Monster Integration - Chapter 479 Abnormal Monster I

Chapter 479 Abnormal Monster I


This Viper is really abnormal, I thought as I saw it coming at me with blurring the speed, even me who have killing rule having a problem seeing its real body.

Good Girl!

I said to Ashlyn as just as the Viper halfway into reaching me Ashlyn attacked it with her silver fire pearls. When I had come out of my hiding place, Ashlyn had also flown up for ariel attacking.

Shar Shar…

Its screamed loudly as Ashlyn attacked with her silver fire pearls but except for it making scream in pain and angry, it doesn't seem to do anything else.


It screamed again loudly and came at me, its eyes had become vicious and speed is even faster than before.

f.u.c.k it got angry! I thought and readied myself for the big attack, this attack sure going be very dangerous.

Just as it came closer to me, it suddenly stopped on its track and used all of his strength to swipe its tail at me with the frightening momentum.


Its tail crashed against my sword and I was flung into the air like a cannonball with a bloodied mouth.

I thought it will be going to attack me with its mouth but at last moment it had attacked me with its tail, if not for my senses being enhanced I wouldn't have been able to defend against the attack and survive with few internal injuries and broken bones.

f.u.c.k! Its good thing I had diverted the way of the way to the up with help of my swirling armor and shot up in the air otherwise I would have definitely crashed across one of the trees very hard.


The Viper is screaming loudly in pain and throwing the jets of Poison up in air search for Ashlyn as she too high and could easily dodge the jet of the poison.

After drinking potion bottle I climbed down from the sky, this monster is very powerful and defeating it will be very hard but I am still willing to try till I expended all of my options.


Landing on the ground I ran toward the Viper, if I had attacked it from the air it would have easily dodged it seeing its speed if my attack would be fast as Ashlyn's fire pearls then that would have been a different thing.

The defense of the monster is too great, even if I attacked it with all my strength, my sword at most would able to pierce the few inches of it, so its better if I attacked it weakness like I used to do it in the old times.


Seeing me running toward it, it moved its focus at me and again came it me with blurring speed, this time I am well prepared for any w.i.l.l.y thing it will try like last time.

This time also it came at me with its mouth opened as it wants to eat me whole, kept coming closer and closer to me till it came close enough that it won't be able to attack with its tail if it wants.


Just when I thought it will take a bite at me, it had released the dark gree spray from its mouth, like last time the attack this time also was sudden but this time I was prepared for its willingness, so just I saw green spry releasing from it mouth I took a jump.

SHAR! SHAR!.....

That exact moment, Ashlyn released the silvery Fire pearls straight into the mouth of Viper who was about to leap in the air to swallow me.

Its defense must stronger from outside but from inside its much weaker, just as the three peals touched its mouth, It started to scream loudly.

I had already guessed that after I took the jump in the air it will leap at me and seeing its prowess it can leap quite high and that is why I had asked Ashlyn to wait for a little and attack when it leaped to eat me.

Now the first part is successful lets if the second part of the plant also became successful as well.

Falling down, I slashed my sword toward the head of flailing viper, to be specifically its eyes.

I hope my attack strike on the right spot, the evening is approaching and if out fight attracted someone then this monster and I will keep fighting while others would swipe the Blackmist flower that we have been fighting for,


Just when I thought my attack would be successful, the snake suddenly moves its head and my sword which was about to hit its eye missed and sliced across part below its eye.


It screamed and leaped at me but that time I had already used the counterforce of the attack and my swirling armor to take a high jump in the air and it's opened mouth once again fallen prey to Ashlynn's silver fire pearl.

Its again screamed loudly and looked at me Ashlyn viciously but my gaze on its vicious gaze but the injury that is healing at a visible rate which shocked me out of my mind.

There is nothing new about injuries healing at a visible rate, monsters have immense vitality greater than Grimm monster but the injury I have given it is not a normal injury.

In my attack, I've had infused the power of Killing Rule and Sunfire Rule together. Any injury infused with Rule power is very difficult to heal, more difficult is the injury that is caused by the killing Rule which makes it especially difficult for energy to heal.

This monster is truly abnormal, I will have to study it to know how a Sergeant stage monster could have such strong strength and healing power.

The more abnormal it became, the more I want to kill it to know the reason.

After that I upped my offensive, trading one blow after another and as the time pa.s.sed Ashlyn and my teamwork kept getting better and better till I didnt have to tell when to attack, she herself able to identify opening and attack.

Her attacked many times help me with save me having life-threatening injuries.

I have said it before and say it again that this monster is truly abnormal, not only it has way higher strength and healing power to its level but it is also very intelligent.

Its intelligence compared with a monster of the same grade who is bonded with a human that is why its f.u.c.king irritating, every move I make, it will always survive by slip, that is why I decided to use the dumbest method.

I had started to use myself as the bait I kept getting injured by it and make my attacks getting weaker and weaker. In the last few attacks it had launched, it started to became more daring and its vigilance started to loosed a bit bit.

This plan may seem easy but it is extremly dangerous, a minuits ago I had barely survived being swallowed by it if not for Ashlynn's timely intervention I would have definitely eaten in a single bite by this Viper.