Monster Integration - Chapter 546 Crush

Chapter 546 Crush

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I landed a few twenty-some kilometers away from the beam and then move toward it with a mini blast. If this had been the Outpost, I would not be this cautious about other people noticing Ashlynn's ability but in this ruin where people who could kill me in a single move are present.


I activated the mini blast and flew towards the beam. My speed is very fast than it took me a few minuits to reach the hill near the blue beam.

"A city?" I whispered as that is what I am seeing, there are lines and lines abodes till eyes can see and people could be seen everywhere.

There must three to four hundred thousand abodes on the human side alone, it felt like a f.u.c.king city. The Grimm monster also had their camp with more than twice our numbers.

I had stopped for a few minuits on the hill watching the two camps before, I walked toward the camp.

It had been barely a day since single went out there are already this many people, I wonder how many people came in a week, there would at least few million and that is on the Grimm side.

Both sides had already formed a camp and security seemed very tight, especially on the border of both sides.

The wall of the camps made by the collection of the thousands of protection Artifacts, there are hundreds of sentry power and people could be seen guarding them.

There are four gates that allow entry into the camp and each gate had the insignia of the S Cla.s.s guild projected on them. I am a member of the Ranging Thunder, so I obviously walked toward the gate which projected the symbol of Raging Thunder.

There were tens of lines for registration before they were allowed to go inside but nor me, I directly walked toward the gate and no one stopped me, inside the gate I had register which I did by simply flas.h.i.+ng my guild badge to the scanner before I entered inside the camp.

The camp is divided into the various parts but two are important and that is residential aria market aria.

Both are very big but one made me most ecstatic is the Market, this market is at least thousend times bigger than the one in Garden and I have no doubt with big market I will find all materials for the 17 potions I need, not only for myself I am confident that with millions of people that will be coming I will find materials to concoct solution for my family and friends.

Ting Ting Ting!

I was started to walk toward the market when suddenly the bracelet which hadn't rung ever since I entered this Ruin finally rang.

This bracelet had given to us by our former team leader, if we entered a certain range of each other then this bracelet will ring and show direction.

When I looked at the Band, I saw it is showing arrow toward the residential aria, without waiting, I jumped in the sky and started to move the direction provided by the foundation.

I found many people looking at me, some even had jealousy un their eyes. They are jealous of me but the badge I am wearing, it is because of this badge I am able to fly in the air as only members of the S Cla.s.s guild could fly in the sky within the camp.


I kept following the direction on the band and soon stopped in from big abode and was quite surprised to see the Abode, it is nor a normal abode but the Lord grade abode, the only person I know who had the lord grade abode is team leader and this abode is not his, as the design of his abode quite different.

It may be his or one my other teammates had gotten it somehow, I dont really care much what I care is who is in the abode. The band didnt show me which is it belongs to, it only shows the direction of the band it's sync to, so it could be my former team leader or my teammates.

I walked toward the abode and stood in front of its door, the sensors would have already notified the controller of abode that there is intrusion as I stepped on its boundary.


I stood in front of the door waiting for the door to be opened but a minuit pa.s.sed by and door didnt open, I was about to touch the abode when the door opened and when I saw the person who opened the door I was shocked.

I had never thought I would see her here, I knew she is coming her but chances of us meeting were quite low and now I have met here in the Ruin. Here come the sleepless dreamy nights, I thought as I looked at the extremly beautiful face that had appeared in my dreams hundreds of times.

"Micheal what a nice surprise." said the girl in a very beautiful voice, "Yeah, a nice surprise indeed Rachel," I said if my parents were to hear what I had said they would definitely feel little unevenness in my voice.

She is Rachel, a girl I had a crush on the girl who gave me a countless sleepless night, I had thought not seeing her for months would whittle way the crush I have for her but no, after seeing her again it came back in the full force.

"Stop ogling my friend Micheal, it looks very creepy when you do that." I heard a familiar voice that broke me out of my trans.

"You are misunderstanding, I was just thinking about something very important that I had suddenly come into my mind," I said in pure excuse which made both of the girls smile.

"You keep telling yourself that!" said Sophia to my lame excuse as she invited me in.

"This is quite a nice abode you guys have," I said to melt the awkwardness and also stop myself from staring at their, they both were wearing shorts and Rachel's shorts were little too short and I kept looking at it no matter how much I tried to avert my eyes.

"Thanks!" said Rachel as we sat on the sofa, I had already guessed this abode must be of Rachel's as Sophia didnt have when we were in Grimm battlefield.

"So how do you guys meet?" I asked them while I sensed at their battle power and barely able to stop myself from taking big gasp.

I had thought I had made quite a big progress but their progree is much lesser than me. Rachel and Sophia both had nearly the same battle power, they are just slightly weaker than me.

They must have come quite a few chance encounter to progress this much, normal means could not increse the strenth this much within one and half month.

"We knew each other since we were children and quite luckily to met each other on the first day of entering the ruin, so we decided to stick together to explore the ruin," said Sophia.

When I heard that I couldnt help but curse Sophia, how lucky she is to get the company of Rachel for one and a half month.

What I wouldn't give to have a company of Rachel for one and a half month, I thought internally as I once again sneakily took a glance at the beautiful face of Rachel.