Monster Integration - Chapter 545 Nine Beams Grand Palace

Chapter 545 Nine Beams Grand Palace

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''Still nothing!'' I whispered in as I looked at the sky, I have been sitting on the roof of my abode, waiting for the sign of Grand Palace to appear.

It is noon right now and if the Signal of Grand palace did not appear then it is likely that Grand Palaces will not appear, I hope that does not happen.

Almost all the people in the ruin hoping for the Grand palaces to appear, even if they do not have the capability to enter the Grand Palace they still want it to appear.


Sighing I went back to the book I am reading, the waiting is utter torture, so O had decided to read the book that I had been wanting to read for quite a while.

Chew chew

I was quite busy reading the book and was reading a very important part when I got awoken from my reading by Ashlyn.

"It finally appeared!" I said and took the jump in the sky and kept jumping till I reach the sky.

In the sky I could see a bright blue beam, it is so bright that everyone could see it and there is not one but three other lights of different color but they looked quite faint.

There should be around nine beams across this ruin, nine beams mean the nine Grand Palaces, I could only see the four from where I am but I am sure there are nine beams like always.

I now have the seven days to reach one of the beams and seeing how bright the closest beam is, I should be able to reach it by the night if I ride on Ashlyn, if I to use a mini blast then it would definitely take me two to three days.

That is why I had said that the fruit of morphing is not the only convenient for the Ashlyn, it is also very convenient for me.

"Fly high as much as you could!" I said to Ashlyn as I sat on the Ashlyn, I dont want coming across any monster from the midzone, so it would be better if Ashlyn were to fly high that will not help up stay safe but will also help us reach the Grand Palace palace faster.

Chew chew!

Ashlyn's chirped happily as she flapped her wings and we flew into the air.

'Its cold!' I said as I saw the layer of frost coming across on me, higher we go the colder it will become in the atmosphere. Nor me or nor Ashlyn is bothered by such cold as we flew through the sky while enjoying the scenery around us.

Time pa.s.sed by as we flew by and we have not come across any being except for one monster that finished by Ashlyn before it knows what killed it.

From how high I am, I could see people moving toward the direction we are moving at their highest speed but no one was able to match the Ashly n's speed even the slightest, Ashlyn had left all them in the dust.

Seeing there are quite a few hours before we reached the beam, I activated a few runes on the tiny bottle I have on my hand started to circulate the suppressive energy into my soul.

I had practiced with the Soul Tempering Diamond in the morning when I was practicing the Body Cleansing Technique and I have to say, it is one of the weirdest experiences of my life as I was practicing four methods simultaneously.

I am refining my mana in my refinement engine which I always keep doing except when I sleep, it had become an unconscious habit of mine as I am doing it for years.

And there is a Body Cleansing Technique and Supreme Combat Exercise that I do simultaneous, so every day for more than an hour I perform three methods but today I added the Secrete Method into the mix.

I started it as fun and didnt think I was able to do it for long but to my surprise, I was able to do it and even able to make quite a progress in all the methods I practice.

Though it made me very tired mentally and I didnt get up for at least half an hour but it was worth it and I am planning to do that every day.

There is another perk practicing four methods and that it helps divide my mind and mult.i.task, such exercise help in making mind flexible and agile which are necessary for any Evolver.

I tempered my soul with the Soul Tempering Method for half an hour before stopping, I could go for an hour more but I do not want to do it too much that I ended up damaging my soul.

Soon the late afternoon approached and we were flying above the clouds when I heard something from down below.

"fly toward that sound but not too close!" I said to Ashlyn and Ashlyn slowed down her speed and dived down a little.


Soon I saw what made the sound and I couldnt help but there gasp, there are two people fighting in the sky, one is Human while the other is the Grimm monster.

What made me gasp is their earth-shaking fight and the Grimm monster.

It is clear by the earthshaking moves they are making, they are from the Mid Zone and what even more shocking is Grimm monster that human is fighting is special Grimm Monster.

It is Bearman which is casting the Water elemental moves, I had only once seen the Special Grimm race when I fought one in the Guild challenge.

These special Grimm Race monsters are very powerful and they can squash the normal Grimm race monster with just a finger. I have heard that there Special Grimm Race monsters were present in the Mid Zone but it is my first time seeing it.

The fight between then is too amazing if one of them attack me, I stand no chance to defend against it, I would be slain in the single strike.

I clearly knew that my power had clearly surpa.s.sed the Three Star Elite long ago and now should greater than normal Four-Star Elite, I thought even if I came across those of from the Midzone I would at least stand a chance to run away slowly but seeing their fight I had completly lost their confidence.

I watch for minuit more before I left with Ashlyn, I dont to get noticed and bring unintended consequences to myself.

Half an hour later everything turns dark and I was finally able to see the Nine light beams, though some of the beams are extremly faint, I can see them when I concentrated.

As we got closer to the blue beam, it got bigger and bigger till I see the blue beam that covered the area of few kilometers and inside that the beam, a silhouette of the palace could be seen.

It is a gigantic Palace and it is flying in the sky if not for the Blue beam covering it fully, I would be to see if it is as beautiful as they say.