Monster Integration - Chapter 535 Transformation Of Materialistic State

Chapter 535 Transformation Of Materialistic State

Chew Chew

Ashlyn came out me bright chirp and I was about to pet her habitually when my hand stopped mid-air seeing the clear changes on her.

There are clear changes that could be seen on Ashlyn, her feathers have become more silverly and there is steely s.h.i.+ne in then and when I touch it, I found their texture is soft but they have become hard as steel. I've even tried to burn the when my Sunfire but except for turning little red there is no change in them.

But that is not the biggest change in Ashlyn, the biggest change is the tiny red crystalline tear that appeared on her forehead. It is bright red like a Ruby and looked very good on her.

"Ashlyn what happened after that monster went inside you!" I asked Ashlyn. I have no idea what happened after that monster turned into a tiny ball of energy and went inside it.

"Chew chew chew chew….."

Ashlyn chirp while motioning her wings and tiny, she looked very cute as she explained what has happened to her.

She said that after that monster came inside her, it wanted to eat her but she fights back and ate it instead, as for what happed after that she is also clueless about it.

"What is that crystalline tear on your head?" I asked, the bright crystalline tear looked amazing on her and give her quite a charm but its not all it does, it must have some reason to appear on her forehead.

"Chew chew!" she chirps again, shaking her tiny head and moving her wings a little, her meaning extremly clear she has no idea what happened to her.

"Did you any new abilities or feel something different?" I asked again, she had somehow eaten the monster whole, not even leaving tiny part of it means she had not only eaten meat but also it's core.

There is a very good probability that she might inherit one or two or abilities that the monster had which it got after eating the Miracle fruit.

"Chew chew!"

But to my disappointment, she also has no idea about what abilities she may or may have not inherited from the monster.

Though she may have no idea about, I am confident that she has inherited something after she ate that monster whole, her steel-like fur and that red crystalline tear she had on her forehead is clear proof of that.

"Dont worry we will know about the abilities you received soon!" I said to Ashlyn as I petted gently seeing her disappointed face.

Chew Chew!

"Of course you are hungry!" I said, just I about go about of abode Ashlyn stopped me saying she is feeling extremly hungry.

I had already expected and cooked for two people, so I quickly heated all the leftovers and served it to Ashlyn.

'She was really hungry.' I thought as I saw her cleaning up all the leftovers, there were a lot of leftovers had remained but she had finished up all.

"Now that you have finished eating, let's go," I said after Ashlyn as we get out out of abode.

"Chew Chew chew chew chew!"

I quickly deactivated the abode and about to activated the mini blast to take a jump in the sky with my mini blast when Ashlyn chirp again.

"Are you sure, it won't put much load on you right?" I asked Ashlyn, as I was about to take a jump in sky Ashlyn had asked me to ride on her.

"Chew chew chew!

She chirped again, saying she would feel no-load and started getting b.u.g.g.e.r.

As I expected, the Miracle Fruit of Morph is most suitable for Ashlyn, with her getting bigger, I won't have to worried about transportation anymore.

"Ok then!" I said and walk toward the Ashlyn to sit on her, I have nad ridden a flying monster before, this will be my first ride,


As I am about to sit on the Ashlyn, she did the most amazing thing, she showed her first ability she had inherited from the monster and this ability is gasp-worthy.

She had summoned her silver fire and created a perfect seat of fire on her and that seat of fire had swiftly turned into solid state from its natural gaseous state.

She had not only changed the state of her silver fire but she had also changed its temperature as I did not feel any heat from it.

Transformation of Materialistic State! this is a transformation of the materialistic state. This ability is unknown to me as the Scorpian Tail Ox had not used it.

Monster has its poison attack but it had not changed its stage, well changing the of the liquid arrow would have diminished the effect, so it is understandable why it had not used this ability.

That Scorpian Tail Monster must have eaten high-level transformation fruit, this ability had had many uses than simply changing its state and temperature, if Ashlyn didnt figure it out then I will have to teach her.

"Ashlyn, how do you summon this ability?" I asked excitedly. If she can summon this ability then she can summon other abilities as well, she just has to what she had done when summoning this ability.

Chew chew chew chew…

Ashlyn chirp and said she dont know, she just wanted to make my harness so I could sit comfortably and so she did and this happened.

I shake my head hearing the answer, normally she is very smart but sometimes she really became clueless.

"Ashlyn, can you make the harness small and little less noticeable?" I asked, I dont want others to notice this ability of Ashlyn.

This ability is very useful and had an unlimited application, so fewer people know about it the better.

Chew Chew Chew

She chirped and harness started to become small, it became a little compact and barely noticeable and it also helps that Ashlyn fire is silver, so very few people able to notice it even at the close.

"Perfect!" I said and sat on Ashlyn and next moment Ashlyn had taken the jump in the air.

Currently, I needed a harness to ride on the Ashlyn but I won't need it when I get little experienced in riding.


Ashlyn flew higher and higher and soon we are in the clouds, it feels amazing to ride on her while feeling the air on the face.

I always had a hoped that Ashlyn could grow bigger, big enough that I could ride on her like some of my friends ride on their monster but that hope of mine never got fulfilled as she nearly stopped growing.

When I saw the Miracle fruit of Morph, hopes in my hearts started to rise again and that is why I had that if Ashlyn is able to eat thins fruit, not only it will be very helpful to her but it will be very convectional to me.

And now she not only ate the Miracle fruit of Morph but she had also eaten the monster that has G.o.d knows how many abilities and now some of them or all got inherited by Ashlyn.