Monster Integration - Chapter 47 Swirling Fireball

Chapter 47 Swirling Fireball

As I started browsing the web for techniques related to the controlling ability, I was in big shock. there were very few as most of the people don't work on controlling their abilities as this work is done by half skills and skills.

They just have to move air ability in a certain sequence to use skills, so who will train in controlling their ability and most of the people earn enough money to buy skills and half skills from the government.

I watch many tutorials but I did not find any technique that helps my confidence and concentrate my power, most of these techniques on a high level and need a lot of mental energy.

I was just closing a tab when I noticed when I noticed a pay per view video, I have already viewed two pay per view video but they had not been useful, sighing I decided to give this video also try, I pay fifty credits and video started to play.

"s.h.i.+t!" I said when I look blue light, the blue light suggested it is water related power, I had hastily clicked the video without reading it, well now that I clicked on it, I may just as well watch.

It was the man in his late twenties started to talk about how to make a waterfall more lethal without using any skill.

He started to summon a waterfall, the summoned waterfall started to spin slowly, soon the spinning becoming so fast that I can't notice anything except it spinning.

It is not easy as it looks, after displaying waterball spinning, he started to give pointers and do and don't while doing it, the technique is pretty good, according to logic, it should able to help me make my fireb.a.l.l.s little condensed and lethal.

After closing the video, I again go over all the technique he mentions and started to explain Ashlyn via our telepathy.

"Chew chew.." she cries out in affirmation, with her high she started to summon her fireball according to instructions.

"Puff!" just as she started to spin her fire, it dissipitate with a puff, without losing her mind on it, she again tried but second was also failure so third, fourth and next but she never stopped.

Seeing her trying so hard, I also started summoning my fireball according to the mentioned technique


Mine also got puffed at first try, I never expected to succeed in my first and I again summoned the fireball same way, it puffed many times but after every try, it will last moment more.

"Yes!" I said as I was able to maintain swirl for the five seconds, five second is enough for me to summon a fist size fireball but it is very hard to maintain the swirl.

To control any ability needs one thing most is mental energy, with enough mental energy one can manipulate his however he wishes but I don't have that kind of metal energy only lieutenant grade or above have that kind of energy.

The most important thing about this swirling technique is that one has to swirl its core if the speed of swirling core is enough, it will keep concentrating the power of all fireball into one place that with make fireb.a.l.l.s size will decrease and its lethality will increase.

I smiled looking at the fist-size fireball which swirling in my hand for more than twenty seconds.

I am feeling extremely tired and my mana is also drained, this is the last fireball that I could summon for the day and first fireball that didn't destabilize.

But I am happy, all the puffs and fuss came to an end as this fist size fireball swirling in my hand and there is no size of disability.

Seeing the fireball is stable, I threw it on the target.


The sound rang out and the lethal score is also projected on the screen, I was shocked seeing its score as it is nearly equal to large fireball which requires mana than fist size fireball.

The only problem with that fireball is that it didn't hit the target because is swirling, it slightly changed its course and missed the target.

I have to work on that tomorrow, if I am able to swirl the small fireball then I can do it with the large in few weeks of training, the main challenge has reduced the timing, no monster will wait for me till my fireball is ready.

"Chirp chirp!" Ashlyn called out dejectedly, she had come very close to successfully forming a swirling fireball but it got puffed just as she was ready to throw it.

she had tried harder than me, me successfully forming a fireball just was a fluke, I don't know if I able form tomorrow without few tries.

"Don't worry, you will succeed tomorrow," I said as I picked her from the floor and leave the training room with her.

I will do better tomorrow, I promised myself. as I am waiting for the elevator to come, a girl came from behind and stood beside me waiting for the elevator.

I remember her, she was the same girl which I asked the question about the machine that helps to elevate the pain of the devil's exercise.

We looked at each other but didn't talk and waited for the elevator, soon the elevator cam and we both went inside.

When the elevator reached my flood and I was getting out she also came out with me and walk toward the door which is beside mine, looks like she is my neighbor.

I didn't do much when I went to my apartment, I took a quick bath to clean my sweat filled body and ate ordered food with the Ashlyn, I thought about reading little but I fell into sleep as soon as I laid on the bed.

"Beep." I woke up by a message tone from my watch, it was a message from the Jim, telling me we will go for training four days later.

"I totally forget about that," I mumble as I get out from the bed, it's already being eight days, I have already planned on going outside two days later, now I have a whole four days for practicing, I should be able to make some small progress on my ability in four days.