Monster Integration - Chapter 534 Mutation II

Chapter 534 Mutation II

I was shocked by seeing how quickly the monster core is disappearing and sucking speed increasing.

I thought for a while before taking out the core of Captain stage monster, the Captain Stage monster I could barely handle it but I can't keep it my stomach overnight as keeping the Liutenenet stage monster core.


Seeing the Liutenenet stage monster core will soon disappear, I gulp down the Captain stage monster core. As it enters inside my through, it also started dissolving but the speed of dissolving is very slow compared to the Lieutenant stage monster core.

I took out several Captain stage monster core in case Ashlyn needed to sucked them.

I tried to talk to Ashlyn with our connection but I got no response for her, except for knowing her soul in undamaged and her vitals are fine, I can't seem to know anything about her.

The energy these monster core contained is immense, they are the lifeblood of the monster, the physical manifestation of the pure energy but Ashlyn kept sucking the monster core with such immense energy like she drinking the common water.

Thinking I will only know after woke, I kept eating one monster core after another.

Soon I finished eating 3 ½ Lieutenant stage monster core and ten Captain stage monster core but still the hunger of Ashlyn is not satiated she kept demanding the monster core and her sucking speed also increased, now she could suck apart the Captain stage monster core in just fifteen seconds.

Looks like I'll need to eat something stronger, I thought and was going to eat the Major stage monster core but changed my mind for something daring.

Soon I take out Dark Green monster core and popped it in my mouth, it is the core of the medicinal monster of the Sergent stage. Till now I hadn't dared to think about eating the core of the Medicinal monster, not an even speak of it.

The medicinal monster may look like their counterpart that presents outside of Garden but they are wholly different from them, not only they are super powerful but also their cores contain immense medicinal energy.

Their core has hundreds of times more energy than the normal monster core and it has Medicinal energy in majority than the Berserk energy that normal monster core has.

I wanted to eat it very much as I know that I will get a hundred times more benefits than I got from eating the Medicinal Monsters but I didnt as the medicinal energies inside in the core is too powerful that I didnt have the courage to eat even speak of it.

But now the Ashlyn sucking the energy off the core, I dare to eat it so I get the feel of it, so if it is not as dangerous as I expected then I could start using the medicinal monsters core instead of the normal monsters cores.

'Its good thing I stayed remain cautious against it.' I thought as I reached the Core in my stomach, this medicinal monster core despite coming from Sergeant stage monster is barely dissolving.

It had been a minuit but it had dissolved barely 4% whereas at six Captain stage monster core would have been sucked part by Ashlyn right now.

Time pa.s.sed by and nearly twenty minuits later, the core of the medicinal monster disappeared from my stomach and I started eating the Captain stage monster cores again instead of continuing with the core of the medicinal monsters.

Eating the medicinal monster's core was just an experiment, a very dangerous one and I came to know what I wanted to and became sure that I wasn't putting that thing inside me anytime soon.

If Ashlyn stopped sucking the energy of the midway then that core would have been blasted me apart, so it is better I kept eating monster cores that I can control instead of the ones which could blast me into a shower of gore.

'Finally finished!'

Time pa.s.sed as I continue eating the monster cores and about twenty minuits pa.s.sed when I felt the sucking speed of Ashlyn is lessening and a few seconds later it completly stops while leaving tiny part of Captain stage monster core in my stomach which I am barely able to handle.

In this period of about forty-five minuits, Ashlyn had eaten one medicinal monster core, 3 ½ Liutenent stage monster core and about a hundred Captain stage monster core.

This is a s.h.i.+t load of energy which enough to fill my needs of more than one year but Ashlyn just finished then within an hour which couldnt help wonder why she had needed this much of the energy.

Ashlyn had become totally silent after she guzzled the s.h.i.+t load of the energy, our link had also become blurry, now the only thing I can tell that she is inside me.

Seeing it might take time, I got out bed and walk toward the bathroom to freshen up as It is already dawn.

After returning from the freshening up, I ate until I felt uncomfortable heat inside me and then started performing the Body Cleaning Technique that I do daily.


Sometime later I fell on the ground with the thud and on my tired face has a small smile plastered on it, if my luck is good then tomorrow I might able to level up to the Peak of the Master Stage and then I could eat the Miracle fruit I have and directly leveled up to the Lieutenant Stage.

After taking a bath and hour rest, I started to practice the occult method, I am very close to practicing the Occult method and in two to three days, I will perfectly practice it.

My meaning of perfectly practicing means I will able to suck the Occult energy to my limit and able to utilize it fully as for how much power of Occult skill I am using then the answer would be less than 1%.

Even Ashlyn who is using the Occult Method perfectly is barely showing 1% of its power.

Those humans within the knight stage barely able to use 10% of the power of the Occult Method, this is the limit on how powerful their Body and Soul are.

Some freaks may able to use more than 10% of the power of the Skill but they are a minority as one not only need high comprehension but also need Strong Body and Soul to bear the occult energy.

I practiced until I started to feel tired and then again eat a little before I started to make the preparation for leaving.

I couldnt wait for Ashlyn to awake, there are only three days before I know whether Palace appears or not and if the palace appeared then I have to need time to head there.

If I am lucky then the palace could appear right next to me or it could appear far enough that I would need a week to get there, its all depend on where Palace would appear.


I packed everything and about to leave the abode when I stopped on my tracks and the huge smile appear on my face as not the only link between Ashlyn and me stabilized again, I found Ashlyn is also waking up.