Monster Integration - Chapter 536 Opening The Door

Chapter 536 Opening The Door

While riding on the Ashlyn, I looked down hoping to find any type of building. Be it treasure palace or Palace of Eionic Blessing, everything is fine as long as It will help me advance my strength.

It had been two days since Ashlyn's mutation and I have to say in these two days have been one of my worst days in this ruin, not only I had not found anything that could increse my strength and I had also not found any worthy opponent against which Ashlyn could fight and reveal more of the abilities she had inherited.

All the monster and Grimm that had attacked use pitifully weak that all of them were slain by Ashlyn with a single fireball, she had never used more than one fireball to kill an opponent.

There are now only eleven days remain before the realm closed and tomorrow is the big day, tomorrow is the days which everyone is waiting for.

It is the day when all the Palaces across the Ruins will appear or may appear as they had in the last two times. That is the time when the monsters of midzone that had been hiding until now will appear.

I hope that the Palaces will appear tomorrow as there is where the life-changing opportunity exists.

In the past two days, all the buildings I have come across were either broken or have their formations cracked, they were too dangerous to go inside.

A few hours pa.s.sed by such while I kept looking down in the hope to search for any structure, two hours ago I had found one but that one wrecked like others.

Searching for treasure palaces like this is quite efficient, it is even more efficient than when I used my mini blast. While riding on Ashlyn I could focus my complete energy to find the buildings.

"Ashlyn lets land there!" I said to Ashlyn as I spotted another building from above, hoping like every other time that this building wouldn't turn out cracked or with the broken formation.

As we got closer, a smile on my face for bigger and bigger as I found this building is an intact and runic formation on it also fine, I could not find them since cracked on it.

This building quite big, bigger than the repository I had entered before, seeing its size it must have something good.

I did not land near the building but few kilometers distance from it, Ashlyn had told me there are some powerful people there and I dont want them to see Ashly n's morph ability.

The Grimm monsters are crazy about the Miracle Fruit's and if they know Ashlyn had eater the Miracle fruit, then will try to catch her will all. With the current power of me and Ashlyn, we dont have to fear them as we could kill them but there are some humans also present and I dont want to kill fellow humans unless they had intentions to kill me.

After landing on the Ashlyn went inside me and I removed the mask and cloak I was wearing and walked toward that building.

When I reached there, I found there is a big building and this building is even bigger than the repository but for some reason, the humans and Grimm monster that had set up abode on both sides aren't going inside.

Seeing there must be something wrong about this building otherwise the Grimm monster and humans would have went inside the building.

I was just about to walk toward the Human side to ask around when I spotted the familiar Grimm monster in the Group of Grimm monsters.

"Long time no see!" I said to the Grimm monster, the humans seemed surprised by my shout and also some Grimm monster but the three Grimm monsters that recognized me are looking at me with the hate and anger.

"Why so gloomy," I said to the Grimm monster as it started to glower at me even more after spoke to him.

This Grimm monster is Tigerman, the same Tigerman that had chased me around the battlefield a few days ago.

"You can only run around, do you dare to fight our boss?" said the Grimm monster beside the Tiger man.

"Why shouldn't I?" I asked back casually while giving it a small smile, not showing a shred of fear instead there is a hint of excitement.

My power is currently equal or little greater than the Tigerman and I could even kill it if fight it long enough but my focus is not on it, my focus on the Yellow snakeman who was looking at from the corner.

On its forehead, there are only Three Stars but in reality it much stronger and the only Ashlyn could fight against it.

All eleven Grimm race monster had Three Stars Painted on their head but only four of them are especially powerful, of the four Grimm monsters the Tigerman is the weakest while the snakeman is strongest.

Seeing no response from the Tigerman, I walked toward the human side. The human side is a little weaker than the Grimm monster but they, not that weak they can easily put up a fight against the Grimm monster without dying.

And the human side all have the power of the Tree Star Elite and girl who looked be my age is especially powerful, her battle power is near equal to that Yellow snakeman.

"What are you not entering inside?" I asked directly to the Girl, "We want to but the door of it wouldn't open no matter how much we try!" she answered straightforwardly.

"When did it appear?" I asked, "I dont know. When we come across it, it was already opened." she replied, it means this building had appeared for some time but its gates couldnt be opened for some reason.

"Can I try?" I asked, there is a slight chance that I might be able to open the door.

"You are welcome to try," she said but her voice clearly telling me that they all tried before and did not get any result.

I walked toward the door while keeping eyes on the Grimm race monsters, in case they attacked I would quickly activate my occult skill which I near-perfectly practiced.

I could feel the hopeful gazes of both Grimm monsters and Humans as this is the last day they could increse their strength before they will be heading for Palace if it appears.

I stopped in front of the big red door that is about ten times bigger than me.

I carefully put my hands on the door and waited for the ring to do her her magic like it did repository but there is no change occurred in the ring or in the door despite me using all my strength to push the door.

"Let it go, if the door to be opened by just pus.h.i.+ng then we wouldn't be here outside waiting!" shouted the Tigerman.

I didnt listen to the Tigerman shout and kept pus.h.i.+ng, the ring would do her magic and the door would get opened but one minuit pa.s.sed and there is no change in it.


Seeing there is no result, I sighed in disappointment and about to pull back my hands from the door and when I felt ring buzzing a little and next moment, the door produced a creak.