Monster Integration - Chapter 46 Training

Chapter 46 Training

There are thousands of different kind of magical artifacts, some artifacts price had even reached near million credit which is also starting price of the Grade 2 magical artifacts.

I kept browsing for the armor type magical artifacts, there are hundreds of them and their price had reached up to half a million credits.

I selected the one which is best for in my current price range, it is one lowest quality in grade 1 magical artifacts but it has one specialty that attracted me most.

The quick activation and deactivation method of it, My private stage mana is not sufficient enough that I constantly kept using Armor type magical artifact and I have to use it only when the need arises, this armor I can activate and moments.

On the outside it looked like light armor grey west but as soon at it activated, it would spread all over my body from neck to the feet in two seconds.

I had cost me one hundred and twenty thousand credits and my shopping isn't over, I've yet to buy a healing potion.

I let out a small sigh as I looked at the total bill of shopping, it is one hundred and fifty-three hundred credits, except for magical artifacts and a healing potion, I also brought two mana potions.

I had three mana potions but I had used two of them in my two trips to the outside, I again decide to buy another two, in case an emergency occurs.

I only have six thousand something in my account, which would last me for a week.

After placing an order, I resumed my eating, it will take half an hour for them to make a delivery, I am very eager to see my new artifact which I brought from my own hard earned money.

"Tap tap" I was just putting Ashlyn and my dinner boxes into the trash when tapping sound rang out from the balcony door.

When I looked up to see it is a delivery drone that was tapping on my window, I quickly opened the balcony door to take my package from the delivery drone.

After closing the balcony door, I took my package to bed and begin to open its packaging.

There is a big white box inside it when I opened the box, I find there are three gla.s.s vials and grey west. The three gla.s.s vials, the two gla.s.s vials are of mana potions and one is of healing potions.

The armor type artifact look like grey waste, I took out from the box and wore, it is 3 kg in weight but it felt light as a feather after wearing it.

I activated the armor by instilling my mana into to and soon it started to cover my body from neck to toe, it just looks like I am wearing a training suit.

I move my hands and feet to see if it obstruct any of my moment but when I move my hands and feet, I didn't feel any obstruction on my movements.

I remove the west and put it back in my wardrobe and vials in the drawer.

I decided to read the monster encyclopedia before sleeping, I have come across some monsters outside that I can't seem to identify, I was good that they were the low-level monster that I easily able to kill, if they were in specialist grade I would have suffered a little while fighting them.

I had read for about two or three hours before I fell into sleep while reading when I woke up the next day I was already early morning and I was woken by Ashlyn.

I petted her for some time before going to freshen up, from today I decided to concentrate on training mine and Ashlyn, till now, I felt like we have been using our abilities like newbies.

Although we are newbies, I want to train our powers, so it could be lethal in fights.

"Let's go, Ashlyn!" I said to Ashlyn, it took me an hour to get out of my apartment, I had to ma.s.sage Ashlyn feathers and ate the breakfast before getting out of my apartment.

I had already booked the room for me and Ashlyn to train, one had to pay an additional few hundred credits to used the training facility which is specially designed for training monsters.

Soon I reached the floor which is specially designed for monster training, I had already booked the special training room.

The training room looks like normal with various targets to shoot but it is equipped with a high sensor which can track small progress of both human and monster.

"Ashlyn, summon the fireball and try to confidence that fire." I said to Ashlyn, "Chew Chew." Ashlyn cried out enthusiastically and started to summon a palm size fireball in front of her.

She quickly summons a palm size silver fireball, "Good, now try to condense it." I said, "Chew" she chirped as if understanding and tried to condense it.

Her eyes are full of concentration as she tried to convince that fireball but there was no change in that fireball, "chew chew.." she chirped and again concentrated, there was no change in its size except for shaking a little.

"BOOM!" she threw fire in one of the targets in frustration seeing there was not single scratch appear on the target she became more frustrated.

"Ashlyn, try again," I said, she started to summon another palm size fireball, Ashlyn is moody and throws tantrum now and them but she has one quality in her that she is diligent.

Throwing tantrum or being moody, she has always been diligent, she never gives up in the hallway, she will only back down when her wishes are met.

I also summoned silver fireball in my form and try to condense it, I tried applying pressure on it but it wouldn't budge a single point.

For twenty minutes, I am trying to convince that fireball but its no uses, my head and back became wet with all the efforts but not use.

"Boom!" Ashlyn threw another fireball in her frustration as she was not able to do it.

I also diffused the fireball in my palm and decided to look into the web, I would have done before coming here so I wouldn't have wasted this much time.