Monster Integration - Chapter 544 Level Up

Chapter 544 Level Up

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She had gotten stronger again!

I look at the half-burned body of the Yellow snakeman and couldnt help but sigh, these fireb.a.l.l.s of Ashlyn are too lethal, just one fireball had nearly burned the Yellow Snakeman apart.

Ashlyn had summoned her then nine fireb.a.l.l.s but seeing the monster being dead with the single fireball, she had diffused rest of them. Its good thing she did that otherwise, she would have wasted a very good body that will give me large numbers of the mana crystals.

I collected all the stuff on the Grimm race monster before stuffing them into my storage with the special storage which I stored the Grimm monsters alone.

My storages have a s.h.i.+t load of Grimm monsters stored in them and that alone worth fortune and after returning to the outpost, I am going to harvest the h.e.l.l out of them, that time I will be swimming in the Mana crystal that is how much I am going to harvest from them.

After collecting everything, I went inside the abode and started to do what I do in the evening.

Two hours later I am standing in the Practice Room with my heart beating wildly, I now needed to feed a tiny bit of energy to the Miracle fruit energy and I will be able to level up to the Peak of Master stage.

Now the important question is whether to directly eat the Miracle fruit after I level up or I use this Miracle fruit to feed Miracle fruit energy after I leveled up.

The former option will definitely level me up to the Lieutenant Stage once I ate it but I can't say anything about the latter option as there may be a chance that after feeding it the Miracle fruit, the miracle energy will not grow bigger enough to level me up to the Lieutenant Stage.

I am leaning toward the Latter option despite it is not giving me 100% to level up to the Lieutenant Stage, the reason for my toward later option is that I am confident that if I feed the Miracle fruit to the Miracle fruit energy, it will mutate further thus increasing its speed of eating.

There are very few things which could help in growing its mutation and Miracle fruit energy is one of them and It will more useful if I feed the miracle fruit to the Miracle fruit energy, it will help me in the long run.


I thought for a while before gulping the Miracle fruit, I have not chewed it as I am going feed it to the Miracle fruit energy after level up to the Peak of Master.

After placing the Miracle fruit in my stomach, I started to perform the Body Cleansing Exercise and soon reached 108th pose and miracle fruit energy came out started to eat the energies around it.

There were not only medicinal energies inside me but there are also faint yellow-colored energies in the dense amount, these yellow energies were the poison of the Yellow Snakeman.

I kept performing and sometime later reached the 35th pose of the Body Cleansing Technique, it's the pose that I had reached in the morning.

Currently, the miracle fruit energy had grown big enough that I could level up but I still want to perform the body cleansing technique till the 36th pose, so not only I would level up but I will also go through the minor cleansing.


A few minuits later, I had reached the 36th pose of the second move and released miracle fruit energy as I fell on the floor.

I started to level up as the Miracle fruit broke through all the barriers started to level me up but there was no smile on my face as I am smelling one of the worst smells and a smell that is coming from myself.

I had gone through the Minor Cleansing More than ten times and smell this f.u.c.king awful smell tens of times but I had never able to get used to, no me but no sane being would get used to this f.u.c.king smell no matter how many times they had smelled it.

To get away from the smell, I fully started to concentrate on the level up I am going through.

I could clearly feel the advancement of my Body and Soul and also see how the miracle fruit energy spreading into every part of my body.


Soon the level up-finished and energy of miracle fruit started to seep back in my body, seeing I crush the Miracle fruit that is my stomach with my energy.

As if moth had seen the fire, the miracle fruit energy to the u-turn and ran toward the energy that miracle fruit spreading. As it reached energy, miracle fruit energy stared to eat the energy like a beast that had been hungry for G.o.d knows how many years.

It started to eat the energy and I could the more miracle fruit energy ate the Miracle fruit energy, the more violet spot grew on it, the speed of there violet spot is slow but it is clearly visible. Those violet things are mutation and it is growing as slow but visible pace.

Time pa.s.sed by and a few minuits later creme violet-colored energy seep back into my body, I was not able to level up but there is still a smile on my face.

Before eating the Miracle Fruit, the mutation of the Miracle fruit energy at 12% but now it had increased to 31% which is 31 times more than the original speed of energy.

There is not much growth in the MIracle fruit energy but I am not sad with such speed as long as I provide it enough energy to eat it, I am confident that I will be able to level up to the Lieutenant Stage.

A minuit later the level up finished, I sensed something from my source which I had expected to see, after leveling up Ashlyn again started sucking up energy from the blood like do after every level up.

This process lasted for little more than an hour before it stopped and again the power of my fire ability had advanced.

I once again checked my condition before I got up and walked toward the bathroom to get rid of this G.o.d awful smell.

After getting out of the bathroom, I started to practice the Occult Method, today I had an obvious increse in the soul power and I want to practice sucking more Soul Occult Energy.

Before I was restricted by my soul power as I had quite a strong Body but did not have the strong soul power to match it, now not only I had gained more soul power but I had had a clean and tempered soul, soI should be able to use more Occult Energy which will increse my strength.

I really need the strength, if the Grand Palace appeared today then this Ruin will become ten times more dangerous than before as those monsters from the Mid Zones will also come out for the Palace.

I practiced Ramon's Fury for an hour before I switched to the Swirling Armor and started to work on it. I had leveled up so mu mana storage had advanced that means I mana to cover more s.p.a.ce of my body and I will add two more big swirls as I had planned, it will increse the power of Swirling Armor by the notch.

I even have to try a few things with swirling armor as the current design had reached its limit if I have to make the armor more compact then I will have to make some changes in the design of the swirling Armor but I dont think I will have time do that tonight.