Monster Integration - Chapter 495 Chased

Chapter 495 Chased

Next morning after I finished my and performed the Body Cleansing Technique and sadly I was not able to perform any pose of the second move.

Like the Supreme Combat Exercise, the body cleansing technique has to be performed from the starting sequence one cant start from where they have left.

Before starting performing the technique I had eaten quite a bit of medicinal monsters meat seeing my body got stronger and could handle a lot more energy.

We started our day as we usually do, taking cautious but fast steps so we could gather as much as resources as I could and also keeping an eye for the exit of this Garden or at least big crack.

I dont want to spend my whole time in this Ruin by staying in the Garden, even if I dont manage to gather as much as resources I could in the Garden, it still fine.

But I am not in a hurry, as there are still forty days remaining till the ruin closed.

'Hun, another Ruined repository!' I thought as I came across the huge building which is neither in good condition or condition but that is not what I am looking at.

I am looking at the ruined runic formation that is covering the building, just taking one look at it enough to make one shudder to the core. Only an insane person would dare to enter such place, with the formation in such ruined, it is nearly sure that whoever enters this repository will be dead.

This is the 6th ruined repository I have come across and I always cursed loudly when I see the cursed loudly at my bad luck if it had been a repository in good condition I would have the stuck fortune of my life like some did before.

I have read that some people had come across the active repository and got the fortune of their life.

The Repositories of the Garden are the place that stored matured medicines, matured medicines cant be kept on the plant long otherwise they will get spoiled.

These repositories were the places where the Garden stored the matured herb is collected, it stored the ma.s.sive amount of precious plants that had been collected for the years.

Taking one last longing look at the repository, I started to walk forward seeing there is no way I would enter the Repository, which would be akin to committing suicide.

Time pa.s.sed and afternoon came, since the morning I have hunted the three medicinal monsters. One of which has similar power compared to the normal two-star elite while the other three had power compare to One Star Elites.

I have also come across the one Medicinal Monster that has the power of Three-star Elite, thanks to Ashlyn's warning otherwise I would have gotten in serious trouble.

'This way right?''Chew!'

I asked Ashlyn and she answered with chirp, seeing it is the right way I walked into the dense bushes. Sometimes precious plants found in normal places that one could easily reach but most of the time they are hidden in a very complicated place like this one.

Ashlyn had said that the precious her in deep in bushed and now I have to weave through the bushes to find that precious plants.

After much rummaging the bushes, I had finally found the plant that I had been looking for. It's an herb and its tiny one at that, no wonder it took me so much time to find it, I thought.

I was very happy seeing that herb because it is ranked 5th on the list that came from the Central continent. This is the second precious plant I got which is in the first ten of the three lists.

'Chew chew Chew…'

I had carefully dug the herb when Ashlyn suddenly started to chirp me loudly to hide, her chirp was very urgent this time and I started to hide when suddenly a werewolf came flying and landed not far from me.

Too Late!

Ashlyn had sensed the Grimm race monster too late! Its not her mistake either the monster was already coming to our direction.

Three Star Elite! This werewolf is a three-star elite, I thought as I sensed its battle power and saw the mark of three white stars on his forehead.

This werewolf is not looking at me but looking at the herb in my hand with greed clearly visible in its eyes. I may able to find precious plants easily but others do not have such ability, for them coming across top her is a fortune.

I had already activated my swirling armor when the werewolf spotted me but it had seemed to care as his gaze was focused on the herb in my hand.

"Give me this herb and I promise you I will let you go!" said the werewolf finally.


I could clearly sense it's thick killing intent toward me, I have no doubt that as long he got herb in his hand, he will kill me and might even eat me after that.

I nodded at his statement and started to walk toward it while thinking of the ways I could get away from this fearful Three Star Elite.

I started to think of many ways but all of them end up me being dead, the three-star elite is very powerful, to kill a two-star elite they wouldn't have to use their weapons.

As I was thinking ways to get away, an idea came into my mind, it is the same idea that came to my mind last night but I have never tried it before and didn't know if it will work it or not and even if it works the first time but what about second, third and so on times.

I will have to use that move continuously and if I failed the single time then I would be dead by this werewolf's hand.

I really dont want to use that move as even using that move there is a 95% chance I will die but if I didnt use that move then I will die for sure.

I was halfway through the monster when a small wave produced across my legs and a smile appeared on my face.

Bang! "You dare food!"

Seeing the smile on my face, it knew something was wrong and attacked me while shocking loudly but was already very as the small bang produced below my legs I shot into the air like a rocket.

It succeded!

I thought as I shot through the air, I had very little hope it will succeed but it is succeded and I am ecstatic but calmed down next second case I know this is just a starting and I will have to perform this move over and over again without failing otherwise I would die as I could clearly sense the angry werewolf shot through air with angry roar.

Its speed is very fast and if I did not use another Mini Blast swiftly, I can imagine what things he will do me, it might even eat me alive seeing how thick killing intent it is having for me.