Monster Integration - Chapter 49 Sarah

Chapter 49 Sarah

Today is a day when I and Jim will go outside for the hunting, I have made all the preparations and also brought some things which may need in hunting the monsters.

Jim had just messaged me that he will meet me in half an hour outside my building, I've already eaten and packed my backpack, I am just waiting half an hour to pa.s.s.

A half hour pa.s.sed as I was reading the news, I lifted my backpack and exit my apartment with Ashlyn.

I stood outside my apartment building waiting for Jim to come.

I was just waiting when I saw Bert come out of building with another young man, he looked similar to Bert, just little older, he must be Robert's elder brother.

When Bert's and my eyes met, his facial features became little distorted, a mixture of anger and shame could be seen on his face.

He said something to his brother and his brother also looked at me with anger in his eyes and started walking towards me, I can clearly see the complacent expression on Bert's face.

I don't know what Bert's problem is, ever since I beat him, whenever we met outside or in training facilities, he always looked as if he wants to kill me.

It's was just a little spar, he may have been carried away in the fight by his emotions but it was still just spar, there is no need to show anger.

As they were walking toward me, I just stood there. even if his brother is powerful enough to beat me, he will not do anything here as we are just outside our apartment building.

"Soo!" A hovercar suddenly landed in front, is the sleek black armored type and looked very powerful.

It is from Trident, one of the best brands out there and are insanely expensive, they are especially known for their solid defense.

"Sup!" it door opened and Jim's voice rang out from inside the car, "Get in Micheal! we are already late, someone has been grumping being late." Jim said I walk toward the car without caring as Bert and brother who were stopped on their tracks seeing the car.

As I was entering the car, I noticed there is the very beautiful girl sitting him, I already had noticed that there is someone in the car but her view hidden by Jim's.

The most striking thing about her is her shoulder-length s.h.i.+ny purple hair, they looked very striking on her.

In her lap has cute Lynx monster cub that I hadn't seen before.

Normally lynx monsters have this fur and black hairs above their ears and they have an aggressive look in their eyes while this Lynx monster cub is a complete furball, although Lynx have thick fur they are not fur ball like this one.

This is a complete furball, if not for the thick line of hair above it's and it's padded claws which are lynx know for, I would have thought of it any other Lynx monster.

This monster has golden/orange fur with purple spots from which purple bolts of lightning could be seen traveling all over its.

As I took a seat beside Jim, the door automatically starts, the front part is blocked, I can't see if it is an automatic car or someone is driving away.

"Micheal, this is my girlfriend Sarah." he introduced me to the purple hair girl, "h.e.l.lo!" I said she nodded with a small smile.

I am always a little awkward meeting new people, we stayed silent for while during the ride but then I notice we hadn't really planned anything and me completely clueless.

"Jim, where are we hunting monsters?" I asked, as he brought his girlfriend, he must surely have made a plan, the only idiot will invite his girlfriend without a plan.

"I decided on the outskirt of mist valley, there are a lot of Initial levels specialist grade monster and only fifteen minutes away from the signal range," he said enthusiastically.

I have to say, he really made a great choice, mist valley is also on my list when I choosing on the location for hunting, the reason I had chose Austin lake because it's less dangerous.

Mist Valley is one of the optimum areas for the hunting, it is filled with monsters, it also very good scenic spots, so one can enjoy good scenery while hunting in the valley.

It is called mist valley because the whole valley filled with light fog all year around but there is one problem with the valley that most of the monster are in groups.

Most of the people who hunt in the mist valley are hunts in groups because of the large amount of monster there.

We didn't stop at Mista bazaar as we have everything we need in our Backpack, it will take us about half an hour to reach our location.

The ride was silent as everyone doing their thing, I was studying the very detailed map of-of Mist Valley that Jim had just pa.s.sed me, it is the most detailed map I've ever seen, the detailed map of Austin lake that I had brought, is looked nothing front of it.

I try to memorize the map as I didn't want to project it every minute to see that I am walking in the right direction.

The current Jim and the Jim I know two weeks ago are completely different, I am really confused as more than I was two weeks ago.

first time I had seen Jim, when he was fighting rat monsters, he was wearing normal clothes and had only Grade 1 sword in his had, he seemed normal except for his little-cultured manners.

But today's Jim completely different, He is riding in very expensive and wearing at least four magical artifacts and I can sense little difference in him.

I am not confused about the expensive car or magical artifacts as I know his parents are very rich and he lives in center ring.

What I am confused about why wasn't he wearing any of his artifacts two weeks ago, it was that they took lot s.p.a.ce, they are just like normal clothing just a little heavier and most importantly any of his parents hadn't come to visit him at the hospital.

If my parents had known I was in the hospital, they would have booked ticket to next train no matter how expensive it is, anyway it not my business to pry into his affairs and we are not that great friends, that I ask him about such personal thing.