Monster Integration - Chapter 48 Results

Chapter 48 Results

Jim's message said we will leave in four days, in this time, I've solely decided to train on my ability, after freshen up and eating, I leave for the training.

"Let's start! Ashlynn," I said, as I started to summon the swirling fireball.

"Chew chew.." Ashlyn cried out enthusiastically and the fire started to materialized in front of her beak.

"Puff!" the fireball in my hand puffed as it was gaining traction, I didn't feel dejected looking at the puffed fireball.

I knew that yesterdays attempt in successfully summoning fireball was a fluke but because of that I understood the process and it will take just little more time.

"Boom!" Ashlyn threw a successfully formed fireball, it is also fist size but it packed the punch of palm size fireball and it also hit the off-target just like mine.

"Chew chew.." Ashlyn gave happy chirp as she successfully formed the swirling fireb.a.l.l.s. "Very good, Ashlyn," I said as I petted her head.

I also keep trying to successfully form the swirling fireball, it didn't take long as I thought, after one and half hour of constantly trying, I formed my second successful fireball.

And within four hours I perfectly got hang of it without failing once just like Ashlyn, now what I have to do is work on it's summoning time and my aim.

It takes sixteen seconds to successful form but it is not enough if it takes that much time in the fight, my opponent will kill me two times over.

Because the fireball is swirling, it will change in trajectory little in the air and if the target is far it will miss the target altogether, just like it did with mine and Ashlyn fireb.a.l.l.s.

We both started to work on the two weakness trying a different approach on the fireball, I started to modify a technique which suits me.

Most of them unsurprisingly failed but one did work and it helps me to lessen the time by two seconds.

Every time you practice something for enough time, you start to develop the rhythm of your own which is suits you most.

Ashlyn had tried to swirl the palm size fireball but it puffed as soon as she summoned, I have not tried because I know, to swirl the fireball need more mental energy than fist size fireball.

"Ashlyn, do the normal fireb.a.l.l.s," I said to her, seeing trying will be worthless, first she did not listen to me but after repeated failures, she again started on the normal fireb.a.l.l.s.

I practice till evening, by the time I finished for the day, I already brought down the timing of summoning a fireball to the twelve seconds and my aim is also improved as well.

The repeated training with my ability has also improved my control with the ability, it's lethalness has improved 5% to 7% and mana consumption has come down to 10%.

If I continue practicing, it will help me a lot now and in the future, I have read that those have extreme control over their abilities, they can make their abilities transformed into fine threads and needles.

Time on and it is already forth day, tomorrow I will go outside with him. so, today I decided to fight Android, I will not use a sword just my ability and Ashlyn will also fight with me.

I chose android, it is in monster form and looked similar to hog species monster. I chose its combat level at Lv.1 Specialist.

If I were using my sword it would be easy for me to defeat it but with using ability it is hard to say, I will find out when I attack it.

"Grunt!" I commanded the start of the fight, "Grunt!" it grunted like real hog monster and come to attack me as Ashlyn is in the air.

I started to summon fireball as it comes toward me, it comes closer to as I was summoning the fireball but I dodge its attack.

"Grunt!" it grunted as it missed the attack, "uhnn!" I startled because the swirling fireball I was summoning got puffed as my mind diverted for the second.

"Boom!" my mind was diverted but Ashlyn not, she attacked with worries that gave me to dodge its another attack.

It is as I expected, in midst of fighting it is very difficult to summon a swirling fireball, I didn't waste time and readily started to summon another fireball.

I didn't stop at that, I started to circulate the third movement of the exercise as I was having difficult problem dodging its attacks but most important reason is to give myself pressure as in real combat, I will be circulating the moves of the supreme combat exercise and I have to have practice of successfully able summon fireball amidst fight and bearing pain of the exercise.

The fights go on, in the first two hours, I was able to create a single swirling fireball and only kept dodging, the only one attacking is Ashlyn as she is flying, she bore no pressure of fight and continue to rain down fireball after fireball.

Many time in the fight, I sensed her enjoying my misery as I kept dodging and wasn't able to attack for a single time.

"Grunt!" it roar as I dodge another it attacks, I have to say this android is a way too similar to the monster, if it was in its silvery form and I hadn't seen its metal parts, I would have thought is a real monster.

"Yes!" I said as I created my first swirling fireball during the fight, I have been feeling really miserable as I haven't able to launch a single attack on it.

"Boom!" rang out as I attack it, it feels really good to attack it but the sad thing is my attacks damage isn't that strong, Ashlyn has thrown nearly hundred fireb.a.l.l.s and its life bar is half empty.

I kept attacking it, more than half of my fireb.a.l.l.s had diffused without even forming but still, Ashlyn and I able to beat it together with little more than an hour later.

After resting for some ten minutes we again started to fight as there is a whole day left.

We fight total six times with monster in the whole day and last two fights were able to beat it within an hour and my success rate in summoning fireball had also increased to 78%.

When we left the training room at evening, we were both sweat ridden and extremely tired but it was worth it, we have made a lot of progress and it will enough for my tomorrows trip with him.