Monster Integration - Chapter 478 Abnormal Monster

Chapter 478 Abnormal Monster

Dead though the head! I said when I looked at the body of the Beefy Archer, Ashlynn's silver fire pearl directly hit the top his head, killing him in the single strike by melting his brain.

The expression of fear and unwillingness could be clearly seen on his face, if this idiot hadn't been attacked me with the intent to kill, he still would be lying on the ground, just alive with lots of broken bones.

"Good Girl!" I praise Ashlyn and started to take out all the precious things he has on his body including artifacts, storages, and some other things.

'This Bow seemed to be his Totem Artifact!' I thought as it still sending the fluctuation out, though it is weakening as the time pa.s.sed, they are enough to tell that Bow was his Totem Artifact.


When I sensed the level of Bow, I couldnt help but curse. This Beefy guy was at the Brigadier means the Bow was at Bridiar Grade and medium level at that.

It is practically worthless, in the Grimm battlefield only Knight Grade artifact worth it, all the artifact I have on me now also are the Knight grade.

Putting away the bow to sell it later, I started to inspect another artifact he was wearing one by one and as I had expected, all of them are Knight Grade one.

"Well, this is Good!" I said happily, all of his artifacts were low Level and Middle Knight Grade but his shoes were unexpectedly at Peak Knight grade.

In the Knight grade artifact, the difference between each grade has the difference of the thousands of Mana crystal and that is why the highest Grade artifact I brought was at the Mid Knight grade.

He must have paid quite a lot of price to get these Peak Knight Grade Shoes, no wonder his speed was so fast.

I wasted no time to put on my s.h.i.+ny new Black Shoes and wanted to test their speed but before that, I had to check his storage. In his storage, there are many things and including over ten thousand mana crystals.

His storage worth a lot more than what I have in my storage if one excludes the plants I've got today and as for the plants, he only has one lesser precious plant.

I put everything in my storage and we moved toward the next plant that Ashlyn is sensing.

"These shoes are really good!" I said. They are so light and their sync with my Rule powers is really good especially Sunfire. When I charged them with the Sunfire, it felt like I've added the rocket fuel in them as it increased my speed tremendously.

Usually, I dont name artifact as they are not that impressive, the only Artifact I named is my sword. It was the first totem artifact I've ever got and also it the knight grade one but now seeing the speed enhancements these boots giving me, I decided to name it.

'Feather' this is the name I've decided to give, though the name is simple its feels very suitable to it.


Suddenly Ashlyn chirped and warned me to stop, 'what happened?' I asked Ashlyn after I stopped and found a place to hide.

'Chew Chew Chew…..'

She is saying that there is danger ahead and we should move cautiously. I nodded at her and slowly started to move forward toward the danger that Ashlyn had sensed and that is the same way Ashlyn had sensed the precious plant.

Bang Bang Bang…..

As I got closer, I started to hear the loud the sound and closer I got the louder the sound has become and soon I got closer enough to see what is happened actually.

Bang Bang Bang…..Shar….

Monster? there is should be no monster in the Garden, I thought. The Garden is the place where the only Plant should exit but there is clearly a monster and this monster clearly different from the rest of the monsters in this ruin.

This monster is just the Mid-level Sergeant stage but its battle power clearly way above me.

Ever since I've comprehended the Rule power, I have never ever seen any monster to have battle power similar to me much less stronger than me but this monster is clearly a stage below but it has the battle power that is higher than me, this monster is clearly abnormal.

As for how monsters appeared in the Garden, I didnt have thought much when I thought the way we came. The crack we have found shouldn't be the only crack, there must be several cracks and these monsters must have entered from some of the big cracks.

As for how long they have been here, I can't really tell, they could come days ago or years go, I really can't tell.

Bang Bang Bang….Shar…

This is a Black Green colored Viper of about five to six meters long and one and a half meter in with which made it look little and it should be a little longer.

This abnormal Black Green Colored Viper is attacking the runic restriction, as inside the restriction, there are two beautiful Black Flower from which faint black mist could be seen coming.

Darkmist Flower!

I nearly screamed out of my mouth, these Black Mist is very precious, more precious than the four precious plants I have found before. It is so precious that it is mentioned in first hundred in all top three lists.

No wonder it is desperately attacking it, it is said Darkmist Flower is very important to the monster's to awaken hidden bloodline in the monsters.

Sadly its no use to the Monster as Ashlyn specious have no higher stage monster which's the bloodline she could awaken but I still have to get this Blackmist flower as it will sell at the sky-high price.

There are hundreds of cracks have already formed on the restriction that is covering the flower, it will be able to break the restriction fully in a few minuits.

'Ashlyn do you think we will be able to defeat this monster if you and I fight this monster together!' I asked Ashlyn. 'Chew Chew!' Ashlyn chirp affirmatively. I shook my hearing that, this little birdy is always ready for a fight.

I once again sensed abnormal Black Green Vipers Battle power and my mood became serious, this Viper very stronger than me and there is very small chance that we could defeat it.

If we have to defeat it then we will have to give our all otherwise we would get beater by it worse even worse could, could also die if we take any of its attack head-ons.

The attacking power is showing while attacking the restriction is very frightening and being a Viper, it should have a lethal poison.

After making my mind fight, I summoned my swirling Armor and a few minuits later it had completly formed on my body, with that I came out of my hiding spot.


I had just taken two-step out of when suddenly abnormal Viper stopped attacking the restriction and looked at me and without warning it came at me with lightning speed with its mouth opened, probably having the intention to swallow me whole in the single bite.

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