Monster Integration - Chapter 517 Obtaining The Miracle Fruit I

Chapter 517 Obtaining The Miracle Fruit I

I could never forget this occult energy, this occult energy would have killed me if I did not have the core of ominous plants to whittle it away.

The Sunfire Rule and Killing Rule are steadily burning the occult energy in these two people's body but the one that is burning off the occult energy is not but Ashlyn.

My control over the powers of the Rule has increased enough that I could also burn the occult energy in their body but it would take me three times more than Ashlyn as I do not have expert control over my rule power's like Ashlyn.

Time pa.s.sed as Ashlyn kept burning the occult energy in their body through me and fifteen minuits later, all the occult energy in their body burned away.

"Eat these, it will heal your injuries quickly!" I said while giving them two specks of the Ominous Plants core.

The occult energy had injured both of them quite heavily if I had not burned away the occult energy in their body, they would have had a maximum one hour before the occult energy tore every cell on their body apart.

They were hesitant for second before they took the speck and eat it with questioning expression, not believing this tiny speck could heal the very serious injuries they have suffered but few second later utter shock appeared on their face as they saw all their injuries were healing at a very rapid pace.

"Thank You for saving our lives if not for you, we would have surely lost our lives in a painful way." said the tall young man. Both of their injuries had completly healed and their lost color had also returned to their faces.

"Its nothing," I said with a smile before putting serious expression, "Would you guys mind telling me about the miracle fruit you have encountered?" I asked finally.

I am not a saint to burn of the occult energy in their body and even give them very precious healing medicine free of cost and they understand it as well as they started to answer my questions.

"Yes, in the morning we have come across the miracle fruit by chance but it was protected by the formation. We were trying to crack the formation since morning and even able to crack a little when we attracted the group of Grimm race monsters."

"He casually attacked us and started to attack the formation, by its strength of the Three Star Elite, it should be really close to cracking formation now," he said.

Sadness could be said in his eyes, anyone would be sad losing the miracle fruit, they are the most treasured thing. A single fruit can sell for an exorbitant price.

"Where did you find that Miracle fruit?" I asked excitedly without hiding hastiness in my voice.

Knowing about the miracle fruit, I want to leave as soon as possible, miracle fruit is very important to me and I want to get my hands on it, no matter the cost.

"We will transfer you a map!" the tall guys said and tapped few b.u.t.tons on his holowatch before touching his holowatch with min.


I quickly opened the map and saw the destination of miracle fruit which is not that far, if I used my highest speed then I could reach there in ten minuits.

"Thank guys! Here take this as my thanks!" I said as I handed them two speck of Ominous plants core and after that swirling armor started to appear on my body.


Just as the swirling armor fully appeared, I activated the mini blast on my legs and shot toward the direction of miracle fruit while wis.h.i.+ng that the Grimm race monster hadn't broken the formation.

"Why did you tell him about the Miracle fruit so easily, if you had asked for something more, he would have surely given for the exchange of information?" the shot guy said to his friend.

"Saving our lives and healing our injuries aren't enough and what if he would have gone mad and killed one of us?" the tall boy said.

"He wouldn't have?" short boy refuted.

"Did you forget about the incident we saw a week ago, that monster in human skin had ma.s.sacred team of fellow humans just for the sake of one small medicine?" his face asked back.

The short boy shuddered when he heard this, the scene of a week ago still very fresh in his mind. He had seen how that monsters had ma.s.sacred a group of fellow humans mercilessly just because they refused to give them the herb they have found first.

If not for them being well hidden, they would have been ma.s.sacred by that monster with other groups.

"And its not like we have received nothing, you have seen how miraculous this thing is, it wouldn't take a minuit for this speck to heal our serious injuries, this speck would become very useful in the difficult times."

"Let's go, we should go still have to clear quite a journey before we reached the crack!" said the Tall body as they started to run toward the specific direction.


'Its quite close!' I thought as I landed on the ground and quietly started to walk toward the direction on the map.

After walking for a few minuits, I started to hear the faint sound of the attack, as I walked closer the sound got louder and louder till. I got close enough to see what is happening.

There seemed to be seven Grimm race monsters that seemed to be attacking a round formation that encased the small tree, on that small tree is a triangular shape fruit.

Seeing that fruit, I instantly know this fruit is a miracle fruit and not only that, I knew its name is and what uses it have.

After taking look at the miracle fruit, I look at the lead Grimm monster and extreme anger appeared in my eyes. This b.a.s.t.a.r.d is the same one who chased and made me take a suicidal jump at the repository.

I had promised it that if I came out of the repository alive then I will torture it till it wish it could die and Its bad bad luck that I had found a thing in the repository which would make it wish for the death.

I walked closer and closer till I stopped and hide perfectly, I had just sensed the battle power of the b.a.s.t.a.r.d, it had gotten a little stronger and defeating it would take quite a time that is why I stopped myself from directly attacking despite wanting to do it very much.

'Ashlyn be careful!' I said to Ashlyn as she flew away from my shoulder sneakily and sat at the closet tree from the miracle fruit.

The plan is very simple, I want to s.n.a.t.c.h the Miracle fruit form the Grimm monsters. If I were to attack now, I would need to waste a lot of time cracking the formation but If I waited then these seven monsters will crack the formation for me.

If Ashlyn is able to s.n.a.t.c.h the fruit, it would be good and even if she fails, I won't be much sad as that fruit will be mine as long as I am able to kill them which I am very confident in.