Monster Integration - Chapter 502 Memory Essense Crystals

Chapter 502 Memory Essense Crystals


I cursed loudly as I ate another speck of the core of an Ominous plant to heal the deep laceration that had appeared on my waist.

It had been two hours since I started to climb the stairs and in the process, I got the injured nine times and in that nine times, two times were fatal but it was worth it as I have covered more than half of the stairs and now only little had remained, as long as I climbed the stairs, I should be able to reach the top floor which is where the precious plants are is stored.

I was not sure at first but seeing the signs on there, I had concluded when I had rammed through that crack I had entered the floor below the top.


This is going to hurt, I thought as I took the long jump and Summerland in the air, while I was doing that one cracked formation had sliced deeply across my waist and arm but I didnt flinch and kept going without changing the course.


Finally, when I was about to land, I activated the air walking skills to cus.h.i.+on my landing before stepping on the ground.

Eating another speck of the core of the ominous plant, I felt my injuries got healed rapidly.

Looking at the remaining steps, I take a sigh of relief as to walk on them I won't have taken such dangerous jumps, as long continue to walk while avoiding the formation, I should be able to reach the top floor with some injuries.

After observing the formations for a while I started to walk, my steps were both slow and fast, as the condition requires as I continue to walk through the web of cracked formations.

Walking through the web of cracked formations I sometimes had to move my body at very unnatural angles and sometimes I had to take the small jumps.

In doing that I had received many injuries as I expected but I did not eat the speck to heal my injuries as there are still some stairs that are left to be climbed.

"Finally!" I said looking at the large hallway as I eat the speck of ominous monster core to heal all the injuries I have received if one looks at me right now they will find my whole body bloodied from head to tow.

Many of these injuries are bone-deep while my left ear also cut quite deeply almost full I might say, if not for I have these specks to heal my injuries quickly, I would have to wait at least for an hour to heal my injuries relatively if I had drunk the healing potions.

This hallway is quite empty compared to one below which have at ten doors, here are only three. Two small ones at left and right while the giant one at the center.

The door at the center should be the one hosting the precious plant's storage, as for the other two doors they must also be holding something important as they are on the top floor.

The top floor had very few broken formations compare to the floor below but I did not dare to underestimate them as nearly all of them have the power to kill me on the spot.

Looking at three-door, I walked toward the one on the left. I plant to first checking out the left and right door before entering the giant one that is in the center end of the hallway.

I carefully walked towards the left door avoiding any formation that is on the way and when I reached near it, I gently pushed my hand against it.


The door started to open with the creak and inside it what I see inside is three crystal on the three different strands. These crystals are round about an infant's fist size and dim multicolor light could be seen coming from them.

I tried to remeber the details about them but despite trying I can't seem to find out anything about them I have read in the doc.u.ments, there is no mention of this multicolor crystal in the records.

I cautiously approached the three strands where the crystals are placed.

These crystals seemed nothing special except lightly glowing with the multicolor glow, I dont find anything special about them.

'Since they are here they must be important' I thought as I reached for the crystal on the stand.



Just as I took the crystal in my hand, intense pain shot through me like the lightning. The pain is so intense that I have become paralyzed in both body and soul as I fell on the ground lifelessly.

I want to get up but I couldnt as the searing pain is still a.s.saulting me and to my horror, it is increasing by second and if it os kept increasing then it would surely make me unconscious even dead.

As the pain kept increasing I felt my mind getting muddled for some reason, my though have become slow that even simple thoughts are taking seconds to fully form but that was just the starting as I became even slower.

'Am I becoming vegetable' that was the last thought I have before I became completly muddled unable to form the simple thoughts.

I dont know how much time had pa.s.sed as I laid on the ground but suddenly the pain stopped and my mind started to release from the muddle headedness and I started to form the thoughts again.

'KNOWLEDGE ESSENSE CRYSTALS!' I shouted in my mind as I looked at my hand where the knowledge crystal had been but now it is disappeared because all the knowledge it contains has transferred inside my head.

This knowledge does not feel foreign, it feels I had learned it myself from childhood, it had become part of me.

'Universal Language!' I said in my mind, from the crystal I've received the knowledge of language called universal language and it is hundreds even thousands of times complicated than the language we spoke in our world.

I am very happy getting this knowledge as with the help of it, I won't have to use my homing bracelet to translate anything. This may not seem like a big thing but it is.

The homing bracelet is good but it has one drawback as it used for spying, through the Guild and Adventurers Paradice deny it vehemently but everyone knows that it is true.

Many times some people have obtained something precious from the ruins the Guild and Adventurers paradise was always there to buy it and if one denies they would even force one to sell that thing forcefully to them.

I without talking took out the black band and covered my honing device now all the spying sensors have been blocked except for one which is used for honing for returning home.

It is a Blackmarket product but it is reliable, not only my formal team leader but twins mysterious brother have also guaranteed about it being genuine that why my whole team had brought it together.

From now on whatever I will get only be known to me and no one else.