Monster Integration - Chapter 506 Sunfire Bead

Chapter 506 Sunfire Bead

When I entered inside, I found a white room inside there are about thousands of plants packed in the special transparent containers, the medicine looked like they have plucked just yesterday.

Seeing so many medicines I didnt dare to get excited as I have got disappointed many times and I dont want to get overexcited then get majorly disappointed because things didnt turn out the way I had though.

Taking a deep breath, I walked towards one container and gently picked it up, just as I did the medicine in the transparent container shook a little before collapsing into a heap of dust.


"f.u.c.k f.u.c.k f.u.c.k f.u.c.k! Why do I have such bad luck, just f.u.c.king why?...." I threw the transparent box down and started cursing as loudly as I could, cursing whatever that came into my mind without care for dangerous formation that is not far away from me.

I didnt want to get excited because I know if something like this happened then I would be very disappointed but I still got excited and got disappointed and that made me very angry.

I consider myself a calm person but facing disappointments, even a monk would get angry much less normal human like me.

I about got out of this storage facility but second thought I stopped and started collecting the medicine ashes in the container, this may not look much but many people posted for this stuff and willing to pay a very high price for it and three of my friends also needs this thing.

Before coming to these ruins I had exchanged the lists with them on the things I want, so if they come across it they will get it for me.

I had exchanged the list with twins and Jim who had also entered this Ruin from his outpost. They this plant dust in their lists. Jim wanted it because it needed for his alchemic experiments.

And Sophia and Raina's mother is an herbalist and she wanted lots of this medicine dust to fertilize the soil. So, I decided to give little of my time off pack off this medicinal dust.

I packed this stuff in three containers one for Jim, one for twins and last for myself.

Within two hours I finished collecting all the medicine dust, after tagging them with the name of this facility, I stored them into my storage.

After getting out of this facility, I moved toward another which is beside this facility but it still took me fifteen minutes to get there and another one hour to open the way inside.

When I got disappointed again and I again stored the dust in the separate containers and then tagged them before I placing them back to the storage.

In such a way, seven days had pa.s.sed. In these six days, I had collected near a ton of Medical dust and tones of sc.r.a.p metal, It was fortunate that the few people I had killed and reverse looted have lots of storages otherwise it would not be enough to store all the sc.r.a.p metal with the storages I have brought.

I have also got injured many times, one time I had nearly cut into two by one fearsome formation, thanks to my quick reaction and Killing rule I was able to survive.

Though these days were filled with the disappointment there was some light in these days also, in the six days I was able to reach the 5th pose of 2nd move in the Body Cleansing Technique.

This speed may be slower than my previous but it still quite good seeing what my current stage is, the Body Cleasing Technique usually practiced in the late stages of the Knight Stage, only then one will have enough energy to sustain the moves of the Body Cleansing Technique.

Still, this speed is very slow for me as I wanted to reach the 7th or 8th move of it before the big compet.i.tion. I have seen what major cleansing could so if I able to 7th or 8th Cleansing then I might even have a chance at the continental champions.h.i.+p.

In these six days, I was able to clear away forty-three facilities, forty-one were the medicine storage facilities while the other two were one of seven miscellaneous that help in the processing of precious plants.

Now I am opening my 44th storage facility and I am in a very awkward position but my movements were clean and precise, there six days of constant opening, I had become quite an expert in this.


Finally, the sound came that I had been waiting for half an hour, I now take less than the half time I use to take when opening these ways.


As I was preparing to enter inside, I had sensed the feeling I am very familiar with, not only I but Ashlyn had also sensed it as she comes out of me without me asking and before I could stop her, she went inside through the gap that I had just opened.

I shake my head at her behavior and started to slide inside the small opening, this familiar feeling has represented the chance of my rule power advancement which I had been searching for so long.

"Chew Chew Chew…."

As I entered inside, a very familiar hot feeling enveloped me, though it is very faint, I can never be mistaken about it and when I thought the name of this facility, I couldnt help but smack my head as this facility store the plants that are aligned with the sun.

The familiar feeling I am sensing is the Rule of Sunfire, it is very faint but its presence in this facility somewhere and if I could able to take a look at properly then it might able to help me advance my Rule of Sunfire.

I am extremely close to advancing my Rule power to the Mid-level of Basic stage and just need a small understand, as long as I gain that small understanding, my rule power would directly advance in the Mid-level of the Basic stage.

"Chew Chew chew…"

I was busy with my thought when Ashlynn's very excited chirp brought me out of my daze.

"You want me to open it?" I asked she is chirping and motioning her beak the floor and wanted me to open it.

"Ok!" I said after seeing there is no formation in the periphery of the place that Ashlyn had mentioned.

I wasted no time and started removing the morphing tools but soon I stuped on the problem that there is no instruction in the doc.u.ments on how to open the floor of the storage facility, there is only instruction on the opening the way into the facility.

Still, such a small problem won't able to stop me, I opened the robot maintenance machine and also a way into the numerous facilities, I will figure it out.

I did figure it out but it took me more than a day to do than and on the whole day Ashlyn and I did not eat and sleep properly.


I opened the final pad and saw a parm size oblong transparent case is emitting a soft golden light, to be exact it is not the oblong case that is emitting soft golden light but a very tiny golden bead inside it that is emitting the golden light.

This golden bead is very small, little smaller than the grain of rice but the Sunfire power it is emitting is very powerful, I am confident that as long as I take it out the case and comprehend from it, my Sunfire rule will advance and its advancement will be greater than my killing Rule.