I saw her taking away another spoonful from the pot. "It isn't ready? but tasted delicious," Sophia said and she begrudgingly put down the spoon had taken out from somewhere.

"Leave now, let me cook in peace," I said to Sophia, she started to leave but her also Rachel, I asked Sophia to leave because I wanted some time with Rachel but now Rachel also leaving the kitchen.

Seeing Rachel leaving, I asked her to stop with the muted action but she just smiles evilly at me and left the kitchen, Sophia.

I quickly finished cooking and started to set the table while thinking hundreds of ways to get the Sophia out, so that I could get some alone time with Rachel and asked her about what she did earlier.