Monster Integration - Chapter 520 Silver Fang Hogs

Chapter 520 Silver Fang Hogs

Today I am returning toward the Gap from which I had entered the Garden.

The Garden is very good choice to stay till the realm close as there is less Grimm race monster and monsters but lots of precious medicines, as long as one is little careful the chances of surviving in the till the closure of the ruin are quite good.

Though there is fortune and chances surviving here are quite good, there are no big opportunities that will be able to increse one's strength only going out will I able to find the chances to advance.


I activated the mini blast and shot through the air in the twilight, the sun hadn't risen completly yet. I had woken early today as I had to cover a lot of distance and I also plan to work on the flexibility of my mini blasts.

The fight of yesterday had made me realize that my mini blast is very rigid. If one had similar strength to me and is little agile then it would become quite difficult for me to beat it, so while going toward the crack I am also planning training a little one the.

Boom Boom Boom Thud…

I used one power blast after another and trying to use them in complicated ways as possible, sometimes I got success but most of the time I fell.

I am even breaking my bones multiple times from falling on the ground from above or cras.h.i.+ng on the three, all of them gave me quite an injury.

If not for me having a strong body and high pain tolerance, I would have given up on it by now but I did not. I continue trying and tying, no matter how many of my bones broke or how much pain I am experiencing.

The only focus in my mind is making my min blast as flexible as possible but it very difficult.

I had created a mini blast to give me instant speed and it had given me that, greater than I had expected but now I want to make it flexible without losing much of its desired speed.

The first thing I started to learn is stopping, I did not want the speed that cant is to control otherwise if I came across a very smart opponent, he could use my uncontrollable speed again me.

And the best way to stop mini Blast is created anther mini, creating mini blast is easy but when the power of two mini blasts colling my body went out of control.

It like driving a bike at very fast speed and then pus.h.i.+ng the front breaks hard, one could imagine what would happen in such scenarios and that is what happens to me.

After failing tens of times, I had decided to lessen the power of the mini blast that I had used to create the brakes, so that reaction would be a little less intense.

That seemed to work a little as my cras.h.i.+ng speed lessen quite a bit, I kept working on the force I needed to create the brakes but I found out there is simply no way to instantly stop from the mini blast in my current of the body.

If I want to stop then I will have to use multiple lesser blasts, on then will I able to control my speed and avoid unnecessary death.

While I was practicing the lesser blasts, I have unconsciously learned to divert, with the help of lesser blast, I could divert power created by the mini blast.

The whole pa.s.sed while I am training and I was only able to cover half of the distance.

I wanted to continue traveling through the dark seeing I am now powerful enough that barely anyone could threaten me here but I did not as I am feeling extremly tired due to the whole day of training.

The next day when I woke up, I felt quite refres.h.i.+ng and after doing my morning I continued my training and journey.

Time pa.s.sed by as I continued training and while journeying toward the crack. One the way I collected the plants that Ashlyn had sensed and Grimm race monsters that attacked us, we even killed quite a few medicinal monsters just like I did yesterday.

As I was traveling toward the crack, I had noticed that many people are traveling toward it also and that is the reason why I am coming across the more Grimm monsters and people than usual.

Thud Thud….

I was just resting under the tree to recover my soul power due to the constant use of them when I felt loud shaking of the earth and soon I heard a loud sound.

Looks like some monsters are coming, I thought as I get up and waited for the monsters to came, few minuits later, I saw the monsters that are coming toward me and seeing them I couldnt help but smile.

Silver Fang Hogs, one of the most delicious monsters in this ruin and the five monsters that are in front of me are not the simple Silver Fang Hogs but the ones that grew up in the Garden.

Their meat already one of the tastiest but the ones that are front of me are the medicinal monsters, I wonder how delicious they could taste I thought while gulping down the saliva.

These five Silver fang Hogs are about nine meters large and sport the battle power of the normal Three Star Elite. If it had been a few days ago, I would have needed a few hours to finish these five monster but now I would need just an hour and even less if I asked Ashlyn help which I am going to.


The monsters who were happily eating but suddenly looked at me when they felt my peculiar gaze. I dont if they sensed my intensions or its due to their nature, they got very angry and came to attack me.

"Ashlyn dont spoil any meat with your attacks, attack at a weak spot and finish soo a possible." I reminded Ashlyn, sometimes she gets very lost in the battle and started to toy with her opponents.

Which I dont want that as her attacks spoil the meat quite, though she rarely does that with the medicinal monster as not spoil them, I still reminded her as I do not want to spoil any eatable part of these delicious silver tooths Hogs.

The battle started and ended an hour later with the five big bodies silver fang Hogs lying around me. If one would look carefully, they will find there is barely any injury on the monster.

Seeing how delicious these monsters are, I and Ashlyn were extra careful not to harm any eatable part of their bodies and that is why it took hours for us to kill these monsters.

After killing them I took out special monster cutting tools and cut apart each slice of monsters carefully, not daring to waste even slice of them.

It took near one and a half hour to cut and store the monster carefully and because of it, I was two hours late when I reached the camp near the camp but I didn't mind a bit because the late is worth it as I am going to eat the most delicious meal of my life tonight.