Monster Integration - Chapter 504 Opening The Giant Door

Chapter 504 Opening The Giant Door

After cooking dinner and eating, I decided to sleep instead of using the last Knowledge Essense Crytal.

I am feeling quite tired that I had decided to forgo the practice of Body Cleansing Technique and Supreme Combat Exercise.

Using two knowledge essence crystals is my limit if I used the third crystal then my head which is now buzzing slightly will blast apart fully, so it is better I use it in the morning when I am feeling refreshed.

When I wake up in the morning I felt very good, there was no buzzing in my head, no mind weighing tiredness that I had been feeling last night.

After freshening up, I took the out leftover from yesterday and ate till my stomach full and when the familiar heat started to spread through my body I started performing the body cleansing exercise.

I hope today will be the day, I will able to perform 1st pose of the second move, eversince I had reached the 108th pose I want able to move forward from it.

Today I plan to do that and even have the confidence as yesterday morning I have come quite close doing that.

12th, 24th, 36th, 48th, 60th, 72nd, 84th, 96th, 108th, by the time I had reached the last pose of the 1st move I had became quite tired and just wanted to stop but I did not.

I have to reach to the 1st pose of the 2nd move today, I've already wasted more than enough time stuck in the 108th pose.

I continue performing the 108th pose and reached its end, I have come to this state many times but never able to go ahead of it.


I shouted through my gritted teeth and started to move forward but like always, I had stuck like a statue wanting to move forward but can't.


I screamed loudly and used every bit of force I had to move and I was able to move a little, seeing my eyes brightened and I used even more force that had been hiding deep down inside me.

Finally! I was able to reach the 1st pose of the 2nd move and I can instantly notice the change inside me.

The temperature and suppression inside me increased and the hiding energies also had come out, I can see the energies that were roaming like a free bird had become a little slow.

Which helped Miracle fruit energy a little and it started to eat whatever energy it comes across feverishly without leveling a bit.

I had continued to perform even after miracle fruit energy finished eating all the energies and now eating energies coming out from inside with every moment I make.

Just a minuit more! I thought as I kept performing, I had reached the 1st pose of 2nd move but I have performed it fully, only after performing fully I would let go otherwise reaching 2nd move would be futile.


I finally reached the end of the 1st pose of 2nd move and let go, next second I fell on the floor with a thud.

Tent minuits later, I got up and walked into the tiny shower of my abode while marveling at the medicinal energy.

No matter how many times I see, I could help but marvel the medicinal energy as I was able to get up in ten minuits after performing the Body Cleansing Technique.

I used to need an hour before but now ten minuits are more than enough.

I hope this Knowledge Essense Crystal would able to give me some mysterious fighting method or some technique to give a huge boost in my power.

After the chase of that Grimm race monster, I have truly understood how Grimm my condition is, any being who has the power equal or above Three Star Elite could squash me like the bug.

I would really hope that if I am able to get off this Repository, I will have the power to fight the three-star elite. Even if I may not able to wing against it but having the power to defend against it would be enough for me.

'I have a lot of expectations from you, dont disappoint me!' I said to the small multi-color crystal as I touched it with my naked hand.

"f.u.c.k f.u.c.k f.u.c.k!" I cursed loudly after a few hours, this knowledge essence crystal which I thought would give me some mysterious technique or fighting method that would boost my strenth had given me just another knowledge.

"Directory of Natural Elements!" This is knowledge it had transferred inside me, it had the full details of all the precious metals, gems, and other precious nonliving things.

This information is very precious but I was hoping for some mysterious technique nor another knowledge, not another f.u.c.king knowledge.

I cursed angrily for a few seconds before I calmed down and take a good look at my new-found knowledge.

"Those f.u.c.king b.a.s.t.a.r.ds!" I shouted loudly, this time at the adventuress paradise and the guild.

With this knowledge, I was able to identify some of the metal used to make the robot and couldnt help but curse them as they were buying the robots as the rate of peanuts while their worth is a lot more.

Energy also a very high grade but the price they are offering for it is very very low but I know I can't do much about even if I know about it, they control everything.

So if I have to sell them at a higher price then I will have to sell them on the central continent, only there I will have a chance to get a fair price.

With the last Knowledge Essence Crystal consumed, I started to pack and walked out of the door.

There is only one door for me before I open the big one where the real price is.

I walked cautiously walked in front of the right door before gently pus.h.i.+ng with my gloved hand.


The door opened with a creak but when I saw what is front me, my face dawned into horror.

"f.u.c.k!" I cursed loudly as I saw densest broken formations ahead of me, every type of formation is floating in this room be it small one big one there all type of formations presents there.

Its good thing that I had stopped by the door and did not a single step inside otherwise I would have turned into the fleshy paste before I know what happened.

There must something important there to have so many formations in one place but it looked like I am not fated with whatever was there.

I gently close the door and thought for that horror while before walking toward the giant door.

Soon I appear before the giant door and look around it too see if any tiny formation is floating here and there, seeing there is no formation, I had placed both of my hands against the door and pushed.

There was no response from it, I increased the force but there still no response, gritting teeth I started to use all my strength.

Normally I would not do this but this door is not only my way to get a great fortune but it also my way to get out of the repository, this is the core is of repository and I am confident that there is way behind this door that could get me out of this repository.

Creak Creak...

No! I shouted loudly in my mind as the door wouldn't be opened and about give up when black ring which had been silent despite my numerous attempts started to glow and the next moment the door started open with creaking noise.