Monster Integration - Chapter 50 Razor Teeth Hyenas

Chapter 50 Razor Teeth Hyenas

The Hovercar landed in the outskirts of Mist Valley, the three of us got out and started to walk toward the valley.

We are only going to hunt outskirt of the valley, that is where the most initial level specialist grade Monsters roam.

Light mist could be seen as we were walking toward the entrance of the mist is very light and un.o.bstructed to eyes, it is also this mist that gave this valley mane of Mist Valley.

'Buzz!' My watch vibrated, signaling it had lost the signal, we don't talk much as we walk.

Sarah is leading the way and looking at how confidently she is walking, she must be familiar.

I cant sense her power level but I am pretty sure, she more powerful than me and Jim both combine.

We didn't encounter any powerful monsters on the way, there was some low-level monster who attacked us but soon were cut down by us.

It's only been half an hour since we enter the misty valley, it really is beautiful as people say.

Small streams of crystal-like water could be seen and many monsters drinking from it, it feels serene and peaceful but it did not long to turn this peaceful environment to dangerous one as long as strong monster shows up.

When we were walking past the small stream we heard the sounds of fighting, sounds seen to come from far, we can hear it faintly.

Sarah and Jim started to walk toward the sound, "There seem to be a lot of monsters fighting, we shouldn't go there." I said.

The little power fluctuation I am feeling, these monsters are definitely at Specialist Grade.

''Nothing will happen, we are only looking and if it's dangerous, we could always run," Jim said.

Sarah and Jim did not listen to me and kept walking closer to the monsters fight scene.

I really wanted to bolt out of there, from the sound I can tell how dangerous these monsters are.

Still, I gritted my teeth and followed behind them, we didn't have to walk that long, in ten some minutes we reach from where we can see the monsters fighting.

'Please G.o.d, have mercy." I prayed in my mind and started back down from the scene slowly because the monsters that we are seeing are one of the most vicious monsters on the continent.

They are Razor Teeth Hyenas, there are six of them, and two biggest ones are fighting each other, while four are watching the fight, they seem to fight for the domination of the pack or something.

Razor teeth hyenas these monsters are very dangerous, they are known as Razor teeth hyenas because of their teeth.

They are sharp enough to cut through steel as it is cheese, there is no need to think what they will do if any of my body parts come into their teeth.

I started to curse this boyfriend-girlfriend pair, why do they have to be curious, I told them it is very dangerous but they didn't listen.

There are more than fifty percent chance is that I will die here if the hyena monsters notice us.


I paled, my back drenched with sweat because just now when two bigger hyenas collided, we got the clear sense of their power.

Their state is clearly higher that Lv.1 specialist Grade, probable they are lv.2 Specialist Grade monsters, we will definitely die if they sense of us.

Three of us are silently retreating from our spot, it is a good thing they hadn't noticed us, if they got the smell of us they will forget their fight and come to kill us as a pack.

"Shush.." a soft whisper of wind come from behind and fly towards the hyena monsters.

"f.u.c.k!" Jim and I cursed as hyena monster stopped fighting as looked toward us, I cursed this f.u.c.king wind, if it hadn't blown behind us these hyena monsters wouldn't have noticed us.

Our stalemate of eyes lasted for the moment before the pack of hyenas ran toward us, there are very very few chances of me coming out of this alive but I wouldn't go down without fighting.

I activated my grade 1 armor artifact, it quickly my whole body from head to tow, I also took out my sword and activated it.

"I will handle two bigger one, the rest is up to you two," said Sarah, this is the first time I have heard Sarah speak, on the whole journey she was silent.

Her body started to exclude power, I wasn't surprised when I sensed her power, it is Peak of private Grade, Sarah at is at Lv. 3 of private Grade.

Her voice is melodies but firm, I hadn't given look to her as all my attention on hyena monsters but when I look at her, her whole body donning beautiful purple armor with beautiful runes all over it.

Her whole body is cased in armor not even eyes could be seen, it's called armor but technically is suited, with such tight-fitting suit, every curve of her beautiful body could be seen.

The armor is not a single ent.i.ty but a suit made of a collection of six different Grade 1 artifact, helmet, armor, shoes, two short swords in both of her hands and a light glowing bracelet that is in her right hand.

Not only she, but Jim is also wearing the same type of armor, just that he is scarlet red. I

I wonder why hadn't he wore any part of suit two weeks ago when we were fighting in the tunnel.

I am so confused right now because I know for that fact that Private Grade evolved cannot use more two Grade 1 artifact but these two people using more than five.

"Chew chew!" Ashlyn also comes out of me, not only her Jim's palm-size black snake and Sarah's furball Lynx also had come out.

The Razer Teeth hyenas already halfway and it will take them a few seconds to come at us.

We have already taken our position, at a certain distance from each other, we are far enough that we could not disturb each other in the fight but near enough to reinforce each other if one needs.

I lighten my sword with fire, the fire sword little different than before, the fire of the fire sword little condensed, although the change is minute and very hard to see.

The hyenas are about a hundred meters away from us, the attack will come in in seconds.

I quickly started to go over all the important characteristics of Razor teeth hyenas, remembering one extra point will make difference in life and death.

Razor teeth hyenas are swift, famous for their deceitful attacks, if the enemy is stronger, they will bleed it, by their deceitful attacks slowly before killing it and they have only one weakness it's their defense.