Monster Integration - Chapter 503 Gif

Chapter 503 Gif

After putting the black band over my homing band, I looked at the two knowledge essence crystals in front of me.

It took me six hours to completly digest the first Knowledge Essense Crystal and I can a.s.sume these crystals will also take a similar time as well.

If I were to sell these two crystals, I could gain the fortune beyond the imagination. The Guild and Adventurers paradise would fulfill my every wish in exchange for them.

These Crystals represented the knowledge from another world and many experts from central continents would be ready to pay an arm a leg for them.

The Knowledge Essense Crytal's are not the crystal but the solidified soul energy that contains knowledge and that is why it is a one-use item, it can not be copied and knowledge inside can not be taken away unless one uses it on oneself.

I have no plans to sell these souls crystals, even if knowledge inside is no use to me, I will still use it as this knowledge, even if it is not useful to me now but it will be useful to me in the future.

I took the crystal with my gloved hand and laid on the ground, like last time I dont want to fall on the ground ungracefully.

After laying on the ground, I took the crystal from my gloved hand to the naked hand and the next moment I was a.s.saulted with the soul-crus.h.i.+ng pain but experiencing such pain I did not panic like last time instead I bore this pain excitedly.

After some time I felt my though process slowing down and it is the most painful process for any intelligent species than the pain itself.

It is our thoughts that represent ourselves but if these thoughts were taken away then we will be nothing but the mindless beast that acts on the instincts.

It is a terrifying feeling and if I had been in control of the crystal, I would have stopped it immediately which is why its good thing I am not.

My thoughts turned slower and slower till there are no thoughts forming in my head. I just laid on the ground like a mindless animal thinking nothing.

I dont know how much time pa.s.sed as the thoughts started to form on my mind again and within a minuit, they have gained their regular speed.

"Directory Of Flora."

The knowledge I have received is about the precious plants, I have gained the knowledge of all the precious plants. Now I now not only have the name of each precious plant but I also know its details and what its use for.

Not only Knight Grade precious plants but I now also know plants that grade above knight grade.

I am in love with this knowledge because it has knowledge of the Miracle fruits, there are hundreds of thousands of miracle fruits that existed in the world.

Some of them were common like the ones that help level up but some of them were are extremly extremly rare and shocking, just reading the info of them is enough to make my body shudder.

This directory had even ranked the miracle fruits according to their usefulness.

The fruit that ranked top is known Extol fruit, it is said that eating this fruit one will directly become Extol Stage powerhouse. This Extol stage powerhouse seemed very powerful otherwise this miracle fruit would not be above Miracle fruit of Immortality and Miracle Fruit of Undying.

And since I have this list of miracle fruit, I can now clearly know all the miracle fruits I've eaten and also understood how the energy of the Miracle fruit is created.

The reason strange energy like Miracle fruit created because of various miracle fruits I ate but it would not have created if not for I ate my very first Miracle fruit called a Miracle fruit of Awakening.

All the other miracle fruits I have eaten till now are ranked in ten thousend or above except for Fruit of Awakening which ranked in the top 100, its rank is 99th to be exact.

This fruit had many uses but its main use is to awaken the gift one has. Every living being has the gift they are born with it but barely anyone able to awaken their gift.

Eating this fruit, I seemed to have awakened my gift but the funny thing I am too weak to use it even to know what my gift is. Even if I became the top powerhouse of my world, I would too week to use my gift.

Only when I break the limit of my world will I able to able to know and use the gift that I have awakened eating the Miracle fruit of Awakening.

I wanted to laugh when I think about this, I had eaten one of the most precious Miracle Fruit in the whole worlds but I am too weak to use the power it had bestowed.

I shook my head and thought of the Miracle fruit that we have come across few days ago, that had a monster guarding it. The rank of that Miracle fruit is nothing much as it ranked above the five thousend but this fruit will be extremely suitable for Ashlyn.

But currently, we are in no condition to retrieve the miracle fruit, not to mention that fruit is outside the Garden, the monster that is guarding the fruit is very powerful. With my current ability, it could easily squash me with its paws with me having no ability to resist.

Coming back to how miracle fruit energy appeared, its very simple. After I ate the Awakening fruit, some of its energies were left in my body so when I performed the Body Cleansing Technique, it had merged with other miracle fruits energies thus creating.

It is purely coincidence that it has been created as one other energy of the miracle fruit was not present or it difference or I was not performing Body Cleaning Technique, such energy would not have been produced that is why I said that the creation of the Miracle fruit energy was purely coincident.

Such coincident really happen but I am glad such coincidence had happened otherwise I would not have got the miracle fruit energy which acts as Miracle.

As long as it has enough energy, it would blast apart any door that blocks my advancement. I am very lucky to get this energy as without it I would at maximum sergeant stage and would have used those breakthrough methods that are harmful to one's potential.

I am a little disappointed gaining the knowledge as I had hoped for some mysterious technique or method that would increse my power instantly that could help me not get into desperate situations like the four days ago.

Calming down myself from the exciting thoughts of the Miracle Fruit, I looked at the last Knowledge Essense Crytal but before using it, I will have to make the dinner otherwise Ashlyn would not let me use that Knowledge esses crystal in the piece.

It had been thirteen hours since I entered this room and Ashlyn is feeling very hungry, I should not make her wait long otherwise there would be h.e.l.l lot to pay.