Monster Integration - Chapter 521 Repeating Mistake

Chapter 521 Repeating Mistake

There are more people than I had expected, both on the human side and the Grimm monster side. Rows and rows of abodes could be seen, there must be thousands of them on both sides.


Landing on the ground, I walked toward the human camp. There were guards but no one stopped me as I went inside and about to walked toward the side where abodes are set up, not gaze fall on the something peculiar which I have only read about but never seen with my eyes.

There is a market in the middle of the boundaries of both camps, the humans had taken the left side while the Grimm race monsters at the right side.

It is really a peculiar scene, the Grimm race and Human race are the absolute enemies and would kill each other any chance they have got but now they have set up a store side by side and everything seemed very peaceful among them.

I could not hear any single shout just a calm barter. Grouping together to open the crack is one thing but opening the market together is completly different thing as chances of complete such high in such place, just slight misunderstanding could turn into the full blow fight between two races.

These people seemed to have thought it through about it that why patrol there is very heavy.

Without wasting time, I started to walk toward it forgetting I have very delicious meat I have in my storage that I had planned on cooking as soon as I reached the Camp.

These people are selling and bartering the stuff they have found in the Garden, if I am lucky then I may be able to able to find plants to create one or two solutions.


I was about to reach the market when I heard the loud tong as if hearing some sort of command, everyone started packing their stuff and started to return to their respective camp.

I didnt need to be the genius to understand what happened, the time of the market is over but still to be sure I asked the first person I had found.

I was right, every day the market would open at 8 in the morning and close at the 8 in the evening. That means the market stayed open for a full twelve hours if I had been an hour early, I would have able to browse it and would even able to find the material for one or two solutions.

With the defeated sigh, I walked toward where abodes had been set up and started to find the empty s.p.a.ce to set up my abode.

I am not much disappointed as there are still two days before we will attack the crack.

After finding a s.p.a.ce, I set up my abode. I freshened up and took out the box and in that box is the meat of the Silver Fang Hog, seeing the meat all my disappointment over the mashed away as I started wholeheartedly focused on the cooking.

To cook this meal, I took out my best of the best ingredients and asked Ashlyn to provide the fire which she was very happy.

An hour later, I finished with dinner and started to set up the plate, Ashlyn wanted to leap directly at the pot but I had stopped her forcefully if not she would have dived directly into the pot.

I started to fill the plates with meals and just as I filled the Ashly n's plate, she started to eat it without waiting for me.


I said just as I took the bite, the meat is heavenly. I have never had eaten such a delicious meal ever before, the meat of the Siver Fang Hog already is very delicious and now with its body full of medicine, it had reached a completly different level.

After taking the first bite, I took the second then third and soon emptied to the whole plate, instantly I took the second serving and also filled the Ashlyn plate the full before I started eating again.


I said right after when I felt very heat is rising in my body at the very fast speed.

s.h.i.+t s.h.i.+t...

I started to curse loudly as I took off my clothes at the record speed and started to perform Body Cleansing Technique at my highest speed.

I had eaten many times more monster meat that I supposed to and now the immense amount of medicinal energy started to spread through my body.

This medicine energy is so immense that at just 12th pose my body is started to turn red.

I had reminded myself before I started to eat the meat that I have to be in control as this meat is not the meat of some common medicinal monsters but the medicinal monster that has battle power of Three Star Elite.

The medicinal energy inside it has to be very overbearing and it is, just as I reached the 24th move, the spores started to appear on my body and one can even see the slight on it.

I had really eaten a lot, it is good that I have become quite strong since I had eaten the meat of medicinal monster first time, if I had the same strength as that time, I would blow into the pieces just a few seconds after eating the meat.

The spores started to spread all over my body and they looked very horrible but they are nothing compared to the horrible pain I am feeling, the medicinal energy is tearing my body apart and stuffing inside in.

Why I have to be such idiot, I had experienced this frightening thing before but like an utter idiot, I had done it again and now I am verge dying.

Seeing myself not learned from my past experience, I want to curse myself real bad and I am doing it because this may be my very last cursing if I didnt reach the 108th pose soon enough.

36th...48th...60th...72nd...84th...96th, at the 96th pose my body started bleeding from every part of my body, if I didnt reached 108th pose in a minuit then I would surely reach the underworld and the reason of that would that I couldnt control my stomach. This would be such an idiotic way of dying.


I gave my all and finally reached 108th pose but I did not stop there as I know that the medicinal energy is very overbearing, 108thi is only able to hold it back a little if I didnt perform the forward poses, the more and more medicinal energy that is being digested at every movement would tear me apart.

With the miracle fruit energy mutation reaching about 11%, its speed of eating had increased 11 times originally, it had increased its speed of eating quite a bit.

With the pressure on me lessening, I heaved a small sigh of relief before I started performing more poses with the greater speed than before and in few minuits, I had reached the 119th pose but it is not enough to control this overbearing berserk energy, I will need to perform more poses before I could heave a sigh of relief completly.