Monster Integration - Chapter 518 Obtaining The Miracle Fruit II

Chapter 518 Obtaining The Miracle Fruit II

Crack Crack Crack…. Bang!

After an hour, more and more cracks started to appear on the formation and soon it broke apart in the bang.

"Hahahaha… finally, I am able to acquire the Miracle fruit, with this fruit elders will surely help me merge the power of the spirit totem into me." Grimm race monsters laughed maniacally as it looked at the Miracle fruit.

"Boss, dont forget to share some reward with us!" said the Foxman charmingly to the werewolf.

"Of course, of course, how could I forget about you guys, who helped me so much acquiring this miracle fruit!" said wolfman with a bright smile but next moment its expression turned vicious and it attacked.


"Boss, w"

It directly decapitated charming Foxman before moving toward another's who were trying to run but it was no use, the werewolf was too strong, it is easily able to kill all of them.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.ds did they really think I will share the rewards of the Miracle fruit with them, Idiots!" It was muttering when it suddenly stopped as it looked at the palm-size bird moving toward the plant at the blurring speed.

"You f.u.c.king s.h.i.+t!" It shouted and run toward the Miracle fruit with all its strength but the bird cloak in the fire was too fast, before it could reach halfway distance to the miracle fruit, the bird already plucked the miracle fruit from the tree.

'What an Idiot!' I thought, if it would first be taken the fruit and then killed all of its team members, it would have been quite difficult for Ashlyn to s.n.a.t.c.h the miracle fruit but with it putting quite a distance from the fruit to kill its friends, it had become quite easy for Ashlyn to Ashlyn.

"Good Girl!" I said to Ashlyn as I came from behind the tree and took the fruit from her before storing it in my storage.

"You are alive!" said werewolf in shock as it stopped on tracks from chasing Ashlyn.

"Surprise!" I said as I took the sword off my waist, this b.a.s.t.a.r.d had gotten a little powerful, I will have need some time to finish it off.

"Well, its good that you are able to survive. I had felt quite regret over not killing you personally, this time I surely can rectify that regret." I said as it came to me.

Learning from its past mistake, the werewolf seemed to hold back nothing as it directly summoned its spirit totem and activated its occult method.

Sensing its rise of the battle power sharply after activating its Occult Method, I also started to spin swirls on my swirling armor will all my speed and as I ran toward it.

It seemed a little surprised seeing me coming toward it but it became very vigilant and kept half of the focus on my legs, in case I activate the mini blast and ran away.


Both of our weapons clashed loudly but not one of us had taken the steps back.

The force and Occult energy of its traveled inside me and able to breach the defense of my swirling armor but to do that it had lost most of the power, so what entered inside me was instantly vaporized by my rule powers.

It looked shocked seeing its attack was completly useless against me, as it was not able to injure me even a bit.

"You have become quite strong but if you think a little bit of power will save you then your dreaming!" I said and launched another attack and seeing that I spun my swirls even faster and lanched my own attack to counter its.


Our weapons clashed again but this I shook a little but there was no injury on my body as my defenses were able to easily able to deal with force, so except for little shaking due to the clash, I did not feel much anything.

It again became shocked and launched the attack with even more ferocity.

Clank Clank Clank Clank….

Our weapons clashed with one another with every move being stronger than others but no matter how much one try, no one able to gain the upper hand in battle.

Time pa.s.sed by as we kept clas.h.i.+ng and in such a way, half an hour had pa.s.sed. In this half an hour, we must have exchanged thousands of move and with these thousands of move, my advantage started showing.

If my opponent has equal or little greater strenth than me then it is an 80% chance that I will win that battle. Its because of the killing Rule, the more I fight, the more I understood about my opponent and even gain the ability to predict move.

It had been ten minuits since I started gaining an advantage over a battle and slightly gained the sense about its attacks but I did not reveal all of its in the battle as I know this much of advantage, I will not be able to win the battle quickly instead I will alarm it, interest I kept fighting it as that is what my opponent hoping for.

It did not take a genius to see that in the long fight, it is a Grimm monster that wins, their big bodies are filled with vitality and stamina which help them fight the long fights.

If it had been any other human in my place, it would have had quite a good chance of winning but fighting me its bad luck as with the longer fights, I will become stronger.

Thirty more minuits pa.s.sed and I started to feel slightly tired and seeing that it started to feel quite happy as it is clearly visible in its eyes.

Through I am feeling slightly tired due to continuous intense fight, I am capable of guessing all of its moves, so now I could quickly finish this fight.


It launched another attack, I also swung my sword to counter it but just as it about to clash, I move my wrist a little and my sword avoided the battle by hair breath and sliced the deep would across the chest of the monster.

This move may simple but it is extremly hard as both of us had nearly the same power, so it is quite easy to stop other advances. To that what I had just done, not only I need to attack at impeccable timing, I also need to have body flexible enough to perform such movements.


Another big wound appears on its body and this was because of its pure silliness as It was shocked still by my first attack that it wasn't even able to put up a defense against my attack.

"You b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you dared to injure me!" It shouted and attacked me ferociously but what is the use of ferocity when you don't have the strength to back it up.

Slice Slice Clank...

More and more injuries started getting on its body as it was barely able to stop any moves of mind and the worst thing is the injuries I am giving it are healing at a slow pace as they are infused with my Rule power.

Five minutes later, nearly all parts of its body are covered with the injury. If it did not have strength equal to mine, Rule power that I had infused with my attack would have torn its body apart.

"You are a very good b.a.s.t.a.r.d, next time we meet I'll make sure to eat you alive." It said and started to run.