Monster Integration - Chapter 501 Ring

Chapter 501 Ring

I took a few more steps toward the skeleton before I stopped, in front of me are two broken formations that are floating in a close range nearly blocking all the way ahead.

if I want to go ahead then I will have to jump through the gap between these two formations.

I will have to take a leap and leap had to be extremely accurate, a simple mistake on my part could make me lose my life.

"Ashlyn go take a look at the other size!" I asked Ashlyn. I can see the other perfectly but there could be small formation could be hidden there beside the skeleton, I want to be sure so when I jump to the other side, I won't step on some hidden formation.

"Chew chew!"

Ashlyn chirp as she came out of me and flew toward the other side cautiously. I and Ashlyn shared the connection, so I can see through what she is seeing but I seldom do that view my eyes and her eyes see are little different.

I closed my eyes and concentrated and soon 320-degree view appeared in from of my eyes and it is also much clearer than what I can see through my eyes.

Compare to humans who could see in the Arc of 120 degrees, most birds have vision arc above the 300 degrees and some even have a complete vision of 360 degrees.

Seeing like this felt quite uncomfortable but I still concentrated and scanned every inch of the floor for the hidden formation and I continued for minuits and only broke connection when I became confident that there are no formations in a place where I am going to land.

"Come back, Ashlyn!" I called back Ashlyn, I didnt want to be outside more than she needs to be, she is safer inside me. This she didnt give me any looks and quickly came inside me.

I took a couple of deep breath and think about all the unknown scenarios that could occur before I took the leap at the gap, I have a very small window to go through and a small mistake could make me lose my life.

That is why I have swirling Armor activate on me, so if any unfortunate situation occurs, I could use the mini blast as the last option to getaway.

Though mini blast could directly crash me against any formation but afar but that's not the important, important is having life in hand for one more moment.

The leap is fast but I could see everything in slow motion with perfect clarity and could tell my leap is going to be perfect without any problem.

f.u.c.king formation!

I cursed when I saw a tiny formation came flying on the place I wanted to land, the only good thing about it that it is small, so dodging should not be much problem,

As I pa.s.sed through the gap, I bend my waist a little through it I changed the direction of my landing within a safe range.

Before jumping I have had already thought of many expectant events that may occur during my leap and this one was top of the priority and that is why I've already made the plans to deal with it.

As I was about to land on the ground, I had used my air walking skill, to cus.h.i.+on the force of my landing before stepping on the floor as taking a normal step


I heaved a sigh of relief seeing myself landing perfectly, though there was a small hiccup everything else went perfectly.

Now it is time to inspect this Skeleton, I hope this one could give me some good things, I hope.

I crouch down and touch the torn black cloth that was partially covering the skeleton.

"f.u.c.k f.u.c.k f.u.c.k!"

I started to curse loudly without caring for my voice, I had touched the skeleton with the hope of getting some treasure but when I touch the cloths, everything turned to the powder.

The cloths, the bones, and everything turned to power, seeing that my mood had become worst and I had just wanted to kick this ash and then burn till nothing left in it but I controlled myself.

If it were outside, I would have surely thrown the tantrum and do what I want to do with this ash but here I controlled myself.


Taking a couple of deep breaths, I controlled myself and got up and about to leave when I caught a black glint from the ash, I first thought it was a piece of black cloths but soon discarded that thought as it has the metallic glint.

I crouch down and used my gloved hand to remove the bone ash and soon, I got a clear look at the thing that is hiding below.

"A ring?" I said as I looked at the black ring, happiness rose in me as I quickly picked up the black ring and started to observe carefully.

This black ring looked like it is made of metal and stone, it is very hard to decern if it is made of metal or stone. It looked plane except for tiny mark staff and dagger mark inside the ring.

Feeling it must be something good, I added some of my mana in the ring but to my disappointment, the mana warded off by the ring after that I tried my metal energy but the result was th same, there was no response from the ring.

I have heard many times that many people have acquired many mysterious artifacts in this realm that skyrocketed their power in the instant and I had hoped, this ring would also be like this but it looked like there is no hope.

As I am putting the ring back into my storage, I remember another way that I heard about opening the mysterious artifact, though I did not believe something like this would work, I am willing to try.

I remove both of the gloves from me and took the ring in the left hand and about to smear the blood on th ring when suddenly ring melted in my hand and flowed toward my index finger before turning into the ring again.


I couldnt help but gasp seeing this, the ring which I thought is useless and now activated again did something like this, maybe this ring needed a skin contact to get activated.

I again tried to inject my mana into it hoping it would get activated but like last like there was no reaction and there was no reaction from the ring when I injected my soul energy also but I am not disappointed as before.

Thinking of putting this ring back into my storage, I tried to remove the ring from my index finger but no matter how much force I put, seeing I will rip my finger apart if I kept applying more and more force I finally stopped.

I look at the ring complicatedly before looking at the stairs ahead of me, I will have to climb the stairs to reach the next floor but the way toward it fraught with danger that even a slight mistake could injure me fatally even kill me.