Monster Integration - Chapter 496 Entering Ruined Repository

Chapter 496 Entering Ruined Repository

Werewolf had shot through the air angrily and seeing how thick its killing intent, it will not stop till it killed with its claws.

My speed is slowing down, if I didnt use a mini blast again it will catch up to me withing few seconds. Thinking that I again prepared for mini blast and hope it will be successful like last otherwise I will reach underworld in a very painful way.


I activated my sky walking skill and used that as a base to launch another mini blast through air, this time it is even more dangerous as I am not using earth as a base but the base made of my sky walking skill, the timing had to perfect otherwise there is death.


Succesful again, I thought as I again shot though again at a fast speed, this time I had carefully observed the process as I will have to keep using power blast G.o.d know how much time to get away from this very angry werewolf who seemed so h.e.l.lbent on killing me as every second its killing intent would rise every second it is following me.

Boom Boom Boom…..

I kept using mini blast every few seconds and got a little better at it but I did not become complacent as the monster is ten to fifteen meters behind me, one wrong step on my part and it will catch up to me.

Boom Boom Boom!

I started to use more frequently but no matter how faster I became this werewolf would always be in 20 meters range of mine, the distance never widens no matter how many mini blasts I would use.

"Food gives up now, I can still give you a swift death but if you make me use my totem spirit then I will make you experience a pain that is worse than death." It shouted.

Its threat rang clearly rang across my ears and I am aware that it hadn't used its totem spirit yet and that is why slowly spinning the swirls of the Swirling Armor and barely able to make any progress.

f.u.c.k this!

I thought and started to spin the swirls as fast as I could and because that Swirling Armor started shaking as it will go puff at any second. Seeing that I concentrated all my soul energy stabilizing the Swiling armor, holding back nothing.

That had subsided the shaking but it had started to make my head Ach very painfully but I can only bear through the gritted teeth.

"Looks like you want to experience my torture very much!" shouted the Grimm race monster and the next moment I sensed its aura rising very sharply.

Boom! Zup! Boom!

f.u.c.k! I shouted loudly, I was just a moment late activating mini blast by a moment but I was barely able to avoid the death, I could feel the sharp wind created by its claw that had appeared just inches behind my back.

And even now, the monster is just five meters behind me and steadily gaining the ground on me.


I activated another power blast seeing it appear just two meters behind me and also started to spin swirls even faster that gain started the shaking of the Swirling Armor.

I again used the last bit of energy to forcefully stabilize it and started to search for the reasons for shaking, I cant always use the soul energy to forcefully control the swirling armor as I will need to be lost of soul energy for Rule powers.

This approach started to work as I continued to look and solve the problems, the load on my soul energy lessened a lot more and even speed of the swirls increased that that is making my Swirling Armor gain the previous 1.3-inch compactness of the Swirling Armor.


I had just thought for second that I would be safe for a second when the werewolf increased its speed suddenly that my back clawed by its claw and the injury is bone-deep.

If not for me sensing spike in its killing intent and acting mini blast that right moment, right now I would have my chest pierced by its claws.

I quickly ate the gree speck of monsters core and next second the bone-deep injury I had received started to heal and half a minuits it is completly disappeared.

I had read about the healing core of Ominous Monster but after I personally experienced it, I couldn't help but marvel its healing power as it didnt takes a minuits to heal such serious injury, it is as miraculous as I've read.


I used Mini Blast again seeing its attacking me again, the speed of its attacking increasing and if I didnt increase my speed again, I would surely be dead by the claws of the werewolf.

I started spinning faster and faster while fixing the destabilization of the Swirling Armor and at the same time taking using power blasts. I have never done so many things at once in my whole life.

I felt like my head would split up but I have no choice as I know after it had decided that its spirit totems energy isn't enough, it will use its occult method that is when I will face the real danger.

For it, I have to be prepared or became fast enough, so that danger wouldn't able to touch me till I reach the destination I am running toward.

I know my current way isn't sustainable and that is why I am moving toward a specific place.

Though going to that place isn't less than suicide but that is my choice of dying, it is much better than death worse than a dog in the hands of the Grimm race monsters.

I kept swirling my refining and engine and finally able to make my Swirling armor 1.25 inches compatible and it had given me the huge boost that I did not to fear anything below the Three Star Elite but that is not enough as what I am facing is three-star elite.

I kept trying to go above 2.5 inches but no matter how much I tried, I wasn't able to go above it, I was just wallowing in my sadness when I saw the building I am running toward it.

"Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d you are too slippery if I let you go then my name wouldn't be Gavin!" roared the Grimm race monster who is thirty meters behind me.

Just as he roar finished, a terrifying fluctuation started to come out of it. sensing such terrifying fluctuation I started to use one powerful mini blast after another to get toward the building which is getting bigger and bigger at every moment and just need me a few seconds to get inside it.


I heard loud Bang Behind me and I know it is coming at me, knowing that I started to spin the swirls faster and faster without care.


Suddenly I sensed the intense danger and tried to move away from a little to avoid but it is no use as the right after I had sensed the danger, I found the claws of the inside my chest, missing my heart a little.

It was a good thing I moved a little last movement otherwise its giant claw surely would have able to pierce my heart.

I could see the claw sticking out of my chest when I looked down, it was a very gruesome and horrible site. I could feel that a very powerful occult energy tearing through every cell of my body through the claw.

This is the most powerful energy I've ever felt and it is very dominant as within a second it had completly wrecked my body giving me an unimaginable pain if not for the strong body I have I would have died by now but I am not far away either.

Still experiencing torture, I did not let go of my swirling armor and kept trying to break past that chasm.

"Got you little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, let's see where you run!" said the werewolf in my ear softly.


"I will pay you back tenfold if I survive !" I said as while vomiting a mouthful of blood as I looked at ruined repository below me, the next moment before it could do anything, a very loud boom rang across my feet and I shot toward the building in speed that blurring even to the three Star Elite Werewolf.