Monster Integration - Chapter 537 Soul Cleansing

Chapter 537 Soul Cleansing

Creak CreakCreak Creak...

As the creak sounded, I felt the air behind me and next second I found, tense of hands pus.h.i.+ng the door, they are from the humans and the Grimm monsters.

The door started to open with creaking noise and several seconds later it had completly opened and everyone stormed insides without care.

As all of us entered the giant hall, we all activated out the homing band to read the language that is projected on the hall, I do not need to activate the homing bang and I could clearly read them better than what homing bang could translate.

"Palace of Eionic Blessing and it's pure Soul type at that, f.u.c.k we are extremly lucky!" someone shouted loudly, I am also shocked reading the what is on the projection.

This is the Palace of the Eionic Blessing and the soul type one that is very very rare.

Soul energy increased the power directly and indirectly and any smart person would always choose to increse his soul energy over physical. There are various ways one can increse the physical strength but it is very hard to get to increse the soul energy.

The most known method to increse is the Supreme Compat Exercise but it is not very easy to practice and for the things that increse the soul energy they are simply too rare.

Of the seventeen potions formulas, only two are soul power advancement formulae. So, it is quite normal for people to get excited when they saw that this is a very rare Soul type Palace of Eionic Blessing.

This is good news but there is also bad news, some brokage could be seen among the formations, through the sixteen doors seemed fine but could tell that there will be unpredictability involve in this Palace.

This time my adventure in the Palace of Eionic Blessing won't be as smooth as the previous Eionic Tower I was in.

"Let's go!"

Said the Girl and everyone started to walk toward the door, there are sixteen door's, that means there will be sixteen people could receive the eionic blessing and in top of that, some human will surely want to get the blessing for their monsters as well.

It will be quite b.l.o.o.d.y if all the twenty-one people able reached the top floor. Well, I am not worried, with mine and Ashlyn power, we will surely able to secure the alter for ourselves as for how others do, I dont really care.


I stepped into the door and found myself in a big hall, on the right side of me is a projection that is telling me what is this test is, in the center top of hall there is something bright s.h.i.+ning in the broken formation and thing is the gate that is on the other side of the hall.

The test is very simple, I had to cross the hall and reached the gate that is the end of it while bearing the soul pressure that is coming from the s.h.i.+ning object.

Whenever I looked at the s.h.i.+nning object in broken formation, my heart started to fast and I know that is not a good sign. This is a warning coming from the killing Rule, whatever that object is pretty dangerous to me especially when the formation that is covering is broken.

I looked back at the gate from which I have come from and wanted to go back rather than to face the danger that is ahead. I quickly crushed that hesitation and looked ahead.

This is a very big chance to increse my soul power, such chance rarely came and if I missed it then I dont think I will get such a chance again in this ruin again.

Though it is very dangerous, it is not completly hopeless and as long as I bear the pressure from that s.h.i.+ning object then I will have the chance to reach the gate on the other side of the hall.

Making my mind, I finally took the inside the formation that is keeping the power of that object outside.


I fell on the ground flat just as I took the step inside the formation, there is nothing physical about my sudden fall, it all lies in the soul.

The soul pressure was so great that I wasn't able to keep standing up even for a second. I tried to get up but the soul pressure was so great that I am only able to move a little.

I lied there for a while before, carefully sensing the feeling I am getting from the s.h.i.+ning object. My mind has filled the knowledge and there is barely any that I cant able to identify.

So I just have to concentrate on this feeling and know what object is suppressing me under, only when I know the object only then I will able to devise the strategy to deal with this suppression.

'Soul Tempering Diamond!' I said in my mind with the shock and just as this thought came into my mind, a bright smile came out of my face. If I could laugh loudly, I would have surely laughed loudly.

'This is a real treasure!' I said in my mind, what I will receive in the Top Floor in nothing front of this suppressive energy.

Soul Tempering Dimond is a precious treasure that helps in the tempering of one's soul. Like the body, the soul also has many impurities but unlike physical bodies, it is not easy to remove the impurities from the soul.

One needs extremly extremly precious things like a soul temperance diamond to cleanse one soul, now it will depend on me how much I able to benefits from this G.o.dsend opportunity.

Occurs could only able to utilize this opportunity by 1% maximum but I could utilize it 100%. In knowledge not I have information about Soul Tempering Diamond, there is even a method to utilize this unique suppressive energy.

As long as I circulate this Unique suppressive energy in my soul, not only my soul will be cleansed and I will also bear this suppressive energy and will able to clear this test.


Without waiting I started to circulate this unique suppression under my soul but next moment I stopped as I felt the immense pain, it felt like I am baking my soul into the pan.

This is the most terrible pain I had ever felt, till now the most type of pain I've felt were the physical pains but the pain I am feeling right now is on a soul level, I've never felt such pain before.


I did not want to circulate this method again but I gritted my teeth and started circulating but this I took very little of this energy emitted by the Soul Tempering Diamond.


I felt immense pain again, it was a little less than last time but still beyond any physical pain, I wanted to let go but I did not as I clearly know how much it will benefit me.

It is the opportunity one gets once in a lifetime and I dont want to miss it just because I am feeling pain.