Monster Integration - Chapter 477 Kill!

Chapter 477 Kill!


The place I had been blasted into smithereens creating a small pit. if I had been hit by that arrow, the least I had been seriously injured and most I would have died, that's how powerful that arrow was.

"Scram little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you have no right to touch such precious plant!" I heard, only to see there is the beefy looking aiming the bow at me and his bow is active, means he just has to release the string to release the arrow at me.

This guy had a beefy body but short height, on top of that he looked like an idiot and he is holding a very delicate silver colored bow, if not for me seething in anger, I would have surely laughed out loud seeing him.

"I found it first, so its you who should scram!" I said looking at beefy archer calmly while holding the sword in my hand as the swirling Armor slowly started to form on me.

Since there is a distance of about fifty meters between us, I could not sense his battle power or level but if the earlier attack was any indication then he should be similar or a little stronger than me.

"You got some s.p.u.n.k little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, let's see how many arrows of mine you could dodge before I finally put you down!" said the beefy archer and released another violet arrow.


Seeing the arrow coming at me I did not move from my spot, I wanted to clash with it head on to see how powerful his attack is, so I could get a rough idea of his strength.

The arrow was faster than I thought as it barely took a second to arrive before me. It is infused with Rule power and 2nd level at that.


Thud thud….

I stuck my sword against the arrow but just as I did that, I felt immense force and strong Wind Rule power cras.h.i.+ng into my body, if not for me quickly mobile both of my rule power against it, I would have been very injured.

Still, using my rule powers was not enough, I had to take several steps back to manage the force.

"Scared now? But its too late, I would have let you after giving you a little lesson but you dare to stand up against me, Roy for that you will have to pay the price of like!" he said started to launch one arrow after another.

Idiot! I said in my mind, this beefy b.a.s.t.a.r.d has too much pride and things too highly of himself.

I am really angry at him, for his earlier transgression I would have let him go by breaking every bone of his body and looting him all but now he is wanting to kill me if I didnt kill him then my name wouldn't be Michael.

Seeing his arrows coming at me I am not worried, earlier I had to take the step back because my Swirling Armor hadn't been formed but now it fully formed with right compactness.

With the strength of my swirling armor, I won't have to move an inch to crush all of the arrows he attacked me with.

Clank Clank Clank…..

I swung my sword at the blurring speed that every arrow that my sword touched would be crushed by it and within a few seconds, I had crushed all the arrow's he sent at me.

His faces contorted in anger and there is a slight surprise in his eyes could also be seen, as he saw me how I crushed all of his arrows.

"Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d you have some strength, let's see how you could dodge this.

An arrow formed in his bow but this arrow is different, its a dark violet in color instead of violet arrows he sent at me.

Sup sup sup…..

He started to fire dark violet arrows one after another with stopping and these arrows speed so fast that they arrived before me just as they released from its bow.

Feeling immense threat from the arrows, I used all my power Rules, skill, and swirling armor, I used all as I know even slightest touche of these arrows would inflict very grave injuries on me.

Clack Clack Clack….

My sword became a complete blur that only its afterimages could be seen not its real body as it started cras.h.i.+ng all the arrows that are coming toward.

To crush these arrows not only speed is needed but also the power as each of these has the power akin to the strike of the Warhammer. If there had not been swirling armor protecting my body especially my hands then my hands would have been split apart by the single dark violet arrow.

Clank Clank Clank…..

It did not stop launching the arrows at me, every arrow his would be a little stronger and swifter than before.

This beefy guy may look like an idiot who could launch only simple attacks but he an extremly smart and cunning guy, I am sure many people would have lost their lives to him by judging him with his idiotic looking face.

Every arrow he launched is aimed at my weakness and in the ever now and then he would release a weak arrow and strong arrow in the midst of a rain of arrow.

From having Archer in my team, I knew that this is an advance archery skill that needs years to practice, I have seen Rachel use and she sounded very proud when she told us about how it only took her thirteen month to learn it.

If it were any other facing these arrows instead of me, he would have surely gotten injured by such skillful but not me, my killing rule help me measure the power of each more, so I could it counter it with perfect force.

So even if he changes the power of every arrow, there is not much difference to me and the longer the better last, the more beneficial it will be for me to win it.

In midst of launching arrows, the beefy archer turned and started running, it happened so sudden that I barely had the chance to notice the sudden change that happened to battle.

Is he running away?

"Consider yourself lucky brat, next time I see you won't be luck as this to survive," said Beefy guy while running away.

His speed is so fast that if I didnt power blast then it would be impossible for me to catch up to him but I can't use power blast I wasn't able to control it but I dont to worried as he will be dead in a second or two anyway.

Just as I said that Beefy archer suddenly activated the s.h.i.+eld and halfway through sing to s.h.i.+eld his head when all of his moments stopped and he collapsed on the ground.

A few seconds later, Ashlyn comes in flying from very high and sat victoriously on the beefy archer's dead body.

When Beefy guy sneaked attacked me, Ashlyn flew away from my shoulder and waiting for my order, just as he started to run away, I asked Ashlyn to kill him.