Monster Integration - Chapter 507 Rule Advancement I

Chapter 507 Rule Advancement I

I carefully started to remove the case from its place, I tried to be careful but I found my hands were shaking no matter how much I tried to control them.

I finally get it out of its place without triggering any formation, which made a sigh of relief.

The golden bead is inside thins palm-size oblong case and this care is not the normal care, it has runic formation carved all over it, it is likely to control the power of the golden bead inside.

It is a good thing that this formation is only isolation formation, not the offensive one otherwise it would have been a really big problem to take the bead out of the case.

Crack Crack….Kacha

Since there is no formation, I took out the hammer from my storage and started to hit the case with force. First, there was nothing but when I started to add more force cracks started to appear and minute later, the case cracked apart with a bang and intense power of Sunfire envelope me.

The power of Sunfire rule was really intense that the scalding marks started to appear on my skin next second, it's a good thing my skin didnt came in contact with the bead otherwise there would have been h.e.l.l to pay.

I didnt waste any time and envelope myself in my Sunfire rule as I started to take the steps back till I faced the wall of the facility and even then I felt like I am in the furnace.

The power of this bead is more intense than I thought, I thought as the heat in the facility started increasing, feeling such intense heat I did not get out chamber instead I sat crosslegged and started concentrating this power while covering myself with Sunfire to protect myself from this intense power of the Sunfire.

This is once in a lifetime opportunity, even if this heat were to burn me half dead, I would still not go out from this chamber.

While I was thinking many things, Ashlyn was already sat quietly and started comprehending from the bead and her position to the bead quite closer than me.

Seeing that I quickly closed my eyes and started concentrating power that the bead in transmitting, with my current comprehension I did not dare to directly concentrate on the bead, I had a premonition that if I do that with my current level of comprehension then I will be courting death.

With my eyes close, I concentrate on the power emitted by the Sunfire, finding that last bit of comprehension I need to get my Sunfire Rule to advance to the Mid-level of the Basic stage.

As concentrated many new comprehension started to form in my mind adding to the pool of comprehension that I had till now but this small compression is not enough.

I need that big comprehension that will feel the gap that my comprehension has.

A few minuits pa.s.sed when I sensed familiar intense fluctuations from Ashlyn and know that her comprehension had reached the Mid Level of the Basic stage.

I am little shocked seeing this, I had already guessed that she will be quicker than as the Sunfire rule was comprehended by her and them imprinted on me, so it is obvious she will comprehend first as she is more familiar with the rule.

If I want to, I can ask Ashlyn to come inside me and which makes all her comprehension imprinted on me thus making the Sunfire Rule of mine will automatically advance to mid-level but I did not do that.

I want to advance the Sunfire rule I have in me with my understanding, so I could get better control over it. In this few months since I got the Sunfire rule imprinted me, I have worked quite hard to make it and now I dont want to jeopardize that fine control and there is another but that will come after the comprehension is over.

The temperature in the room is constantly heating and scalding marks started to appear on my body and sweat had started to evaporate from my skin, that is how hot it is in the facility but despite that, I did not move even a little.

I am fully concentrating on the comprehending from the bead and I got the feeling and it wouldn't be long before I get that comprehension and my rule power advance.

I kept comprehending and comprehending, small inspirations kept filling that empty pool, first I had thought I would need a big understanding to advance but now I think I dont need any big understanding, in an hour even if I didnt realize any big understanding these small understandings would be enough to feel that empty pool of comprehension and my rule power to advance.


A few minuits later I felt like I understood something basic about the Rule power and next moment I heard the buzz in my source.

When I look inside my source I found the silver red feather is growing and its aura was also changing a little as its rising. The Sunfire that Ashlyn comprehended had the immense vaporizing power but my understanding is little different.

My understanding of Sunfire is a little different, through the Sunfire I had concentrated on the sun element rather than fire element, though these may seem the same but are different.

Ashlyn Sunfire focus on the destructive force but I had concentrated on the warmth it provides, my understanding had made this violent Sunfire Rule little stabler and more controllable which Increased its power instead of decreasing it.

Through the comprehension of both of my rules, I have noticed that I have inched toward stability and control than the pure violence and destructive force.

Which I think is really good especially when I wield a fearsome rule like a killing, in the memories of white ax and I have seen how a killing Rule which resided in boundary neutrality like all the rule got twisted by vengeance and madness.

After experiencing the memories in white ax, seeing such madness I started to crave control and stability and probably that is why all my rule powers divert toward it.

The feather is kept growing for a while before stopping, now the feather had not only became big and its aura changed a little, there is a slight change in ist color also.

Now in the red part of the feather, there is a slight tint of gold it looked like someone had spread some gold dust on the red part of the feather, it had made the feather even more beautiful.

But it is still being little suppressed by the killing rule, its comprehension is not as high Killing Rule but the killing rule won't be able to suppress Sunfire rule for long as I am constantly comprehending from the bead.

With my Sunfire rule being advanced, my power now directly shot through. If I am not wrong then currently my battle power should be equal to the normal three-star elite and that is just a starting as there is a lot more to comprehend from that golden bead.