Monster Integration - Chapter 500 Skeleton

Chapter 500 Skeleton

After waking up the next day, I performed a Body Cleansing Technique and ate the tasty dish made medicinal monsters before I started opening the machines.

There are six machines are remaining and I plan to open them today, these things worth fortune and I dont plan to leave a single machine unopened.

With the practice of yesterday, I had become a little proficient in the opening machine which had saved me quite a lot of time and I was able to open all the machines by the late evening.

The night pa.s.sed in silence and the next day I ate Body Cleansing Technique and walked out of Maintainance Hall.

"Let's see what is inside the second door!" I said as I got out of the maintenance hall and walked toward the second the door cautiously, avoiding stepping on any ruined restriction.

I finally reached the second door and gently pushed it with my gloved hand, this door didnt budge much and seeing that I was about to leave when I heard the small shaking, so I decided to give the slight push, if it did not open then I would leave.

There is no reason for forcing things and bringing calamity to himself.


With a slightly powerful push, the door finally started to open and I got a clear view of the hall.

"Another automaton Maintainance hall!" I said seeing the familiar machines but on the careful look, I noticed the difference between the two Automaton maintenance hall.

The Automaton maintenance hall I've gone to earlier was that of for the Combat Robots while this one is for the utility robots which's job is to tend the garden and collect the matured precious plants.

In this room there seem to be more robots and machines than the previous Robotic Maintenance hall. Seeing that I have become ecstatic and cautiously entered the hall.

As I enter the hall and I slowly walked around cautiously with my sword in the hand, I want to see if any robot reacted got activated bt my presence but nothing that sort of happened.

Seeing is no reaction from any Robots, I happily started collecting them before I started on the machine.

I am really happy right now, such fortune rarely comes in one's way. Though it may not as interesting pa.s.sing the test and getting the price, I preferred things this way.

Time pa.s.sed by as I started opening the machines and started collecting spare parts from them and to be honest this constant opening machines and removing parts inside of them had made me feel a little calm.

Ever since I had arrived in this realm, I have been constantly on the edge and many times nearly died, that sort thing puts the pressure on one's mind and made one little unstable as the time pa.s.sed.

So, I felt quite good while getting the treasure and relaxing my mind this way, though my situation here is more dangerous than the outside as any stray runic formation could kill me.

Despite knowing that I felt quite calm when I opened these machines and remove the trays from inside.

It felt like finding the treasure, the giddiness I feel whenever I remove the rack is addicting as there is always surprise attach to it.

This time I had got my second Energy Crystal, seeing that I became extremely ecstatic. I did not think that I would get another one as these energy crystals that are the most important parts of the robots, they can't run without it.

It took me two days to completly opened the machines and took all the robotic spare parts out of them and to my utter surprise, I found another energy crystal.

Now I have three energy crystals in total which is really great, now I am one step closer to reaching my goal.

Two days later, I got out of 2nd Automaton Maintainance Hall and walked toward the third Room while keeping the eyes for any big gap in the formation from where I could exit this repository.

I may not have encountered much danger till now but I know the danger exists at every step here, one wrong step and I will directly reach the underworld without buying a ticket.



I sucked a deep breath as suddenly two ruined rune formations clashed and sparks produced and one spark hit my hand, nearly charring it whole.

I instantly eat a couple of speck of ominous plants core and quickly took the steps back to avoid any would-be sparks.

That spark was really fearsome, it was tiny but it had nearly charred my hand whole, if that spark would have been a little more powerful then I hand would be completly charred black, I would have had to eat the ominous seed to regenerate my hand.

The spark I had experienced right now was the relatively normal danger as it had only charred my hand a little if it would hand been big danger then I would have been either cut into pieces or had turned into the ash.

I have to be very careful, one second of carelessness and I would become another casualty of this ruin which I really dont want to, I am still very young and want to live more.

Seeing the two small formations had separated, I cautiously started to walk toward the third door. I hope this third door also had the Aumaton Maintainanace Equipment so I could strike rich again.

I put my gloved hands against the door and slowly started to apply the pressure on the door but the door wouldn't budge, seeing that I apply even more pressure but despite that the door didnt shake.

"Looks like this door is not fated for me," I said as I remove the hand from the door, I could have easily able use ten times more force that I had been using but I didnt.

I have read that sometimes using excessive force the defense mechanism of the door got activated which always is very fatal that very few people able to survive.

Though this happens only sometimes, it still happens, so its better I control my greed and not take any chances.

There no doors remaining in the hallway anymore, there are many other doors on the right side but I didnt want to go there as there is a mess of the ruined formations there, I could still see sparks flying there now and then as the stray formation collides against each other.

Now in ahead of me are stairs which leads to the floor above and I have no option to walk ahead as of right side I can't go and I am not seeing any big crack that I could exit that repository, so walking forward is the only choice despite seeing numerous broken formations floating around.


Taking a big sigh I started to walk while avoiding small and big formation that came in my way, in this way I walked about twenty stairs when I stopped as I saw something.

It is a skeleton broken into many pieces, I could even see bone ash on some places, it looked like there are at least a hundred years had pa.s.sed since this person died here which means this person is not from our world as there had been about sixty years ago when this ruin had appeared in the periphery of our world.

I am a little surprised but not shocked as proof of people from otherworld had been found in this ruin before and some people had even found very interesting things on the skeletons.