Monster Integration - Chapter 497 Whittling Away

Chapter 497 Whittling Away

"YOU b.a.s.t.a.r.d!"

I heard a very loud roar filled with the thick killing intent, though it had shouted it did not dare to follow me.

My speed is currently too great, it is greater than when I had used Power Blast to enter the Garden. Current I had used the Power Blast not the Mini Blast and that when the Compactness of my armor had crossed the chasm of 1.25 inches.

If I had used the power blast before compactness of the Swirling Armor crossed the chasm, that werewolf would have been able to stop me, it was Three Star Elite who was using the occult method, its power could not be underestimated.

I am currently shooting toward the entrance of the Repository while my body torn apart by the Occult energy, Ashlyn's and my Rule power tried to stop its carnage but there was no use.

Our Rule powers were like a paper dam in front of the Ragin River, no force inside me is capable of stopping that tearing energy and because of that, I was already very seriously injured.

But I have no time to worried about it is as I am going crashed into the repository through the crack, I dont know if I am able to pa.s.s through the crack or get torn apart by it.


Grr Grr Ahhh BANG!

Just as I crashed through that crack, I felt like my body had torn by the thousands of knives and I screamed experiencing that pain but only for a moment because next moment I crashed into something very solid and lost consciousness.

Pain unimaginable that's the only thing I felt when I became conscious again and when I opened eyes somehow, I saw my mangled hand in front of me and the worst thing is that Occult energy is still tearing my body apart.

When I scanned my body whole, I couldnt help shudder as my body had completly mangled, the feeling of a thousand knives cutting into me seemed real as every part of my body lacerated to the bone-deep level.

Seeing that I will die in a few minuits if I stayed like that, I started to move my mangled hand toward my mouth. In the sleeve of both of my hands, I had hidden tens of specks core of the ominous flower.

It is very difficult to move my hand towards my mouth as it is badly mangled in various places but I still tried and move my hand little by little.

It must have taken five minuits for my hand to reach near my mouth when my hand finally reach near my mouth and use my tongue to remove the speck under the sleeve.

Uhh uhh….

I could taste my blood as my tongue my sleeve, I wag my tongue around my tongue trying to find the speck of the ominous flower core as I had really reached my last leg, the occult energy inside my nearly tore apart my body, if I didnt do anything soon enough, I will die.

I move my tongue around the sleeve to find the core's speck but all I taste blood, I started to feel despair as the more time pa.s.sed but I kept searching for the speck, not wanting to back down till my last breath.


Finally, my tongue touched the speck of the core and I called back my tongue in my mouth.

I could feel the speck melting in my mouth and turning into pure healing energy and that healing energy started to spread all over my body healing whatever part it pa.s.sed through but a few seconds later, the healed part again got torn by the occult energy.

I had already expected this would happen and not worried about seeing I am getting injured again.

I am sure that I will survive as that healing energy had given me enough mobility to retrieve all the specks of ominous plants core and now all the specks lying in front of my tongue, I could easily eat them with the slide of my tongue.

I had already known that I do not have the ability to directly burn the occult energy in my body as it is beyond my level but that does not mean I do not have any away to deal with it.

I am dealing with it in a very simple way and that is whittling it away bit by bit. The occult energy in my body is not unlimited, as long I kept healing the parts it had injured, it will automatically whittle away.

Seeing the healing energy dissipating, I push my tongue out again to eat another bloodied speck Ominous Plants core, just as I eat the speck, its healing energy started to heal my body but a few seconds later to be injured again by that occult energy.

I continue eating tiny specks of ominous plants, the process of healing and tearing continue tearing throughout my body. First I did not see the effects of this method but after a minute or two I started noticed that the intensity of the occult energy is lessening bit by bit.

It was a good thing I have had stored fifty-something specks of the Ominous plant's core under my sleeve otherwise I have have been trouble.

Ten to fifteen minutes pa.s.sed and the intensity of the Occult energy lessened quite a but which enough for me, as I and Ashlyn started to use out rule power contain and burn the occult energy.

It was very difficult to contain the energy at first but as time pa.s.sed and its intensity had lessened and I finally somehow able to contain the occult energy which has the healing energy chance to quickly heal my mangled body.

I ate another speck of the core of the Ominous plant and in two-three minuits my completly mangled body fully healed, there is not even tiny scratch could be seen on my body.

The process was very painful but I was finally able to survive this ordeal, I thought as I took out little monster meat and started to eat it relive the weakness I am feeling.

The speck of the ominous plant's core could only heal my injuries but it is very difficult for them to relive the weakness I am feeling due to the prolonged exhaustion.

When I started to feel uncomfortable heat in the body, I had stopped eating and gave the rest to Ashlyn who had bee came out of me, after I told you to.

I had asked her to come inside me when werewolf spotted us earlier, Ashlyn may be powerful but her power is nothing in front of the Three Star Elite, she would not have been able to do anything except for making it little irritated.

Finally feeling good I decided to look around where I am ended up in the repository. I am seemed to be in a brightly lit hallway, it looked slightly wrecked conditions with broken runes floating everywhere.

Now that I had entered this Repository, I should at least look around before finding a way to get out as it is impossible to get out of the crack that I had entered from as it is somehow disappeared.