Monster Integration - Chapter 519 Blood Burner

Chapter 519 Blood Burner


Activated mini blast to follow it while Ashlyn also started to launch her attacks.

Our position has been changed, that day he has chased me till I had no choice but enter the Repository to survive from it but now I will not even give it a chance to enter any repository if it is planned on entering any.


Bang! Slice!

My sword missed as it changed the direction and seeing that I again activated the mini blast and attacked, this time my attack landed but the injury I was able to give it is not serious.

"f.u.c.king bird!"

It cursed loudly again, it had been few minuits since it started to run but its back which had been relatively clean is now filled with many sword wounds but that is least of its problem.

Its biggest problem is Ashlyn who is attacking it with the fire pearl, each attack of fire pearl brought it a serious injury, if not for its strong body it would have already died.


Another of my attacks landed but like always, it was not enough to kill it. This b.a.s.t.a.r.d speed is a lot slower than me but due to the limitation of mini blast brought me, it always able to dodge my attack with the close margins.

Mini Blast is not flexible, once activated it will take you straight and due to the high speed it gives, it is very difficult to change the direction.

Though it is running, it will not able to run for much. It is already seriously injured and every minuits it is getting more and more injured, sooner or later it will reach its limit and then I will be able to kill it.


My words rang true, ten minuits later it fell on the ground, it had finally reached its limit. Till now it had been bearing the pressure of injuries through the will power alone but as the more and more injuries piled up, it had finally reached its limit and fell on the ground.

Another reason for his fall is that it can't continue activating its occult method, one needs a strong soul and body to bear the pressure than occult energy brought if it cants then either it will start to tear the body apart or it will automatically dissipate.

In this monster's condition, it looked like the Occult energy had dissipated and due to that all mine Ashlynn's rule powers acc.u.mulating into its body got a chance to attack.

"Ashlyn attack it with full power!" I said to Ashlyn to attack it because I know it is very conscious and waiting for me to come closer so that it could launch an attack.



It screamed out loudly as Ashlyn's powerful attack landed on it but before it could go much far, I attacked it and then Ashlyn attacked some, making it through unconscious.

With my earlier attack, I could have easily decapitated him but I didnt, I still remember the promise I made it to it before I ran into the repository.

It is completly unconscious, I am completely confident of that as I could not sense any killing intent from it.

Going closer to it, I took out the rope from my storage and bound it, what I am going do with it need a strong binding. After I bounded it and put a gag on its mouth, I took out a palm-size bottle with grey liquid.

This grey liquid is the essence of Vetria Flower which has another name and that is a blood burner, it got this name because it literally burns the blood.


I carefully took out the single drop of grey liquid and dropped it on the injury, through using such expensive medicine for revenge may seem silly but there is the only thing that could put out the fire of vengeance from my heart.


Nothing happened for the first few seconds but then suddenly blood-colored flame started to come out of its body and then the gagging noise.

Its good thing that I had put a gag in its mouth otherwise its screams would have been enough to alert those who are within the ten kilometers range.

b.l.o.o.d.y flames became brighter and brighter as more and more blood started burning while its screams withing the gag also became louder.

It screams continued for a few more minuits till they stopped and a minuit later the blood-red flames also stopped leaving the body of the Grimm monster looking like a deflated balloon.

I collected its stuff and stored its body as it will still be harvested into the crystal.

After that, I went back to where I found the miracle fruit and collected the stuff and bodies of the Grimm race monsters, these monster are strong two-star elites, it would be waste if I didnt store them.

I continue to search for the exit and finding medicine until the evening, my luck is quite good as I found two medicines, one is lesser precious while others are quite precious.

Not only that I've even fought the team of Grimm race monster which has the two Three Star Elite in them and three medicinal monsters all in all today is said to be one of most fruitious days in this ruin.

As the evening came, I found the good spot and set up above ground which I had been doing for the past few days, it felt quite good to have big s.p.a.ce.

Entering the abode, I freshen up and started to make the dinner and after I finish making dinner, I started to perform the supreme combat exercise as if I dont then I might pop up like a balloon.

Today again I had made the progress and able to reach the 19th pose which was good, after eating that waxy poison my miracle fruit energy has grown a lot, now I need just fifteen to twenty days and I will be able to level up to the Peak level of Master stage.

Five minuits later I had gained enough energy to walk and went to the bathroom to take the shower, I felt quite refres.h.i.+ng after I washed my body with jasmine flavored soap.

Laying against the bed, I looked at the triangular Miracle Fruit in my hand, this miracle fruit is the most common miracle fruit and according to the knowledge I have received they are about 99.1% of miracle fruit there are.

These are level up fruits, there is more technical name for it but I won't dwell into that. Just like its name said, its a level up fruit. If I ate it right now then I would be able to level up to the Peak level of Master stage.

But I didnt want that, I am confident that I could level up to Peak Level of Master 15 to 20 days or sooner if I tried extra hard, I will eat this fruit when I leveled up to Peak level of the Master stage. so that I could level up to the Lieutenant stage directly which would be a huge boost to my power.

Today is the last day I had given to myself to find the exit, tomorrow I will be leaving toward the gap, let's hope that there is enough people have gathered there.