Monster Integration - Chapter 480 The Reason Of Abnormality

Chapter 480 The Reason Of Abnormality

Bang! Puh puh puh…..

Again I was attacked by the snake and got injured that several of my bones broke.

Just as I stabilized on the ground, I found it is coming at me with blurring speed, this time its eyes seem even more vicious than before looks like it has decided to kill me at this attack.

I have been waiting for this moment for long! I had taken quite a heavy beating for that monster and kept reducing the power of my attacks to remove its vigilance for me.

It hadn't been easy to remove its vigilance against me, I had many times barely survived being killed but now all my efforts going to be paid. It had completly lost its vigilance against me after seeing I have been bearly able to defend against its attacks.

It has now decided to use all its power to kill me single strike, I had been waiting for this moment.

I will get only a single chance to kill this monster, if I didnt able to kill it then either it will run away or became very cautious against me, At that time it will be very hard to kill this monster.

As it came toward me, Ashlyn kept attacking me as it was normal and despite bearing the attack Ashlynn's fire pearls it didnt scream even a bit and kept coming at me.


It opened its mouth wide as it came closer to me, it had learned that it is not always good to keep its mouth opened otherwise Ashly n's little pearls will burn the mouth.

It came at with its mouth open and that exact moment, a wave rippled on my swirling armor as I used my most powerful move, the Power Blast.

I shot toward the Viper like a rocket, my speed was fast that Viper did not understand what happened. It wanted to run away but its speed is so great that it couldnt stop its momentum even if it wanted to



My sword pierced through the snakes head completly and I released the point inferno that I had charged in the sword from the moment my fight with the sword began.

I wanted to pierce the sword into the eyes of viper for more a.s.surance but it is very hard to control the sword in such speed and but this speed also became very useful, as only with speed and power provided by the Power Blast will I be able to able to pierce extremly hard defense of the Viper.


Just as I released the point inferno, the light in its eyes vanished completly and the next moment my body crashed against the with the body of a snake.

Puh puh puh….

I started to vomit a mouthfuls of blood as I tried to get up, I have not come out of this clash unscathed, to kill this Viper I had to pay the heavy the price.

I was already quite injured before clash happened and after the clash, I have become even more injured.

First I had directly crashed against the Viper when I pierced my sword into it and the second time I crashed against the tree with the snake body.

Many of my bones broke and my skin split apart in various places. Its good thing I have a good physique otherwise I would have been at the death door after this clash.

I somehow took out a couple of potion bottle and started to drink them one by one, as I drink the potions a warm feeling started to travel through my body, slowly healing my injury.

I laid against the tree and closed my eyes, this clash has completely sapped every bit of energy I have. It was a good thing I am injured by the time I will heal, my energy should also be replenished as well.

Time pa.s.sed by and an hour later my injuries are relatively healed. The sky had become completly dark if not for the killing rule, I would not have able to see anything as today there no stars or moon in the sky.


I got up and took out my sword out of Viper's head. The viper looks completly fine except for the small sword wound on the Viper's head.


I burned away the Vipers Blood on my sword and about start cutting the snake for some fresh meat when I registered the familiar sensation that Vipers burned Blood is giving off and that exact moment I understood the reason for its abnormality.

I am such an idiot not to the thought such simple reason, The Garden is the reason for the Viper's abnormality.

The Gaden contains the most precious plants of this realms and seeing its earlier behavior when it was trying to break the runic restrictions that had been surrounding Blackmist Flower.

To gain such strength, it should have eaten the immense amount of precious plants and when I thought about how much precious plants this snake must have eaten, my tongue couldnt help but water.

This monster has eaten an immense amount of precious plants in this Garden and now the essence of all their precious plants has now merged in the monster flesh and blood, I wonder what kind of benefit I would receive it if I ate it.

I am not the only one who thought this, Ashlyn also sat on the Viper head and chirping at me furiously, telling me what I had thought, I wasn't able to hear this as I was to busy too with my own thoughts.

"Dont worry, we will not waste a single drop of this Viper," I said as I carefully sized the body of Viper before I started to cut it with the extreme precious.

Cutting this snake is an extremly tiring task due to its tough defense, I have to use all my energy and Rule power to cut the pieces of this snake.

I had though a huge number of special medicine containers was a mistake and now I think it was a good thing I did otherwise where would I have put the monsters meat I am cutting.

I am cutting the pieces of Viper and putting them into the special halfway container, I was finished with half of the Viper when I saw Grimm race monsters coming toward us.

"Ashlyn go finish them off!" I said and continue looking cutting the snake, the group of Grimm race monsters coming toward me is One Star Elite and looking at their height and tribe, I think Ashlyn is enough to kill the group whole.

I was right, she had finished the whole group under five minuits, leaving none of them alive.

It took me more than an hour to cut and store the Viper pieces into the special medicine box.

After cutting and packing the monster, I walked toward the Grimm race monster and collect their bodies, these Grimm race monsters worth a lot of mana crystal and to collect the bodies, I have brought storage artifacts worth thousands of Mana crystal.

Finally, I walked toward the Blackmist Flower and heaved a sigh of relief seeing that restriction are not self mending like the whole earlier otherwise I would have had to use the Power Blast which I really dont want to.

I donned the swirling armor and started to attack with all my strength but there was only a small crack was formed, I had to make more than three attacks to finally break the restrictions.

After placing the Blackmist Flower into Special medicine, I started to search for a good place for abode hurridly, I am in a hurry because I want to eat and see what type of benefit meat of Viper which ate lots of precious plants can give me.