Monster Integration - Chapter 505 Monstrocity

Chapter 505 Monstrocity

What I see in front of me is a Gigantic Machine that is used for storing and processing the precious plants, I had read about the existence of such machines in the storage facility and read many things about which I scoff saying they're overestimating it but seeing it with my own eyes, I could help but affirm their view.

Some people had called it a work of art and some people even called monstrosity and I totally agree with it what they said.

Few Medicines could be seen lying on the ground around the monstrosity but I sure like skeleton if I touched them, they would too turn into dust.

I could see the giant machine that used to store the medicine, what I am seeing is just the top surface of the machine as this machine is tall as the building and ¼ of the facility is only this giant machine.

By the size of the machine, one would imagine how much precious plants it used to store in its prime, it would be a huge number. Even if these medicines are a knight grade, just the sheer quant.i.ty of these medicines would have worth the immense fortune.

I am not greedy if I am able to get even a 0.01% of this facility used to have, I would be satisfied but I know it simply impossible, this facility is damaged and nonfunctional for hundreds of years, a very few precious or not all plants could survive that much time without turning into dust.

Still, I am very hopeful to acquire something that worth fortune from this machine.

I cautiously step inside not daring to be withing a distance of the cracked formations.

As I walked, I stepped on the many medicines and as I had expected, they turned into the ash while leaving the very faint medicinal smell.

Soon I reached the giant machine and I have to say it is truly gigantic, it is the biggest machine I've ever seen and what I am seeing is just a small part of it.

Now I have to enter inside this monstrosity to check whether there is any herb left in it or not, it will be quite tiring and quite a time consuming but if I want to get anything then I will have to enter inside this monstrosity.

There are many gaps in the machines but I will have to find the best one, its a good thing I have a map of this machine otherwise it would have been too difficult to search through the machine.

I opened the map and also started to find a perfect way that would be safe and would also let search through the whole machine in the shortest time and I am in luck as there are already several such ways highlighted here perfectly.

Now, I just have to follow the map and I could be easily able to search through every corner of it as long as I was able to avoid breaking formations and machine parts I encounter in a way.

After I chose the way, I walked forward toward the gap and on the way I've come across the two-guard Robots, one of which I instantly stored inside my storage while another one was in the range of broken formation, from which I stayed away far as possible.

While avoiding the lots of formations and as.h.i.+ng up many plants, I've had finally reached the gap from where I want to enter inside the machine.

After seeing there is no formation around the gap, I stepped inside the machine.

There Machine had a total of 72 facilities inside it, of the 72 facilities 65 are storage facilities while the other seven are different facilities like the Separation room where all the precious plants that entered the machine got separated and sent to a storage facility that is suitable for them.

I have to scourge through all the facilities and it might take days and even a week to do that as traveling through this machine is very difficult, not to mention there are cracked formations that are flying around the machine.

After entering the machine, I walked toward the first storage facility. It is a facility that used to store the cold attributed plants, I hope some of the plants had survived due to their cold nature.

The s.p.a.ce in the machine is quite s.p.a.cious in some places and narrow on some, in some narrow s.p.a.ces I have squeeze myself completly to pa.s.s through.

It is a good thing that Ashlyn is tiny, she could scourge the way fo any broken formations on the other side, many times I had to change my direction because Ashlyn found a broken formation lying there.

Not only there is a danger of formation but there is also the danger of fall as I am walking on various metallic beams, bolts, and some other things and sometimes I even have to jump and squeeze to pa.s.s through.

This machine is not made for the partic.i.p.ants to enter inside, it was due to our small size we were able to enter inside the machine if it had been Grimm race monster on my place with their tall and large bodies they would sure be stuck within the five minuits of entering this machine.


Another formation lacerated me, this had been the third time I had been hit by sudden formation, its good thing I have killing Rule if not for the intuition it provides toward the fatal things, I would have been cut into two by some formation.

While I was moving toward the storage facility, I had also been collecting some metallic that I had come across, these made of some precious material.

I may not get the satisfied price for them from the guild and the adventurer's paradise or guild, they may come useful someday, I thought as I kept collecting the machines sc.r.a.p I found here and there in the machine.

"I've reached it finally!" I said as I reached the medicine storage facility and now I have to work a little harder to open my way inside it as there is no door for me through which I can enter.

Its good this, in the doc.u.ments there is the detailed instruction on how to get inside these medicine storages the hard way.

I quickly started to take out some morphing tools from my storage and started to morph them in the required size I need to be. After getting morphing tools ready, I started to get worked on opening the way.

I have to say opening this storage is a lot harder than the opening machines in Automator Maintainance Hall, there I could open them in a comfortable position without fear of being falling down.

Here I am balancing myself on the very narrow beam, a slight mistake and I would fall down and die, the fall itself is not dangerous what dangerous is the formation I am going to fall on.

About one and half hour later I was finally able to open the small way from which I can enter inside.

Putting the morphing tool inside my storage, I carefully slid toward the gap I made.